Physiognomy of non-Men

What is a non-man? A non-man is a person who is considered less than a man. Non-men are ANIMALS but are otherwise nondescript in both anatomical and psychometric terms. What is the meaning of END OF MAN? What does is mean to be a non-man under the social terror/tyranny of nefarious ethnocratic patriarchy? Why need non-men act in fellowship, love and solidarity with one another while successfully treating everyone (including men) from the evils of ethnocratic patriarchy such as nefarious heteroculture? What is the meaning of an antiphysionomistic coalition? What does it mean to act in solidarity against structural oppression generally as not not limited to opposing PHYSIONOMISM (anti-body ideologies) specifically but opposing DOLP (discrimination, oppression, lies and prejudice) more generally? What is the meaning of POLYMORPHISM and how is it different from INTERSECTIONALITY? Are all non-men born unequals?


Who is a non-man? A non-man is someone who is part of the repressed realm of the feminine, in other words PERSONS AS SEMIOTICALLY/DISCURSIVELY REDUCED TO THE STATUS OF SUBPERSONS.. These include embryos/fetuses, women, girls, boys, LGBTQI persons, Animal persons as reduced to the status of objects and human property, persons with visible functional limitations, UNTERMENSCHEN, enslaved human beings, prostitutes and of course ostensible pedophiles.

Non-men do not have a uniform physiognomy, they do not look alike but they have do have something in common which is them being DISCURSIVELY STRUCTURALLY REDUCED TO THE STATUS OF SUBPERSONS. Feminism in developing from INTERSECTIONALITY to POLYMORPHISM hence needs become the COALITION OF NON-MEN as inclusive of those MEN WHO CAN BE REHABILITATED FROM NEFARIOUS MANHOOD by means of compulsory APPLIED GENDER TRAINING as already in the DEMOCRATIC FEDERATION OF NORTHERN SYRIA (DFNS), the first feminist state in world history.

Heterocultural males whose brains are so damaged BY EVIL that they in being part of what in VATICAN PARLANCE is described as the DEMONOLOGICAL SPECTRUM have no purpose in life other than causing misery and suffering to non-men. Heterocultural males whom however can become rehabilitated require compulsory gender rehabilitation so as to end the SCOURGE OF MAN as a ZOO-BEHAVIORAL ABERRATION, a PARASITICAL ANOMALY INDEED.

What does THE END OF MAN thus entail? Heterotypical gender roles can be summarized as follows. 90% of the heterotypically female gender role is VIRTUE with 10% being VICE. 90% of the heterotypically male gender role is VICE with 10% being VIRTUE.

Hebrew prophet and genius Friedrich Nietzsche PROPHETICALLY imagined the emergence of the SUPERHUMAN. What are the characteristics of a SUPERHUMAN? A superhuman combines FEMALE VIRTUES with MALE VIRTUES, in other words the 10% that is good and worthy in heterotypical males with the 90% that is good and worthy in heterotypical females. SUPERHUMANS are thus FEMININE GAY MALES who daringly reappropriate the repressed domain of the feminine while shunning THE CLEARLY PREDOMINANTLY NEGATIVE ASPECTS of heterotypical male genders.

The challenge is hence to PROVIDE UNIVERSAL APPLIED GENDER EDUCATION FOR HUMAN BEINGS GENERALLY. This requires teaching male virtues to females and teaching female virtues to males. This signifies the birth of SUPERHUMAN whereby we transcend the GENDER BINARY OF VICE. This needs be performed by means of SBT (Social Behavioral Training) and other ETHICAL INTELLIGENCE THERAPIES whereby we practically learn to BECOME EMPOWERED IN VIRTUE RATHER THAN BEING TORMENTED BY THE SEMI-VICE (SIN) OF BAD CONSCIOUS WHICH IS A POOR SUBSTITUTE FOR NEUROLOGICAL AUTOMATIZATION OF LOVINGLY VIRTUOUS CONDUCT.