Sexuality at Androcentric Courts of Conception

Sexuality at an androcentric Court of Conception is liberated due to being strictly guided by feminist court etiquette. This means that there is no room for misconduct and when it occurs is the offending persons assisted by means of Social Behavioral Training (SBT) to neurologically automatize behavior that complies with feminist court etiquette. Of course this is not to imply that there is no room for cultural and individual variation as there certainly is to a very high degree but rather that members of the androcentric Court of Conception will feel safe and secure in being confident that feminist court etiquette is respected under virtually all circumstances.



This means that there is significant room for improvisation and creativity as long as abiding by democratically legislated feminist court etiquette which is of two kinds. There is both democratically legislated international law for androcentric courts of conception in setting the fundamental framework of the GENERAL ETIQUETTE, yet the androcentric Court of conception also legislates its own etiquette known as SPECIFIC ETIQUETTE. General Etiquette sets the general frame for what the legislature of the androcentric Court of Conception may legislate. Specific Etiquette legislates conduct in specific situations of feminist ritual sex.

The legislature of the Court of Conception is free to come up with an unlimited number of legislated variations of feminist ritual sex. The Majesty of the Court of Conception participates in the legislative process and has veto over all new legislation. All new laws must be signed by the Majesty after being approved by the democratically elected chamber of ethics of the parliament of the androcentric Court of Conception.

It is not necessary to mistress every single legislated variation of ritual sex, all that is needed is to be able to perfectly practice feminist ritual sex in reading the specific requirements beforehand. This will not be difficult for anyone who already mistresses General Etiquette with utmost perfection. The Specific Etiquette details asymmetry of roles for participants who may range from only two persons to many thousands of participants in mass ritual sex.

General Etiquette is legislated by the International Parliament of Courts of Conception (IPCC). The IPCC has different parliamentary chambers as devoted to various aspects, including sexuality, romance, science, innovation, society and futurism. All chambers of the IPCC must approve all new legislation and a 60% majority is required and normally are all decisions made in full or near complete consensus.

The purpose of General Etiquette is specifically not to create cultural conformity but rather to set international law in such a way so as to fully defend emancipation, freedom and democracy. This means that it will not be possible to legislate anti-democratic or otherwise unethical laws.


All sexuality at an androcentric Court of Conception is performed by means of specifically legislated frameworks of Specific Etiquette. This means that *NO* sexual interaction whatsoever is carried out outside of specific frameworks of legislated Specific Etiquette, meaning that any sexual activity outsides of legislated frameworks of Specific Etiquette is *ILLEGAL*.

Any citizen of any age may come up with a proposal for a new framework of feminist ritual sex. Such suggestions for new frameworks are very extremely carefully studied and meticulously conceptually developed by the various democratically elected chambers of the Parliament of the specific Court of Conception, including by chambers of sexuality, romance, science, innovation, society and futurism.

Any particular legislated framework for feminist ritual sex sets fundamental parameters in terms of behavioral asymmetries of different very specific and predetermined roles of participants. It also determines the chain and procedure of interaction, including how it commences and how it ends and every step in between. It also explains what room there is for improvisation, meaning situational choice.

Unless all parameters are agreed beforehand is sexual intercourse problematic in the sense that it implies persons nominally but not actually “consenting” to aspects/premises which they did not consent to beforehand. Only feminist ritual sex is therefore optimally consensual.

3. Sexual Consent

Sexual consent is not based on a negotiation of “you give me this and I give you that” unless of course the Specific Etiquette for a particular framework is based on such a framework. Rather does sexual consent involve agreement as to participation in any particular framework of feminist ritual sex.

Tradeoffs such as “let’s do this framework first and then I will participate in the framework that you want” is strictly forbidden although a single framework may consist of two or more sessions of intercourse as predetermined by its Specific Etiquette. The timeframe for the Framework is strictly predetermined whether by prior agreement or by Specific Etiquette.

Complete obedience is required as to specific requirements of etiquette and breach of etiquette implies criminal liability. This applies to 1) to specific roles of participants which are usually although not always asymmetric, 2) schedule of procedure of action, 3) aesthetic requirements as to clothing, makeup, hairstyle, perfume etc; 4) timeframe, 5) procedure of conduct and 6) importantly both initiation and completion.

The number of Frameworks will continually grow and it is important to understand that conditions must not be negotiated other than in terms of choosing specific version of the Framework as a Framework usually exists in a great number of versions and further versions are continually created by means of amended legislation.


Violation of legislated Etiquette leads to practical training whether to feminist intelligence training, Social Behavioral Training (SBT) or otherwise. A person who is patently unwilling to change her ways is permanently expelled from the androcentric Court of Conception. This is simply because a person unwilling to fully and unreservedly so comply with legislated General Etiquette has no place in any Court of Conception.

Living in a Court of Conception is no basic right as learning to conduct oneself in perfect compliance with General Etiquette is an absolute requirement for marriage in a Court of Conception. Newcomers are trained in a vast special zone until they fully mistress General Etiquette and have also learned to perfectly with full obedience to conduct themselves in full devotion to perfect and exquisite performance of Specific Etiquette of any particular Framework for feminist ritual sex.

If someone desires something for which there is no specific Framework or Version thereof will she notify Parliament which will properly process any and all suggestion in order so as to develop the concept and bring it to fruition. This means that many things will become possible yet only and exclusively so with no exception within GENERAL ETIQUETTE which in judicial terms is interpreted exclusively literally so.


Life in an androcentric Court of Conception is highly individualized in accordance with individual predisposition in various regards including intimately so. Since there will be so many different available options in various regards including in terms of Formats for Intimacy will idiosyncracy be expressed through individuality rather than the other way around. If there is no Format for for social, sexual, professional, recreational, educational or other interaction that fits the shoe, then will such formats be invented. Everything is based on ethics, virtue and etiquette and that is how the individuality of idiosyncracy is expressed.

Everything is standardized as befits an advanced high tech society but the options are so many and new ones are created all the time with great ease by the Parliament of androcentric Court of Conception..


Genetic disability and other strongly genetically determined difference such as personality types must be absolutely respected. Relatively yet high IQ as depending on genotypic average IQ is required for matched marriage into an androcentric Court of Conception yet there is no lower IQ limit for marriage of love.

There is however absolutely no tolerance whatsoever for physionomism (anti-body ideology) and DOLP (discrimination, oppression, lies and prejudice). Citizens are fully trained by means of feminist intelligence training, Social Behavioral Training and otherwise to fully and completely leave structural oppression/prejudice behind.

There is maximum transparency and optimal freedom of expression in the sense that opinions must be appropriately expressed in accordance with democratic etiquette, meaning that there every room for dialogue, polite discussion and precise criticism but no room for debate, rhetorical cynicism, Hellenistic rhetorical competition, deceiving the public and certainly not for abuse of power for personal gain.

LEGAL WARNING: The above text is a futuristic vision of feminist return to traditional court etiquette and constitutes neither political advocacy nor encouragement of criminal violation. Readers are strictly advised to fully and strictly comply with each and every contemporary provision of law in their respective jurisdiction. The above text is specifically and explicitly not provided for pornographic use and any such use is not the responsibility of the author. This is a literary text and not a political one and the author is not responsible for any other use.