Politics of Sexuality

American Jewish eminent feminist theorist Shulamith Firestone (1945-2012) became the intellectually most important female modern Hebrew prophet who early understood the essentially pathological condition of the so called “humanity”.

Excessive production of testosterone typically distorts both male psychology and male social behavior and so a comprehensive feminist social revolution is needed so as to cure the male psychopathology tormenting the Homo genus and the world.

1. Psychology of Testosterone

What is narrowly known in Western culture as “sexuality” is a behavioral phenomenon that as most human behaviors are associated with reproduction, yet human sexualities are certainly not in and of themselves reducible to reproduction. In fact, human reproduction often requires complex social, often carefully socially and ritually regulated behaviors. For example, same-sex sexual behavioral patterns in human evolutionary history created social bonds and solidarities beyond the reproductive social units and sublimations of those behaviors allowed the emergence of even larger units such as political “brotherhood” in the political evolution of the Homo genus. Male-to-male friendship is thus part of the same behavioral, cognitive spectrum of love as male-to-male sexuality.

Indeed, the anthropologically diverse social regulations of sexuality (as e.g. documented in the sexual prohibitions mentioned in the Hebrew Bible) produce social sublimation that allowed and allows the formation of homosocial bonds in hence also enabling the emergence of patriarchy in so many different human cultures. Feminism can therefore also be seen as type of evolutionary behavior similar in fact to patriarchy itself. In fact feminism often mimics patriarchy in both political and semiotic terms through mere gender-reversal of political roles (e.g. sisterhood/brotherhood). Yet the emergence and diffusion of feminism certainly needs to be recognized as a highly significant event in the ongoing evolutionary history of the Homo genus.

Most problems in human societies are derivations of the problem of there being a far too high proportion of males among humans. Males therefore typically engage in antisocial and destructive collective behaviors as sublimations of sexual desire “needing” an outlet. Wars are an obvious example of this which provides an outlet for excessive production of testosterone and sublimate surplus male sexual desire into highly destructive, indeed clearly pathological behaviors. This was however useful in Stone Age society where humans lived in small tribal units needing to defend themselves against not only other human tribal units but also against non-human predators. The typically greater physical strength of human males constituted an important factor in protecting reproducing females and their joint offspring in therefore enabling offspring survival also in evolutionary terms. Excessive male production of testosterone thus ensured greater evolutionary reproduction while ensuring evolutionary survival through male physical strength and even brute force. The psychopathology inherent to culturally normative human masculinities known as ‘patriarchy’ therefore filled an important function in Stone Age society that is now largely redundant except in defensive wars.

2. Feminist Zoology of War

This is so even in military terms although wars and military forces have traditionally relied precisely on excessive production of testosterone in males. However, the human world has long remained a Hobbesian masculinist environment where rival tribes have long referred to themselves as nation states. Therefore, in order to in as much possible reduce and avoid unnecessary future outbreak of war, males with excessive production of testosterone simply need continuous medication that reduces their individual levels of production of testosterone to behaviorally and socially acceptable levels.

In fact, vast numbers of females have highly attractive traits for future soldiers and military commanders in typically being more conscientious, disciplined and intelligently empathizing; having capacity for intuitive exercise of instant decision-making at very high levels of good judgement; being more emotionally intelligent and socially creative as well being able to engage in complex social behaviors including spontaneous, advanced deception. Females are also physically lighter and leave less trace on the ground and their typically smaller bodies can therefore easier move without detection in terrains of various military theaters.

Therefore should future military forces and military decision-makers mostly be composed of females rather than as of now mostly males. Currently, female soldiers are typically unfavorably structurally compared with their male colleagues when rather female fighters should be appreciated for the individual capacities that they can bring to the military profession and being a soldier. Increasingly technologically advanced high tech militaries will in fact need to embrace and appreciate the very cognitive abilities that female fighters bring to the field.

3. Iceberg of Sexuality

What is known as “sexuality” is actually only the small visible top of an “iceberg” of otherwise almost entirely socially repressed sexuality. In fact, human culture itself “is about” regulating the psychological excess that is sexuality, namely the “destructive”, yet “good” impulse (Hebrew Yetzer HaRa’a Tov) as sexuality is described in the Babylonian Talmud in thus reflecting the Sumerian pro-sexual historical origins of Judaism.

Repression of sexuality begins in Western society in the nuclear familial unit where only the parents are supposed to be sexual in nature. Social/parental love of children is in fact part of the same behavioral spectrum as sexual love towards children. The very notion that sexual attraction to children is a marginal minority phenomenon reducible to a scapegoated physionomistic category is as parenthood generally simply expressive of widely repressed so called “pedophilia”. In fact, most children are certainly pedophiles in definitely being sexually attracted to yet other children as well as of course to adults. Socially coming of age in Western society thus involves a certain political kind of amnesia, indeed sexual repression of the pre-existing state of child-to-child pedophilia.

Western parenthood is typically falsely regarded as the purported epitome of selfless love when typically parenthood is typically a socially oppressive, indeed severely traumatizing institution that not only represses sexuality in young persons – but detrimentally weakens them both socially and psychologically. Human children are always prematurely born from the warm, safe and secure womb into a de facto harsh disciplinary reality of civilization that is mostly not designed for the needs of young people and so goes the reasoning that they must be coercively adjusted to this structurally hostile environment that certainly for the most part has not been designed for them.

Childhood has in Western society been extended far beyond puberty and the domestication and social marginalization of so called “teenagers” in fact ready for reproduction tends to be quite painful and effectively experienced as quite cruel. In fact, teenagers often engage in antisocial behaviors and not only due to hormones but also due to the structural infantilization that they are subjected to.

The justification for usually dysfunctional, atomized familial units in Eurocentric modern Capitalist society is psychologically founded in the repression of sexuality and its sublimation as social, ostensibly non-sexual pedophilia. There is a hegemonic myth in Western society according to which any illegal sexual behavior is purportedly “traumatizing”. This has never been quantitatively proven by science due to the simple fact that there is no basis for this assumption. Even rape itself is not traumatizing unless highly physically and/or psychologically violent indeed. Both physical and psychological extreme violence tends to be traumatizing but engaging in sex is not. On the contrary, it is the parents who are the real traumatizers who repress and sublimate their own pedophilia from eros into philia and who are also instrumental in the social repression of the almost universal child-to-child pedophilia.

Therefore society needs to acknowledge the reality that it is structural psychological violence against young persons as usually perpetrated to varying degrees by so called “parents” (meaning actually a type of highly repressive slave owners) that is what traumatizes young persons and certainly not the fact that young persons do have sex and often even so long before puberty.

The discursive structural amnesia regarding pre-pubescent sexuality is rooted in patriarchal phallocentrism according to which proper sexuality is constituted by penetrative sex and subsequent ejaculation. However, human sexualities constitute a rich and diverse tapestry of excess in what was once known in Europe as “carnal desire”. In fact, what is known as “society” is itself the sublimation of sexuality as repressed sexuality unavoidably structurally influences most human social patterns whether directly or indirectly so.

It would however probably be somewhat difficult to find working, effective, ethical solution to the ongoing tragedy that is the global human condition without acknowledging the fundamental pathology of what is known as “humanity”. Acknowledging humanity as a disease therefore opens the very possibility of curing that very pathology that is the Homo genus. This also requires acknowledging that traditional human culturally hegemonic norms tend to be expressive of psychopathology as opposed to the imaginary, yet structurally infinite and socially constructed, unfounded so called “normality” that is known as “culture” indeed.

4. Psychopathology of Humanity

Successful curing of medical conditions typically requires understanding the cause and the crux of the problem as treating symptoms may be useful yet does not necessarily provide cure.

Modernity has atomized humans whose ancestors lived in tribal units into a lifestyle alien to the evolutionary nature of most human animals. Capitalism and democracy (however admirable) thus both feed on structural discontent as both are currently structurally founded on inter-group and inter-individual structural jealousy. Capitalist democratic modernity is hence the culture of competitive discontent.

Most human animals however do actually deep down wish to live in tribal units to which they can emotionally align and economically depend on. This is sublimated in modern Capitalist society into identity politics as between rival social categories as famously based on age, gender/sex, social class, taxon (race/species), sexuality etc. Yet identity politics is not even close to fulfilling this profound longing for belonging to a primordial unit in most human beings.

What is needed is therefore rethinking the most basic unit of modern Eurocentric society, namely the nuclear family which is actually a Para-Christian social construct mimicking the Christian so called “holy family” which indeed is regarded in Christianity as precisely a nuclear family of “Jesus, Mary and Joseph”. The modern, purportedly “individualistic” quest for social atomization is hence a mere Para-Christian social mimicry of Christianity.

The nuclear family is therefore one of the things that are deeply, indeed profoundly wrong with modernity. It is still the subject of peculiar idealization as singles typically long for one single mate yet eventually usually become terribly unhappy with that mate; they long for children in sublimating their own pre-existing infantile pedophilia yet typically suffer terribly emotionally and economically in their parental roles and especially so in the early years of parenting. They typically “wish the best” for “their” children, yet invariably end up traumatizing them to individually varying degrees. Nevertheless, the nuclear family is essentially a sexual and reproductive institution whereby sexuality is subjugated and tamed for all its constituent human members irrespective of gender in the subconscious interest of evolutionary regenerative continuity.

5. Feminist Social Revolution

What is needed therefore are societal institutions that are far more sophisticated than the essentially dystopian nuclear family of Capitalist modernity. Children need to be raised in youth villages (an extremely successful Israeli combination of the Western boarding school and the kibbutz collective village) and the proportion of male births certainly needs to be very substantially reduced by changing chromosomal sex in early human embryos from male to female. Females and males need to live in polygynous marriage with their children living in adjacent youth villages comprising the children of several nearby polygynous units. The birth of children should be synchronized in each youth village so that all children will have their own social “twins” so to speak.

This should however only be the first stage, as the second stage many generations later would involve reducing the proportion of male births even further so that only extremely genetically and psychometrically valuable males fit to marry in eugenic harems are born. In fact, men are essentially an unhappy pathological condition as only a very small proportion of male births are needed for a) advanced reproduction in eugenic harems and b) as eugenically reproductive sex workers. Cultural normality is typically based on male (i.e. essentially pathological) perception in females therefore virtually always being culturally subordinated to culturally male perception. This is part of what is fundamentally wrong in humanity as females do not really need men other than for reproduction and the occasional sexual fun (despite being socially indoctrinated to believe that they socially need males) as virtually any female can psychologically easily be successfully socially introduced into a functionally bisexual permanent lifestyle.

Being a sexually matured male is something profoundly unsatisfactory and essentially unhappy even for cis-males and females do tend to prefer female friends yet also tend to be economically dependent on males who typically essentially parasite on females in domestically enslaving them for unpaid labor, including unpaid domestic sex work. Organized religion/non-religion generally and worldview/lifeview literature specifically are essentially the systematic male investigation into the very nature of the fundamentally, indeed structurally unsatisfactory psychological condition of being male.

Thus changing worldview (as suggested by both religious and secular supersessionism in religious/secular imperialism) is not nearly sufficient as the fundamental units of human culture certainly need to be carefully reexamined and deconstructively reconsidered indeed. Economic redistribution between generations (which is the defining feature of the Western welfare state) exists in fact in human cultures around the world. Youth villages, polygynous marriage and increasingly so feminist eugenic harems will offer appropriate social units, psychologically, socially and indeed also economically so.

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