Physiognomy of Psychiatry

Physiognomy was a pseudo-science in ancient Greece and which somehow managed to survive in varying academically justified practices including racial biology, gender determinism and psychiatry.


While biological determinism has been largely discredited with regard to color, gender and sexuality has psychiatry survived as a scientifically questionable practice without scientific evidence for its ontological core claims other than unscientifically performative physiognomy.

Psychiatry is structurally founded on phonocentrism in the sense as disregarding interpersonal neurological contact in the form of subconscious communication which as with communication within the brain is transmitted by means of electrical reactions. The two brains within the cranium have separate agencies of cognition and most psychological problems are caused by conflicts between the two; e.g. cognitive dissonance.

Just as the two brains communicate with each other by means of electric-chemical reactions so do brains of different persons also communicate between themselves by means inter-brain electrical reactions and hence the phenomenon of projection/introjection, also known as subconscious communication whose existence no serious scientist would deny.

Psychiatry is an epistemological practice as founded on physiognomy whereby the epistemologically fully privileged psychiatrist hermeneutically (mis)interprets anatomical expression with the purpose of culturally determining perceived ‘social deviance’. What in Western cultural practice is referred to as “insanity” is in traditional cultures almost universally understood as what is referred as so called “demonic possession”. Whenever a perceived phenomenon is understood in a rather uniform way in traditional cultures around the world should this be taken seriously indeed which is not to imply that these cultural claims somehow ought be interpreted literally or somehow become uncritically accepted on religious grounds.

The performative practice of psychiatric diagnosis is based on pseudo-psychological hermeneutic (mis)interpretations of anatomical expression as a certain historical continuation of the pseudo-science of physiognomy in hermeneutically (mis)interpreting the cognition of the person from that person’s appearance including makeup, gender, hairstyle, temper, mood, sexuality, transage/transgender behavior etc.

Practically anything that “deviates” from ethnocratic-patriarchal social norms may become deployed as ostensible “evidence” in performative pathologization of enforcing social control in structural oppression of every kind, including all perceived minorities of desire whether emancipated or not.

Diagnostic criteria include “seeming too young” for one’s chronological age and “having too much makeup”. These “criteria” are based on social enforcement of virtually every shibboleth of oppression/discrimination such as age, class, color, ethnicity, functionality, gender, language, sexuality etc. Side effects of psychiatric medication is typically misinterpreted as “evidence” of continued perceived “pathology”. Psychiatric patients typically live in great fear of psychiatric staff (many of whom habitually sexually exploit psychiatric patients) and so a patient seeming docile and obedient is also typically misinterpreted as “evidence” of ostensibly continued ostensible “pathology”.

Psychiatry maintains a symbiotic relationship with police intelligence in police intelligence being able to deploy psychiatry against virtually any kind of perceived so called “social deviance” on the basis of of shibboleths of structural oppression/discrimination such as age, color, ethnicity, functionality, gender, sexually etc. and which the police cannot socially influence by means of law enforcement due to simply not being illegal. It is not unusual for psychiatric staff to be trained agents of police intelligence which means that they simply do not adhere by professional standards in illegally acting on instructions as received from their respective individual handlers in police intelligence. In the rare intelligence training cities are all psychiatric staff trained by police intelligence.

Police intelligence in being commanded by trained intelligence operatives is not subject to the jurisdiction of civilian courts in being subject to military law and their own secret military courts only. Police intelligence around the world has a consequence not only become essentially lawless but has furthermore become symbiotic with organized crime due to the practice of recruiting skilled criminals as intelligence operatives.

The fundamental ontological claims of psychiatry in being based on apophatic epistemology have neither been proven, nor have academia attempted to prove them. Psychiatry is sort of separate world from medicine and psychiatrists are trained physicians (i.e. doctors of anatomy) without usually any degree in psychology. Psychiatrists as physicians in other medical specializations are not given any education of specialization in their field until performing post-graduation clinical practice after final graduation from medical school. One may therefore wonder what competence medical doctors have in this regard since they are neither specialists in brain research nor in psychology and simply lack education and competence in their professional field. The psychiatric hypothesis of “mental illusions” belongs to para-psychology since no one ever proved the purported existence of “mental illusions” in instead relying on Para-Christian carno-phallogocentrism of epistemological panopticon, i.e. the patriarchal gaze. All psychological experiences are fundamentally hermeneutic in nature and so these need become far better understood both epistemologically and in terms of strict natural science. Strict scientific standards are obviously required here as well as elsewhere, including epistemologically so as physionomistic physiognomy is patently unscientific indeed. The fact that psychological experiences do exist ought certainly not permit anyone to suffice with unscientific apophatic epistemology.

Victims of undue widespread pathologization include any human person deviating from the social tyranny of binary gender norms including gender benders, non-hypocritical feminists, transgender persons and LGBTQI persons generally; persons with neuro-psychiatric conditions such as Autistism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and ADHD as well as members of ethnic/color minorities stigmatized as “social problems” by police intelligence.

Police intelligence is particularly allergic against social activists and a common method of neutralizing social activists is to ask psychiatry to performatively pathologize them. Sex workers are systematically sexually harassed and habitually branded as “mentally ill” unless providing free sexual services to police officers at all times when so demanded. Members of minorities of ethnicity/color as seen as “problematic” are easily targeted and performatively pathologized as part of pervasive structural racism and are therefore stigmatized and socially discredited indeed.

The patriarchal intelligence world has habitually deployed psychiatry to discredit and incarcerate actual/potential whistleblowers. When intelligence training fails has it since the 1970s been standard procedure to task psychiatry with taking over responsibility for failed and/or rebellious trainees.

The history of psychiatry is one long trajectory of systemic abuse and although psychiatry has evolved is psychiatry essentially a long arm of the essentially lawless police intelligence which can be deployed against fully law-abiding citizens and entirely so on extra-judicial grounds.

The patriarchal intelligence world as beginning in 1972 increasingly came to deploy psychiatry as a means of enforcing social control over then increasingly enslaved intelligence operatives. This was long deployed in “exceptional circumstances” as a purportedly “humanitarian alternative” to execution but increasingly became the rule rather than the exception.

Police intelligence typically maintains its own unofficial, indistinguishable psychiatric wings in normal psychiatric hospitals and which are used to wrongly incarcerate anyone for a short or prolonged period of time due to police intelligence simply wishing to incarcerate and subsequently discredit that person. For example, if the police chief discovers that his wife has cheated with someone may that someone become incarcerated and discredited by police intelligence in them simply instructing a police intelligence trained psychiatric employee to initiate psychiatric “intervention”. Victims will typically not be believed since they have already been discredited as ostensibly “cognitively incompetent”. Police intelligence also controls and commands forensic psychiatry.

Pseudo-psychological psychiatric physiognomy needs become supplanted by a broadened psychology as thoroughly grounded in strict natural science as well as in intersectional scientific understanding of pervasive shibboleths of discrimination/oppression.

List of traits, behaviors and situations as stigmatized by psychiatry as ostensibly being “indicative” of ‘insanity’: i.e. virtually anything socially deemed not conforming with socially constructed cultural hegemony.

Active lifestyle
Advanced talent
Answers deemed insufficient or wrong
Athletic lifestyle
Brave behavior deemed “out of character”
Changed social patterns
Changing of topic in a conversation
Clothes deemed “wrong” for a certain weather condition
Cognitive disability e.g. symptoms of ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
Comments deemed “off-topic”
Concentration problems
Concise language use
Creativity deemed “insufficient” or “excessive”
Crying (either not crying or crying deemed “too much”)
Culturally non-normative social behavior
Culturally non-normative body/facial language
Culturally rebellious behavior
Distress deemed “unwarranted”
Educational “difficulties”
Educational “underperformance”
Eye contact deemed “too little” or “too much”
Flight of ideas
Focused in distraction
Food habits culturally considered “very different”, e.g. vegan food or raw food
Gender dysphoria and/or age dysphoria
Good manners such as politeness and aristocratic behaviors
Hot temper
Hygienic practices deemed either “insufficient” or “excessive”
Inaccessible literary styles (deemed “difficult” to read)
Indifference towards personal theatrics of others
Intelligence world abuse
Intelligence woeld coercive recruitment
Intelligence world coercive recruitment attempts
Intelligence world coerced prostitution
Intelligence world coercive training
Intelligence world experience deemed “unusual”
Intelligence world professional communication
Intelligence world sexual exploitation
Intelligence world social experience
Intelligence world social harassment
Intelligence level deemed either “low” or “high”
Intense devotion to religion
Intense speech
Intercultural behavior
Interest in the subject of occultism
Interest deemed “inappropriate” despite being fully legal
Introversion, social and/or psychological
Lack of creativity
Lack of joy in life
Lack of initiative
Lack of interest in cooking
Lack of interest in housecleaning and other domestic tasks
Lack of pleasure in life
Laughter deemed socially inappropriate
Lifestyle changes
Losing friends
Makeup deemed “excessive” or “unusual”
Motivation either deemed “too low” or “too high”
Non-spontaneous behavior
Personal growth and change
Police surveillance
Psychological response culturally deemed “inappropriate”
Relative indifference
Religious belief as not authorized by an official religious denomination
Religious experience
Restlessness deemed “unwarranted”
Self-esteemed deemed “too low” or “too high”
Sensory oversensitivity
Sexual behavior deemed “indiscreet”, i.e. non-hypocritical
Shopping deemed “excessive”
Signs of nervousness such as wringing hands
Sleeping problems such as sleeping too little
Social conflict with another person
Social incompetence
Social isolation
Social problems
Sociofluidity, e.g. genderfluidity, agefludity and ethnofluidity
Speech deemed “too much” or “too little”
Subconscious communication made relatively more aware
Sudden outburst in anger
Suffering stalking in public space and/or online
Suicidal attempts, e.g. cutting oneself and other self-harm
Talkativeness (e.g. as due to happiness or Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Tense facial language
Trying on different clothes
Untrusting of others
Unusual word use
Unwise business investments
Use of alcohol and/or other “recreational drugs”
Use of words deemed “difficult”
Using long sentences
Waking up thoroughly rested after sleep deemed “too short”
Walking back and forth in a room
Workplace “difficulties”
Workplace “underperformance”

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