Physiognomy of Primping

woman-1439909_1280Why do so many females primp and why do so few males primp? That is an essential question indeed to pose that is certainly not reducible to anatomy considering that primping constitutes aesthetic enhancement of body and is therefore in not reducible to anatomy itself.

Males who are visibly primped in public will suffer pervasive police persecution by plainclothes police intelligence agents. That is obviously something which prevents more males to comes as primping human beings.

But on the female side, why do females primp and what motivates them to primp? The main reason is self-esteem since female primping raises social stature among females and males alike. But this creates complication since it creates sexual envy among persons of all genders.

What does it mean when a man desire a woman’s body but not her personality? What is this really aside from objectification? He is envious at her beauty (“he wants her”), he feels helpless over not daring to contact her, he feels that he is not in control due her ability to turn him on by means of enhanced beauty and erotic body language

Why does he feel this way? Males tend to feel safe and secure in public space while females tend to not feel unsafe and unsecure in public space. By her enhanced beauty does she challenge his control over public space. He loses patriarchal control and then experiences envy sublimated as turn-on.

What do primping females typically feel in this situation? By primping do they get attention or at least to an extent that they otherwise would not. They are generally treated much better than otherwise, yet they are also at greater risk of public sexual harassment and xenorape.

They walk around the city experiencing sexual arousal in their makeup, fashion outfits and advanced hairdos. They feel in control and what they do is to perform feminist re-appropriation of public space by challenging male hegemony over public space. There has long been the notion within radical feminism that non-binary gynogenic persons with exteriors as similar to men threaten patriarchy but do they really? If all they do is to adopt male norms, how do they threaten patriarchy? Persons who are visibly transmen are generally speaking not nearly as subversive and threatening to patriarchy as are persons who are visibly transfemales.

Many feminists who participated in the feminists social revolution of the late 1960s and early 1970s have traditionally taken a distinctly judgmental view of primping females in accusing primping females of reinforcing binary gender roles. This is based on the totalitarian idea that gender distinction ought be eliminated altogether to be supplanted with uniform non-binary gender for all. The purpose of feminism is to end structural oppression irrespective of distinction of person as opposed to ending distinctions between persons.

Primping females of various ages have lovely female messianic dreams about the arrival of the feminist Messiah, a.k.a, Prince Charming. They dream about revival of court etiquette in modern form, to dance Viennese waltz, receive perfect and impeccable treatment including sexually in hence obviating the need for expressive consent which is so widely turnoff.

It is about time that feminists cease sneering at heavily primping females and embrace heavily primping females as true feminist revolutionaries who perform semiotic warfare in challenging patriarchal control over female bodies and public space alike.

The princess dreams of heavily primping females need be embraced as part of the feminist vision of the future as few aware feminists are currently aware that court etiquette is gender neutral other than where reproductive anatomy is strictly relevant. Non-binary persons and non-binary dress are fully accepted even under traditional court etiquette and this was so worldwide at noble courts everywhere.

Feminism itself emerged as inspired by noble courts of Europe and so is it very much about time time that feminism embraces Primping Feminism and the religious feminism of heavily primping females who walk around city with wet panties if they wear panties at all. Heavily primping females are true gender revolutionaries who perform feminist semiotic warfare every day everywhere and so is it an essential task to teach primping skills and erotic body language to socially incompetent males everywhere in strict compliance with feminist court etiquette.

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