Psychometric Mass Matching

women-2895813_1280Many conflicts between individuals in society are due to simply mismatching as well as not respecting how individual persons are psychologically different from each other. The problem is that most humans even in developed societies still simply have no idea as to even what their own individual personality type is. If they don’t understand their own respective personality, then how conceivably can they be reasonably expected to understand and appreciate personality types of yet other individual persons?

We should be grateful however that psychology already has a well-developed sub-discipline known as psychometrics which offers us not only the answers but importantly also the tools and applied solutions as well.

Psychometric tests measure cognitive traits and cognitive capabilities. The general precision between psychometric tests varies greatly yet psychometric tests offer us opportunities for understanding ourselves and others in learning to embrace psychometric diversity as an asset for society and economy alike.

Once a person learns about her own individual psychometric profile may she also learn how to consciously (and not merely intuitively) appreciate individual psychometric profiles of her fellow persons.

However, what if we generally were to interact far more with persons whom we are genuinely psychometrically compatible with? This is not to imply that we ought not learn to respect and even appreciate individual psychometric profiles of those with whom we are less psychometrically compatible with but rather that it is beneficial to build social, economic, professional, psychological and sexual relationships with those with whom we are more psychometrically compatible with.

How then do we attain that? Just as humans are psychometrically tested for potential academic studies (scholastic aptitude tests) and military service in countries with compulsory draft need we once every few years test ourselves psychometrically. This needs be done collectively in testing hundreds or thousands of persons simultaneously in the same auditorium since it would be very difficult to avoid cheating if this were to be performed done online only. The testing in order to become as comprehensive as possible therefore needs to take place during a span of days.

Once this is carried out on a demographically significant scale in an individually verified manner may we also begin to mass aggregate the test results online. This means that the aggregated test results may be used for every kind of legal matching purpose online. In order to be able to participate in online mass matching would individual persons thus need to participate in comprehensive psychometric testing and at least biannually so. This would be similar to buying a new cell phone or a new computer after two years since this would allow for very precise matching for every ethical purpose, including through social media.

This means that Facebook will find us optimally psychometrically compatible friends and dating sites will identify the profiles that match us individually the best, including as regards psychometric preferences for physical appearance. Adult social media will select for us the potential partners in intimacy that mutually match us the best in every relevant respect. When you seek a personalized hairdresser, a personalized physician, a personalized psychotherapist or even a personalized plumber who may offer commercial sexual service as well will you be able to find one that perfectly matches yourself and your stated preferences by an instant click indeed.

Individuals will pay for their own testing which will not be that expensive considering that it is done collectively in large groups as they will be able to instantly by a mere click mutually attain precisely that interpersonal connection which they seek at that moment whether temporary or lasting. In addition to psychometric profiles will it be possible to indicate yet other preferences at the matching website; whether sexual, social, functional and/or otherwise and irrespective of these preferences are temporary or permanent. E.g. may a woman one day desire a well-equipped male and the other day a male who with less than average size in this regard.

Online psychometric mass matching means that both parties will be notified simultaneously and so will be enabled to interact instantly. With the onset of the era of VR (virtual reality) will thus persons become able attain instant matches on demand and fully safely be able to even instantly engage in VR sex if that is indeed what they have been matched for. VR generally will become increasingly realistic with not only visual and audial communication enabled but also tactile and odor communication enabled as well. One of the advantages with VR in matched encounters is that we will be able to determine how we will look online whether natural, created or both and indeed whether we wish to use pseudonyms or use our real identities.

Marriage aside from monogamy/monotony in generally being a bad idea generally fails due to a number of factors as relating to lack of understanding psychometric science. First, we commence relations with persons with whom we are not actually psychometrically compatible with. Second, we commence relations on the basis of gender, sexual attractivity, age, weight etc. and forget about learning to appreciate the individual personhood behind the facade of behavioral, visual, audial and odor appearance. Third, we have not learned to understand our own individual psychometric profiles and so how can we then be reasonably expected to even be able to truly appreciate psychometric profiles of our fellow persons?

The social hegemony of heterocultural monogamy/monotony is for the category known as “males” based on the perception that sexual access to females is practically speaking scarce which means that they are socially conditioned to parasitically hook up onto one female in order so as to secure regular sexual access from her and for that purpose using varying economic, social and psychological devices of structural sexual extortion to attain that even when she actually does not want to have what he is socially conditioned to learn to desire which is typically not identical to what she herself desires. This is due to divergent social constructions of anatomy and hormonal production by means of compulsory binary genders of heteroculture, yet there can certainly be convergence of desire in asymmetry and these asymmetries should it be pointed out are certainly not given but rather socially constructed indeed.

Persons who are part of the social category known as “females” rather tend to operate from a security-oriented perspective in it simply being dangerous to be promiscuous with males and irrespectively so of the degree to whether those fears are warranted or not. They thus typically seek monogamy/monotony in order to secure social company, sexual access as well as economic security in childrearing. In the LGBTQI community is it typically extremely easy for gay males to gain preferred gender sexual access due to the proactive social expectations of males generally while for lesbians is it typically extremely difficult to find other lesbians to hook up with due to the passive social expectations of females. Lesbians typically avoid augmented beauty in order to avoid male attention and so that inadvertently makes it more difficult for lesbians to become intimate with each whether temporarily or permanently so.

Mass psychometric testing; online highly accurate matching and VR will spread the gay paradise to all of us and to all sectors of society. We will be able to instantly connect with precisely the kind of person(s) that we prefer for whatever legally permitted purposes that we seek as it will even be possible to be matched for groups as involving persons e.g. seeking a threesome. VR means that we will all be able to have sex and engage in other activities for that matter whenever we please, as much as we like and with precisely the kind of persons that we would like to personally interact with.

As this will spell the end of the unhappy ideological hegemony of monogamy/monotony need we therefore also devise new forms of interaction IRL as well and in order so as to complement the safe VR interaction. This requires new comfortable female-friendly venues in public space for various forms of interaction IRL that will indeed be safe for all persons involved and hence the need for feminist architecture since masculinist architecture, including square-looking architecture generally but especially brutalist architecture significantly contributes to feelings of fear, panic and insecurity on the part of females with respect to interaction in public space for potentially intimate purposes. It also requires safe venues for interpersonal intimacy as females are typically are not ready to come home to a male and will typically not bring home a male instantly due to things usually not being tidy with complete perfection such as the sheets not being newly put in place.

But most important of all need we all be given social behavioral training (SBT) so as to learn to develop optimally appropriate and sociofluid behaviors in every respect. The category known as “men” also need to learn from the category known as females in how to pursue augmented beauty in facilitating the establishment of interpersonal connection indeed.

Psychometric mass matching will offer us the ability to instantly get the connection we seek whether between two persons or three or more persons. VR also means that we will be able to do most of this safely online and so feminist architecture, social behavioral training and teaching augmented beauty to members of the category known as “males” will permit us to do this IRL as well.

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