Social Institutions in Androcentric Courts of Conception

woman-1293658_1280An androcentric Court of Conception (CoC) is a feminist phallocentric society and a harem state with its own thoroughly feminist social institutions. How will those social institutions look like? That is an essential question indeed that needs be answered concisely although in some detail.

Inner Court

The Inner Court (IC) is composed of the confidantes of the Majesty to whom the Majesty delegates various duties of the Majesty. The confidantes are known as the Archduchess consorts. There is no maximum number of Archduchess consorts but they must not be no more numerous than the Majestety being able to maintain regular friendly and sexual relations with all of them IRL. They are therefore at most a few hundred. The Archduchesses are as the Majesty feminist roles models for the Court of Conception (CoC) and therefore lead saintly lives in devotion to pursuit of love of virtue in loving kindness.

Outer Court

The Outer Court (OC) is the capital city of a Court of Conception harem state. While anyone in the CoC can visit the Outer Court is membership by appointment of the Majesty only. The OC is composed of especially Favored Consorts of the Majesty, yet the Majesty is specifically not permitted to practice favoritism within the Inner Court (IC). Favoritism is however permitted in the OC as favoritism is the very basis of the OC. The Outer Court in constituting the capital city is devoted to the duties, functions, tasks and functions as pertaining to the feminist capital city, meaning selflessly servicing the entire Harem state.

Youth Villages

All human embryos are conceived by the Majesty and are gestated in artificial uteri from which infants are born at the 31st month. Most sex takes place by telepathic insemination of teleportation of semen in VR sex with the subconscious of the Majesty.

The family and the home have been abolished and children instead grow up in feminist Youth Villages and are raised by Duchess Consorts. Feminist sexual education takes place from an early age and is hands-on.

Children are raised to become psychologically self-sufficient team members. Youth villages are designed to be functionally safe environments where children can roam freely without any dangers whatsoever and therefore little need for control and supervision.

Boys are from an early age taught to become feminist role models and unselfishly sexually serve females in pursuit of love of virtue in loving kindness.

Children learn that all their emotional needs are satisfied by love of virtue in loving kindness. There are no emotional temptations of vice since all their emotional needs are satisfied by means of pleasure in pursuit of noble virtue.


All Consorts of the Majesty live in cities of the CoC and these are are free from mechanical noise. Advanced technologies take care of all menial tasks. Cities are built of thick glass with steel frames. The iron for the steel is extracted by fully automatized production processes on uninhabited planets. Considering that glass is made from sand is glass not only environmentally friendly but also fully recyclable. All walls (external and internal), floors and ceilings are made of thick glass.

Cities are huge vertical constructions with minimal geographic footprint. A city is several kilometers high and all of the city is indoors as indeed somewhat akin to a vast shopping center.

Social Media

Bullying is strictly prohibited everywhere, including on social media. The main functions of social media are to share information and facilitate intimate contact by means of psychometric mass matching.

Towers of Love

Since the home has been abolished is sleep spent in towers of love together with partners of love who have been psychometrically matched with each other for that night usually so ten Consorts. Designer hormones make sure that the need for sleep is only two hours per night. The upper section of the city is composed of Towers of Love as reaching kilometers up into the sky.


The Zones serve special tasks. These include the Education Zones as devoted to hands-on advanced feminist sexual education of persons from outside of the Court of Conception. Foreign diplomats live and work in the diplomatic zone where they liaise relations with the outside world. The Visitor Zone is where meetings take place in hosting visiting friends/relatives from the outside world. Love is uninhibited in the Loverape zone where persons are literally free to loverape each other provided that this is fully performed in strict compliance with feminist court etiquette which is binding law in the CoC.


Two hours each day is devoted to scientific chavruta as followed by team sports activity and lunch. Two hours of work thereafter ensue without any menial tasks whatsoever since theses have become fully automatized indeed. Education is by preference, meaning that aside from critical life skills of feminist life is education based on the principle of torah lishma (literally “study for its own sake”), meaning noble study out of pure and unselfish love of knowledge in pursuit of wisdom.

Temples of Love

Temples of Love are highly specialized in serving every ethico-aesthetic sexual interest. Every Temple of Love has its own Specific Etiquette as part of general Court Etiquette. Temples of Love are devoted to feminist ritual sex as performed through pursuit of art, including dance, choreography, role play, music, narrative, performance arts and interactive performance of visual arts. Temples of Love are a significant part of life in the Harem country as Consorts in a Court of Conception spend of of their time in participation in various highly specialized feminist Temples of Love.

Public Ritual Sex

Communal ritual sex is an important social activity and is carefully, indeed perfectly choreographically synchronized. There are many feminist social formats for public ritual sex and is by invitation only. Events of public ritual sex are organized by Duchess consorts, are highly specialized and automatized invitation is in accordance with psychometric profile and individual anatomy.

Special communal ritual sex is performed around the Majesty as typically involving mass coitus with the Majesty with typically thousands of consorts.


Females who are annually electronically voted the most attractive are given the option of serving in feminist cathouses of the CoC. Every consort is given two hours of intimate time with with two preferred catladies on the occasion of the birthday of the Consort.

Boys growing up in the CoC receive feminist sexual training in androcentric cathouses. This is in preparation for marriage into gynocentric Courts of Conception and in exceptional cases becoming granted and androgentric Court of Conception of his own and usually so in puberty.

Any consort may volunteer for service in a Volunteer Cathouse. Volunteer catladies work in pairs and fours hours of volunteer work give credits for receiving two hours of intimate individual time with a pair of catladies.

Virgin Day

Virgin Day takes place each month and involves the Majesty performing defloration of daughters of the Majesty whom the Majesty hence fully consensually elects to marry. A daughter thus becomes Princess Consort. Defloration is preceded by many hours of lesbian massage with abundance of oils with the most lovely scents. Defloration always takes place in full public view and exquisitely ritually so.

Androgenic harem

The Majesty maintains a private androgenic harem of time-limited service. Prince consorts of the CoC international system alternate between temporary marriage in gynocentric Courts of Conception and temporary marriage in androgenic harems of androcentric Courts of Conception. Androgenic Prince consorts are fully at intimate service of the Majesty at any time during day or night, even if asleep. Archduchess Consorts and visiting Friends of the Majesty are permitted to book time with the Prince Consorts of the Androgenic harem. A Prince consort may for any reason divorce the Majesty and subsequently leave the CoC at any time. A Prince Consort of an androcentric Court of Conception is however limited to to the vast area of the Androgenic harem and may not under any circumstances visit other parts of the androcentric Court of Conception. The androgenic harem is however primarily an educational institution of continually educating for increasing behavioral refinement in preparation for further service in gynocentric courts of conception. The androgenic harem is thus an academic institution as devoted to research, development and training in nobility.

Junior harems

The Majesty maintains junior harems as part of the Inner Court in full and strict compliance with every provision of legislation whether of the CoC, national law or international law. Junior harems are specialized as according to anatomy and psychometric profile.


Consorts of the Majesty are encouraged to become advanced entrepreneurs. While a Consort may certainly start a company on her own are there are supported formats. The 50/50 format means that the Majesty’s private corporation provides all capital while the Consort is granted 50% of ownership. The Consort is serving CEO of her own 50/50 corporation. the 10/90 format means that Consort comes up with a ethical business idea and if approved by the Majesty’s corporation is it refined, developed and realized by the Majesty’s private corporation with the Consort automatically being granted 10% of the ownership without needing to do anything other than providing the idea itself.


Conceptual Innovation, Social Innovation and Technological Innovation are important activities at the Court of Conception Harem country/state. The purpose is to facilitate Scientific Leadership, Social Leadership and Business leadership. This means that the CoC is in a state of constant creative chaos where new social institutions envelop the city of the CoC. Specific social institutions of the city only last as long as serving an ethico-aestico-political purpose and are then supplanted by new advanced social institutions. Consorts are encouraged to actively participate in acceleration of Scientific Progress, Social Progress and Technological Progress.

Recreation in Nature

All nature is legally protected and human beings move around on special paved paths as prepared for this purpose whether on foot, on bicycle or other otherwise. Paved paths are not straight but rather winding (both horizontally and vertically so) and thus intricate so as to provide an optimal and pleasant multisensory experience. There are recreation ground of varying kinds as set aside for different functional recreational purpose as most of nature is strictly off-limits.

Feminist Court Etiquette

Feminist court etiquette is legislated international law yet permits substantial cultural/subcultural variation/innovation. The Court of Conception has its specialized chambers of parliaments with a legislative chamber, an economic chamber and chambers for other purposes of fields of democratic politics. A Court of Conception is necessarily a liberal democracy and open society or it would simply otherwise probably become reduced to enslavement in prostitution. Defending noble virtues of emancipation, freedom and democracy is therefore an absolutely essential element of feminist court etiquette. Legislation must strictly literally conform with provisions of international law as regards both Courts of Conception and Feminist Court Etiquette.

LEGAL WARNING: The above text is a futuristic vision of feminist return to traditional court etiquette and constitutes neither political advocacy nor encouragement of criminal violation. Readers are strictly advised to fully and strictly comply with each and every contemporary provision of law in their respective jurisdiction. The above text is specifically and explicitly not provided for pornographic use and any such use is not the responsibility of the author. This is a literary text and not a political one and the author is not responsible for any other use.