Politics of Sociofluidity

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Liberty obliges, this means that freedom is not a license to abuse fellow persons or destroy the living environment. Freedom can be described negatively as freedom from structurally oppressive external constraints on ethical agency but that is just the external description. Inner freedom means being able to express yourself in performing and realizing your own life projects. In order to achieve inner freedom need you ethically expand your limits on your own individual agency. This means that as long as you meticulously abide by law and always endeavor to make morally optimal choices have you very substantial freedom in an open society. However unless you deliberately design your own personal boundaries of your own behavior are you probably unaware of your real limits and you may likely find it quite difficult to realize your life projects.

Abiding by the body of current paragraphic law is to be sure generally speaking as a practice not ethical at all considering the abject immorality of “secular” law as almost entirely disengaged from ethical considerations and as exclusively concerned with amoral exercise of power. This is because morality was privatized by secularism, something which gave rise to hypothetically considerable freedom of agency within the bounds of law. Yet, even if you disagree with the law should you avoid breaking the law unless absolutely required as a moral imperative as you ought rather endeavor to change the law as that is the appropriate response to unethical law. Do always endeavor to change the law as breaking laws is generally a very stupid and self-defeating thing to do.

Once you have made an agreement with yourself on abiding by law and endeavor to make ethically optimal choices in your life to the best of your abilities may you commence discovering the substantial ethico-political space of liberty that is available to you. You may commence pushing existing boundaries on your own agency in discovering that applying the best choice principle (i.e. making morally optimal choices) as limited by law will give you much more personal freedom than as of now.

Then what is liberty in a positive sense as opposed to in the negative sense as relative absence of tyranny/oppression? Liberty in a positive sense is best defined as sociofluidity. Then what is sociofluidity?

Sociofluidity can be explained as elective genderfluidity as extended as far as possible to all social roles and not merely as relating to gender. This includes being accentfluid, agefluid, classfluid, ethnofluid, genderfluid, generationfluid, geofluid, historyfluid, politicofluid, professionfluid, sexualfluid and so on. Freedom in a positive sense hence means that you learn to design your own social roles which in turn permits you to lead your life as you wish to live as opposed to in accordance with external expectations that are not your own.

The best choice principle does not mean that you will always make perfect (i.e. ethical) choices as the best choice available often is far from perfect yet still morally admissible. This is because of limits on your agency due to law, economy and your own inherent capacity whether cognitive, physical or otherwise. Abiding by unethical law is a form of morality which ethically requires active commitment to changing the law. Freedom is thus intrinsically political and if you think freedom is a private matter do you probably also practically speaking assume that freedom is a license to abuse fellow persons and the living environment such as through the socially invented racial supremacist practice of human carnivorism.

How then do you help change the law? You should advocate legislative change as well as permanently perform sociofluidity everywhere as far possible in permanently waging feminist semiotic warfare wherever you are in refusing to become private, non-subversive and non-transformative. Now, sociofluidity ought certainly not in any way be misconstrued as a license for mistreating others. Sociofluidity must be exercised responsibly in that you need consider your own personal security and also make sure to always act with a wide legal margin as you will without intention to do so annoy the patriarchal police for performing feminist revolution as entirely within the bounds of law. The police in every country (including in my ostensibly progressive Sweden) engages in systematic sexual and other harassment against sexually attractive persons with overt LGBTQI lifestyles and especially against sexually attractive transgender people for not abiding by unlegislated repressive cisnormativity/heteronormativity.

If you are a sex worker and/or live openly as a sexually attractive LGBTQI person in ways that disrupt unlegislated cisnormativity/heteronormativity do you quickly realize that the police is a corrupt, violent, oppressive and essentially criminal organization which is really unconcerned with upholding the law but rather sees its primary task as maintaining the prevailing cultural hegemony and they do not hesitate to commit all kinds of crimes towards that end as far as indeed generally condoned by the prosecutor’s office.

In countries where LGBTQI people have been emancipated is police intelligence systematically deployed for illegal sexual entrapment operations against law-abiding sexually attractive LGBTQI people as leading to enslavement exploitation in the intelligence sector where intelligence operatives are expected to be both professional killers and seduction agents, meaning intelligence prostitutes. The police also generally believes that they are entitled to unpaid, non-consensual sexual services from sex workers in return for the police generally “looking the other way”.

With the purpose of better confronting organized crime are more and more police officers given intelligence training which is highly problematic considering that intelligence operatives are solely subjected to the jurisdiction of secret military courts and can thus not be prosecuted in ordinary courts of law. This means that the intelligence culture of lawlessness and especially the pervasive sexual exploitation in the intelligence sector has increasingly spread to the police as well as the police also maintains its own intelligence branches and is increasingly deeply integrated with the lawless intelligence sector.

Thus needs sociofluidity become a mass social movement whereby we learn to push existing boundaries of our own respective individualized agency. Once sociofluidity as a consciously subversive/transformative lifestyle is no longer limited to the LGBTQI community can we all learn to explore and ethico-politically push existing arbitrary boundaries on our own self-expression in ways that are distinctly ethico-political. Thus need we effectively turn society into one large Pride Parade all year around.

Then why is self-expression so important? Attributes such as beauty, attraction, sexiness, sensuality, charisma, talent, cuteness, hotness, handsomeness and so on are all about self-expression and self-expression is precisely what defines happiness. If you are unhappy then this may be due to external constraints (e.g. limits of law, economy and structural oppression) but it may also be due to internal constraints whether physical, cognitive, sexual or otherwise that inhibit you from fully expressing yourself well within the bounds of law.

Sociofluidity also has important legal aspects as you are very likely to become sexually and otherwise harassed by the criminal police. The police however is part of patriarchy and in order to abolish the police and other parts of disgusting and sexually exploitative patriarchy must we form a revolutionary feminist movement fully within the bounds of law. Breaking the law in contrast prevents the feminist revolution from becoming realized and is therefore a particularly stupid thing to do. We must expect extensive patriarchal police sexual and other harassment of course and we must resist the police by always acting in accordance with the ethical best choice principle and always well within the bounds of law as understood by contemporary courts of law in our respective jurisdiction.

This also means that we need to seek legislative change in supplanting amoral paragraphic (i.e. Para-Christian) law with axiomatic law including legislating the best choice principle. Axiomatic law means that ethically worthy axioms become the new law and we need all learn how to adjudicate between different ethical axioms, meaning which ethical axiom(s) that ought be given precedence in any given particular situation/context. This means that we all need to learn how to make morally/ethically optimal choices and so axiomatic legal training is something that virtually every human citizen/resident will need. In the era of axiomatic law need we be able to explain after the fact how we made our best moral/ethical choices. Even while under the amoral tyranny of patriarchal paragraphic law need we learn how to survive illegal police sexual/social harassment including illegal police sexual/social entrapment operations and illegal police interrogation harassment as intended to extract false “acknowledgements of wrongdoing” and so on and so forth. These essential survival techniques can and need be taught and learned within the intersectional sociofluidity coming mass movement.

Liberty is thus self-expression that is not limited to the private realm but is public and political indeed. Once we end the private realm in politicizing every detail of our individual conduct in accordance with the best choice principle can we not only explore the potential of our own agency in self-expression but also attain individualized freedom by performing liberty as far as permitted under law in transformatively undermining structural oppression. This means that we must ditch all redundant cultural/social/sexual conventions in so much as those express structural oppression and we must do so to the degree we are allowed to do so under law. Furthermore must we demand that structural oppression generally becomes illegal under law.

Feminist revolution is thus fundamentally a legal endeavor in terms of completely revolutionizing and indeed ending patriarchal jurisprudence in individually politicizing morality rather than as of now amorally privatizing morality in typically allowing morality to be defined by unethical conceptions of sentiments of pseudo-religious guilt as well as belief in entitlement to pleasure at the expense of fellow persons such as in the form of the aggressively violent racial supremacism that is the practice of human carnivorism.

The feminist revolution must thus proceed in ditching all moral prejudice as far as we are permitted under law without as far as possible creating or reproducing yet other forms of structural oppression such as mistreating others rather than subversively help them transform themselves. Liberty is not granted to us by nature just as nature is not granted to us. Ethically individualized liberty is however what feminism is about and so as inspired by the armed empowered feminist revolution and the first feminist (“intersectional libertarian”) state in world history in the Middle East need we support each other in performing sociofluidity as far as possible everywhere and thus globalizing the feminist revolution in disbanding structural oppression everywhere. Viva the feminist revolution!

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