Social Innovation

Innovating Qualitative Solutions to Quantitative Problems

Screenshot 2017-06-22 at 05.55.57Daniella Bartfeld is the world’s sole documented known living universal genius and a very important part of her daily life is to solve real world problems that literally nobody else can. Daniella is endowed with Savant syndrome which allows her to innovate at a very advanced level in precisely any field of knowledge that somehow catches her interest. The following 46 advanced innovative intellectual projects by Daniella Bartfeld do substantially help solve world problems by understanding them very differently from what at present indeed is typically the case. Daniella is a transgender lesbian gal.

Democracy (9 published projects)


Economics (9 published projects)


Feminism (10 published projects)


Prejudice (10 published projects)


Social Engineering (8 published projects)


All 47 Published Social Innovation Projects
Advanced Solving of Problems
Advancing Democracy
Anatomy of “Anti-Racism”
Antivrism – Typology of Anti-Jewish Prejudice (documentation)
Arithmetics of Islamization
Art of Axiomatics
Challenge of Individualization
Courts of Conception
Deconstructing Autism
Deconstructing Liberalism
Defeating Islamism
Democratic Realism
Economics of Jewish Immigration to Israel
Economics of Love
Economy of Abuse
Economy of Discrimination
Economy of Virtue
End of Heterosexualism
Epistemology of Age (book)
Epistemology of Love (book)
Eurolect – Rhetorics of the Para-Christian (documentation)
Feminist Eugenics (book)
Feminist Revolution
Feminist Technology
From Capitalism to Talentism
Identity Therapy
Individualization of Education
Matter of Physionomism – Science of Prejudice (book)
Multilogy – Science of Diversity
Neuro-Behavioral Re-Automatization
Neurography of Genius
Neuropsychiatry of Crime
Ontology of Gender
Politics of Animal Emancipation (book)
Politics of Language
Politics of Sexuality
Question of Interpersonality
Question of Sanity
Revolutionizing Academia
Riddle of “Religion”
Scale of Objectivity
Science of Suffering
State of Deconstruction
United Feminism
Veil of Color