PRINCE/SS REGNANT of Androcentric Court of Conception

Requirements for a potential PRINCE/SS REGNANT of a potential androcentric Court of Conception are extremely high, yet applications are open to any fertile human being with androgenic reproductive capacity. It is important to detail the procedure and extremely extensive and lengthy educational program as devoted for the purpose of preparing for such immense responsibilities, duties and rights. The training program is a feminist development traditional Japanese samurai education.


The project of Courts of Conception (CoC) was conceived of in ancient Sumer and has conceptually been developed throughout the ages by every incarnation of GOD and this gynocentric culture of interpersonal intimacy was practiced by NOBLE COURTS in every part of the world as developing our shared rich human heritage and shared civilizational cultural origin in Sumer, the world’s first civilization. It also continued to be practiced by religious hierarchies of world religions worldwide.

What are the initial requirements? There are many types of initial qualities which may qualify an androgenic. But for these purposes is 1) documented ethico-political courage and/or 2) documented advanced and/or exceptional talent of some kind especially welcome, 3) yet any exceptional and/or advanced ability is certainly of interest. Any androgenic person may thus file an application but only once every ten years.

There are no initial requirements for perfection of any kind, yet since CoCs are a feminist eugenic projects needs the person become verified a) as genetically suitable and b) suitable in terms of personality for the extensive responsibilities, duties and rights of a Prince/ss Regnant of an Androcentric Court of Conception. Disability is not a problem as long as the person is genetically suitable for mass reproduction.

There is an extensive and thorough screening process. Those deemed potentially suitable are admitted to a genius education program with the purpose of investigating whether there is inherent potential for development of genius. It needs needs be emphasized that almost every genius has potential for development of universal genius.

Successful graduates are given the opportunity to enter a personality training program whereby with the purpose of comprehensive social reconstruction into utter perfection, including with the aid of gene therapy.

Graduates are offered a physical reconstruction program, including with aesthetic rejuvenation technology. The physical aesthetic ideal is that of a boy man who is mildly athletic and this applies irrespective of gender(s) of the androgenic person. The advanced rejuvenation technology is of extra-terrestrial origin and so is the body reconstructed in accordance with this ideal.

Graduates are offered to study at Genius University whose purpose is 1) to teach gynocentric court etiquette from all historical subcultures of NOBLE COURTS worldwide, 2) offer comprehensive gender science education specifically and intersectional education generally and 3) provide extensive hands-on training in various types of feminist ritual sex. Chavruta and lectures are the main study methods and there are no formal written exams. Genius University is a feminist scientific yeshiva although on a very large scale.

Successful graduates undergo extensive screening, including interviewing past sex partners as there is nothing that eludes the screening process. The graduate is interviewed about those things and great emphasis is put on sincerity, openness and pure heart. The purpose is not to find perfect persons but rather to investigate whether extensive training is likely to produce perfection in personal conduct.

The next stage 1) is feminist military training in feminist martial arts, feminist intelligence warfare and feminist military doctrine as combined with team sports training, 2) extensive feminist Social Behavioral Training (SBT) with the purpose of producing PRINCE/SS OF DREAM by means of neurological re-automatization and Intelligence Psychological Training (IPT) with the purpose of fully and permanently removing any and all irrational emotions and significant painful and/or otherwise disabling traumas. This is similar to traditional Intelligence Apartment Training (IAT), yet more ethical, more feminist and more advanced and meticulous indeed.

Graduates are subject to comprehensive evaluation and if verified as suitable may a graduate apply to become admitted into androgenic harem of an existing androcentric Court of Conception. The main criterion for acceptance is whether the Prince//ss Regnant finds the graduate sexually attractive.

The first year of training is in the androgenic harem as adjacent to the Inner Court of that particular androcentric Court of Conception. Introduction takes place by means of a two hours of audience during the which the graduate is permitted to sexually fully explore the fully sexually compliant Prince/ss Regnant of the androcentric Court of Conception. The Prince/ss Regant acts in the role of geisha in offering the Graduate full and unrestricted sexual access in strict compliance with GENERAL ETIQUETTE and SPECIFIC ETIQUETTE.

Afterwards does the Prince/ss Regnant make a determination as to whether s/he wishes the Graduate in his/her Androgenic harem. The determination is purely subjective as based on erotic attraction. After the Graduate is accepted by the Prince/ss Regnant is the Candidate accepted into the Androgenic Harem of the androcentric Court of Conception by means of extremely extensive feminist ritual sex which goes for two weeks.

The Graduate spends one year in the Androgenic harem during which he must not leave the androgenic harem. No sexual contact whatsoever with anyone outside of the androgenic harem is permitted for the full duration of the year at the Androgenic harem. This includes full and complete celibacy with respect to gynogenic persons during this year.

After the year in the Androgenic Harem is the Graduate offered marriage with two groups of septuplets, all of them with them physically indistinguishable, yet with distinctive personalities. The septuplets are specially trained for this task. They live in accordance with Japanese noble etiquette with the Graduate in the role of Samarai and the multiplets in the roles of geishas as married to the Graduate. The Samurai is carefully studied during this time which lasts for a full two years during which the Samurai is carefully monitored for any breach of feminist court etiquette. During the two years does the Samurai pursue advanced studies and must complete no less that four intelligence doctorates during this period. At the end of the period is the Samurai granted four intelligence professorships as it has been verified that the Samurai is now a universal genius.

After this is the Universal Genius granted a provisional Court of Conception. The fourteen multiplets are the nucleus of his/her Inner Court. The androcentric Court of Conception is gradually establishing over many years during which it is verified step by step that the Universal Genius is fully up to the task. After an additional two years may the Universal Genius be granted permanent androcentric Court of Conception and thus becomes Prince/ss Regnant Court of Conception.

LEGAL WARNING: The above text is a futuristic vision of feminist return to traditional court etiquette and constitutes neither political advocacy nor encouragement of criminal violation. Readers are strictly advised to fully and strictly comply with each and every contemporary provision of law in their respective jurisdiction. The above text is specifically and explicitly not provided for pornographic use and any such use is not the responsibility of the author. This is a literary text and not a political one and the author is not responsible for any other use.