Zombie Sexuality

Heteroculture is a patriarchal social construct and as such constitutes structural oppression pure and simple and really not much more than that.

Heteroculture obviously has historical origins as emerging from particular social constructions in the social trajectory of historical evolution. Of course this is not to imply a naturalistic fallacy of any kind but rather the very opposite as specific cultural expression is anything but “natural”.

Heteroculture is based on the social construction of physical interpersonal intimacy as sexual and economic exploitation. For heterocultural women is provision of sexual services to men within the framework marriage/relationship/cohabitation typically a vehicle for 1) economic improvement, 2) raised social stature and 3) personal security. For heterocultural men is marriage typically a vehicle for gaining access to free sexual and other domestic services from at least one female. In humans being Herd animals do human persons of all genders not wish to be alone and so avoiding the economic, psychological and social hardships of living alone is obviously another self-centered consideration.

For heterocultural men is the patriarchal construction of so called “sex” a goal in and of itself and indeed the primary goods provided by women to men in marriage/relationship/cohabitation. For heterocultural women is “sex” a service which they provide to men in return for raised social stature and economic security alike and especially so in the context of raising children. Marital prostitution is however mutually eroticized and therefore typically shifts between being exploitative and non-exploitative. Heterocultural couple participation in sexual subcultures is typically premised on men non-commercially “pimping their women to each other” as well as observing “their women having sex with each other”.

Heterocultural physical intimacy is typically premised on the woman playing the role of non-commercial prostitute in being being passive in bed with the man “sexually consuming” her anatomy. She is expected to behave as if almost dead and she has learned to not reveal her sexual arousal “so as not turn him off”.

Females are of course no less interested in interpersonal physical intimacy than are males but females are socially conditioned to engage/perform asymmetrically towards ideologically hegemonic patriarchal male sexualities. Individually varying degrees of different anatomies also have the implication of erogenously/functionally different intimate anatomies also being differently socially constructed. The heterocultural female experience is typically that of experiencing sexual arousal in the company of men but out of security concerns does she not dare to act on those emotions of hers. We need thus ask ourselves why this is so?

While heterocultural males are socially conditioned to behave like zombies socially speaking are females socially conditioned to behave like zombies sexually speaking. What does it then mean “to behave like a zombie”? It means structurally being socially conditioned to disguise your own emotions and in this case the desire for interpersonal intimacy. Females intimately interested in males typically have the problem of being physically attracted to male bodies yet find their genders (socio-sexual behaviors) repulsive. Why is this so? Is it because females as indeed males undergo social process of structural sexual repression? Rather, the reason is that males are socially conditioned to misbehave and while this is structurally eroticized is this an obstacle to interpersonal physical intimacy. Why is that so? Because social practices of male misbehavior is often perceived as sexually attractive by heterocultural females, yet this certainly poses a structural obstacle to physical intimacy between females and males considering the considerable security risks involved for females of becoming mistreated, abused, exploited, raped and even coercively prostituted as most heterocultural relationships involve the the male mistreating the female to some degree.

Zombie sexuality is based on manipulation for ulterior purposes whereby interpersonal physical intimacy is effectively reduced to a non-elective commercial transaction around which heteroculture is centered. Heterocultural females thus typically experience well-founded fears of “becoming treated like a prostitute” or even becoming coerced into prostitution.

Humans are sexually similar to our closest relatives, the Bonobos (Grazile Chimpanzees) in most humans desiring multiple human partners for varying degrees of interpersonal physical intimacy as spanning from asexuality to so called hypersexuality.

There are two main problems here, the first problem is physical security in that heterocultural one-night stands usually involves the male coming to the home of the female due to security concerns of hers. The second problem is simply that men are socially conditioned to structurally misbehave towards females so as to gain sexual access to females and this influences heterocultural male behaviors generally towards wives, girlfriends and partners alike. This cycle of abuse that is heteroculture is socially perpetuated due to structural eroticization of asymmetric behaviors, including male social zombie behaviors and female sexual zombie behaviors.

In addition is there a regime of social terror as maintained by the police in extra-judicially persecuting purported minorities of desire and irrespectively of whether and to what degree a purported minority of desire has been formally legally emancipated or not. Although individual police officers may sexually harass members of purported minorities of desire out of their own individual initiative is police persecution against purported minorities of desire highly organized by police intelligence.

The essence of patriarchy is to invent, develop and perpetuate social practices and social institutions of patriarchal sexual exploitation whereby a female has little choice but to engage in patriarchal sex if she wishes to become intimate with males. She may at most choose the male but is in practice not permitted to renegotiate the heterosexual social contract once she “consents to participation” in heterosexual intimate practice.

For example, once a heterocultural female “brings home a guy” is she expected to literally be physically open to coitus irrespective of whether she actually wishes to engage in that particular type of interpersonal physical intimacy (many females are for a diversity of psychological and medical reasons unable to to engage in coitus) or she may risk facing profanities and so she makes herself sexually available even in ways that she herself does not genuinely wish as making herself at least partly sexually unavailable in terms of coitus makes her vulnerable to abuse by the typically physically stronger visiting male and so she naturally concerned about not antagonizing or otherwise angering him.

Contrary to what is commonly assumed is the police the main problem in the perpetuation of dystopian heteroculture as police intelligence persecutes sex workers and members of purported minorities of desire for the purpose of coercive intelligence recruitment as justified as nominal “protective recruitment”. This is so as the police constantly “needs” new cannon fodder for operational sexual exploitation in the permanent domestic intelligence warfare between police intelligence and military intelligence in nearly all liberal democracies. Indeed, an intelligence operative may kill and steal but acting as an agent of seduction (i.e. an intelligence prostitute) is the by far most common operational role.

What is therefore very much needed in order so as to bring down sexually exploitative patriarchy is to abolish the police and supplant it with state-salaried para-military feminist defense forces as tasked with undoing all forms of structural oppression once structural oppression generally has been outlawed. Social behavioral training (SBT) means theatrically enacting social roles in order to de-learn unhelpful social roles and learn to perform and adopt/adapt socially more helpful modes of self-expression and so universal feminist SBT is very much of essence indeed. Heteroculture needs become fully supplanted by a panoply of diverse feminist subcultures of interpersonal intimacy including the establishment of artistically refined and aesthetically sophisticated feminist Temples of Love around the world.

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