Physiognomy of Reproductive Prostitution

Females are systematically indoctrinated into believing that they must become dependent upon and partially enslaved by men. Females in modern culture read highly unrealistic romance novels and expect meeting men with the mindset of females. Of course this is a complete illusion, not to say delusion as females and males are socially conditioned completely differently in terms of socially expected gendered psychological behaviors.

Monogamy is in most cases simply abusive reproductive prostitution.

Reproductive prostitution (a.k.a. so called “monogamy”) is simply a global prostitution racket which for most females lead to complete life tragedy and of course utter romantic disappointment. Either is the female stuck with a male with unacceptable behaviors or does she end up as a lone mother and in most undeveloped and developing economies do lone mothers have to support themselves as sex workers which tends to take the form of prostitution, i.e. more or less involuntary sex work.

Males in most cultures of civilization are socially conditioned for socio-sexually aggressive behaviors towards females and as males grew up do they learn that they need to engage in systemic hypocrisy towards females in order so as to gain sexual access to them.

During the period of mutual infatuation is the couple in a state emotional symbiosis and thus do they substantially psychologically influence each other by means of mutual neurological contact which means that the state of mutual infatuation usually significantly influences and ameliorates male behavior during this usually limited period. However, this psychological effect ends with the usually limited infatuation period.

Once the female has given birth to a child is she effectively enslaved since she will typically spread her legs at almost any time to him in a desperate effort to avoid him leaving her since that would effectively destroy her economic situation and social stature and she may find herself looking for a new apartment while simultaneously having to care for an infant or other young child.

There is usually a high degree of awareness among females about gendertypical male behavioral dysfunctions although heterocultural females almost always severely underestimate this tragic state of things among males.

Females around the world who are literate usually read romance novels which could be described as deceptive marketing for reproductive prostitution. Contrary to common claims among both feminists and patriarchal moralists is the phallus the best part of most males. Although heterocultural females typically both fear and intensely desire the phallus is the main problem not with the male body generally or with the phallus specifically but rather the main problem is with the usually severely socially dysfunctional and destructively gendered psychological, sexual and social behaviors that come with the body and with the phallus.

Feminist heterocultural males are generally the best (i.e. the least bad) male heterocultural partners as they at least try with good intentions although with rather mixed success as no one instructs them how to do it. The best men are however virtually all gay due to the typically high degree of relative absence of dysfunctional social behaviors towards females among gay men. Although not realizing it do females who masturbate to romance novels actually dream about meeting a hot transgender lesbian in the sense as a cognitive female with an androgenic body. Females are indoctrinated by romance novels specifically, by pop culture generally and of course by uniquitous structurally oppressive heteroculture into believing that Prince Charming is a heterocultural male when in fact Prince Charming is by definition not psychologically cisgender but is rather psychologically female and androgenically male.

Heterocultural females thus actually desire to become romantically and sexually selected by an anatomically androgenic male of non-male psychology. Heterocultural males similarly wish to gain permanent sexual access to an anatomically gynogenic female of non-female psychology.

This of course is not only important but requires elaboration. First, heterocultural males typically simply want a private slut although they will engage in hypocritical pseudo-romantic behaviors in order to convince her otherwise. Gay men are pretty open about seeking a private slut and there is essentially nothing wrong with. Heterocultural females also seek a private slut although structurally hypocritical heteroculture prevents them from saying so openly.

The problem here is not gender asymmetry per se as gender asymmetries (e.g. butch/femme, Domme/sub, virgin/experienced) is typically central to mutual interpersonal sexual tension but rather is the problem gendered hypocrisy itself.

Both hereteroculturals and LGBTQI people are typically externally highly hypocritical about relationships while LGBTQI people in non-heterocultural relationships tend to be far more honest within those relationships since there is no heterocultural social compulsion for them to engage in gendered hypocrisy.

The tragedy of heteroculture is thus not a couple having different gender roles as gender is profoundly individual indeed but rather that although heterocultural in gendered and anatomical desire are heteroculturals like everyone else all attracted to persons with psychometric profiles that are similar to our own.

This should not need to be a tragedy as humans generally ought be psychometrically matched with persons with psychometric profiles that are similar to their own and not only for committed relationships but for all kinds of social relationships generally.

The truth is that although heteroculturals typically seek a partner who is anatomically different do they no less than LGBTQI people seek a psychometric twin, indeed a psychometric fellow of oneself. Pathological infatuation is fundamentally projective in the person projecting herself/himself onto the semiotic surface of a fellow person. When we seek our so called “missing half” is this a certain projection of the two brains in the human cranium seeking deeper contact and fellowship with each other. As Herd Animals are most humans more comfortable while in highly interactive participatory groups, yet beyond the initial infatuation phase is monogamy (actually usually simple cheap reproductive prostitution) a fundamentally profoundly unhappy state of things. Of course the degree of relational unhappiness varies greatly from the fundamentally unsatisfactory to the psychologically calamitous.

The solution may seem radical but is actually humanitarian as current matrimonies are usually structurally abusive to some degree or another and so need all current monogamous matrimonies become legally dissolved by legislative decree. Humans generally need be afforded the opportunity to undergo feminist Social Behavioral Training (SBT) so as learn feminist court etiquette and become export seducers as casanovas, femme fatales etc. Humans generally thus need be trained for ethico-aesthetic polymorphism, panamory (“pansexuality”) and polyamory.

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