Transage and Transgender

Being transage is generally highly socially accepted unless outwardly appearing LGBTQI and/or feminist.

Being transage is similar to being transgender in not feeling comfortable in one’s socially assigned age role and gender role respectively in therefore experiencing age dysphoria and/or gender dysphoria and primarily due to being misaged and misgendered. Also, legal age and legal gender are performative social constructions as assigned by government bureaucracy upon birth.

Yet seeming more or less younger or older than as associated with stereotypical expectations of one’s bureaucratically assigned age role is hardly unusual, in fact it is extremely common indeed and is for the most part fully socially accepted among persons of all chronological ages. Women who seem extremely feminine have typically retained a girlish gender, men who are boyish are considered youthful and children may be usually favorably regarded as “psychologically mature for their age”.

This usually only becomes controversial with regard to those transgender and other LGBTQI people who are transage as well and whether electively so or by default. Men who are girlish and women who are boyish are perceived as homosexual, sexually deviant, mentally ill and/or labeled as potential sex offenders and are generally systematically harassed by the police; including plainclothes, uniformed and/or police intelligence operatives. Of course a person who is transgender or transage may have any sexual orientation since being transage or transgender is certainly not a sexual orientation of any kind. Hostility against transage people is thus almost entirely an anti-LGBTQI phenomenon in transage otherwise being usually fully accepted in society although the term transage is not yet widely used in society.

This is thus an issue that the organized LGBTQI community needs embrace as we need abolish both legal gender and legal date of birth as these ought not be legal matters at all as all forms of structural oppression against whomsoever ought be automatically illegal by default. Universal emancipation thus needs become legislated under international law without distinction of physionomistic categories.

As being transage is socially accepted for persons who conform with stereotypically gendered expectations but not for gender benders, feminists and others who refuse to conform with stereotypical gender roles is anti-transage bigotry almost entirely a form of anti-LGBTQI and misogynist bigotry.

In fact, being non age conforming is very typically part and parcel of being non gender conforming in LGBTQI culture. Highly sexually attractive persons who are highly overtly LGBTQI are in fact usually transage or at least so in self-designed appearance. It is however considered entirely unproblematic for highly sexually attractive heterocultural ciswomen to do the very same thing, in fact heterocultural ciswomen are even strongly expected to appear more feminine by means of deploying girlish gender and that is essentially not something negative as there is nothing wrong with being youthful and spontaneous. Men who seem boyish may however be accused of being gay without usually being so and here again is the anti-transage prejudice limited to the perceived or actual association with LGBTQI culture.

Both date of birth and gendered anatomy need therefore become classified as confidential medical data to which others ought not have access. Becoming and being sociofluid including with respect to gender, age, ethnicity and other shibboleths of discrimination needs instead become the social norm. Stigmatizing persons into stereotypical expectations of physionomistic categories is irrational, prejudicial and oppressive and needs as structural oppression generally become fully illegal under international law indeed.

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