Physiognomy of Female Desire

young-2656261_1280What is the meaning of female desire and how is it different from phallocentric desire and is female desire reducible to gynogenic anatomy? What does it mean for one’s desire to exist beyond phallogocentric agency? Who is a female anyway? WHAT is a female anyway? What is the meaning of being a female? Is there even such a meaning? What does it mean to be an agency of female desire and how is that connected with anatomy? What is the connection between human anatomy and the structurally repressed semiotic realm of the feminine?

What is a female? The question may seem obscure and has probably never been asked before, since the answer is taken for granted; namely pussy, breasts and makeup; in short a sex worker.

But let us assume for a moment that we remove the pussy, the breasts and the makeup from the equation, what distinction will there remain? This question of course may seem obscure and arcane but is actually a most important, essential and pertinent one. The answer is that there is not much visible distinction other than relative degree of facial hair and body hair.

What is the purpose of gendered clothes? Gendered clothes serves two purposes. The first is benevolent as gendered clothes helps us to express our respective individual psychological gender(s), although a third of the human population is indoctrinated into wearing gender-specific clothes that run counter to their own individual psychological gender. The second and nefarious purpose is to semiotically exaggerate anatomical difference by means of semiotically creating an impression by means of semiotic distortion of there being greater difference than there actually is and the purpose of course is to reinforce patriarchal ideologies such as sexism (discrimination against females), heterosexualism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, masculinism (derogation of feminine semiotic markers), androcentrism and carno-phallogocentrism.

This brings us to the question of female desire and how it is different from patriarchal desire? How is it relevant to bodily differentiation? The answer is that there is a certain correlation between psychological gender, social gender and anatomical gender. What is the nature of that correlation? The answer is that there is a certain degree of correlation between the three main aspects of gender but that gender expression is tremendously diverse.

Academic gender, Advertisement gender, Age gender, Alcoholic gender, Anal gender, Arm gender, Behavioral gender, Body breadth gender, Body hair gender, Body length gender, Brain gender, Breast gender, Bureaucratic gender, Buttocks gender, Ceremonial gender, Child gender, Chromosomal gender, Civic gender, Civilian gender, Class gender, Clerical gender, Clothes gender, Cohabitation gender, Communication gender, Consumer gender, Cosmetic gender, Criminal gender, Cultural gender, Dating gender, Decision-making gender, Drug abuse gender, Ear gender, Eating gender, Economic gender, Educational gender, Emotional gender, Entrepreneurial gender, Eschatological gender, Essentialist gender, Ethnic gender, Exercise gender, Eye gender, Facial form gender, Facial hair gender, Foot size gender, Friendship gender, Functional gender, Gaming gender, Generational gender, Genital gender, Hair gender, Hand size gender, Head form gender, Head hair gender, Health gender, Hearing gender, Household gender, Identity gender, Ideological gender, Infant gender, Initiation gender, Insight gender, Interactive gender, Internal organs gender, Interpersonal gender, Intuitive gender, Jewelry gender, Knowledge gender, Learning gender, Management gender, Marital gender, Marketing gender, Medical gender, Metaphysical gender, Military gender, Military uniform gender, Motivation gender, Mouth/lip gender, Muscle gender, Nail gender, Naturalized gender, Neurological gender, Nose gender, Occupational gender, Odor gender, Online gender, Parental gender, Participatory gender, Pedagogic gender, Perceptual gender, Performative gender, Personality gender, Photographic gender, Piercing gender, Plastic surgery gender, Political gender, Power gender, Procreative gender, Professional gender, Promotional gender, Prosthetic gender, Psychiatric gender, Psychoanalytic gender, Psychometric gender, Psychotherapeutic gender, Racial/Species gender, Rationality gender, Reasoning gender, Recruitment gender, Religious gender, Residential gender, Retired gender, Ritual gender, Role gender, School uniform gender, Scientific gender, Seductive gender, Self-concept gender, Self-control gender, Sex work gender, Sexuality gender, Shoes gender, Situational gender, Slavery gender, Spiritual gender, Sports gender, Stomach gender, Subconscious gender, Submission gender, Surgical gender, Temperamental gender, Temporal gender, Temporary gender, Thigh gender, Transportation gender, Vacation gender, Verbal gender, Virtual gender, Vision gender, Visionary gender, Visual gender, Voice gender, Waist gender, Work gender, Workplace gender; etc. in different cultures.

A third of all human beings have non-binary highly hereditary psychological gender as thoroughly proven in measurement of gendered psychometric differentiation in factors that ARE PROVEN to have a very high degree of heredity by means of decades of twin studies and adoptive studies. This supports neither androcentric biological determinism nor gynocentrism social determinism.

What then about gendersexuality, namely that property which is usually referred to as “sexual orientation” but rather refers to gendersexual orientation? Gendersexual orientation unlike psychological gender is known to change during lifetime and so may persons change from being primarily sexually interested in androgenic person to becoming primarily sexually interested in gynogenic persons and vice versa. Conversion therapy is known to have en efficacy of about 10% in degree with both homosexuals and pedophiles which is not insignificant at all.

Intelligence environmental “therapy” can brainwash a human person into almost anything including altering primary sexual orientation so that a secondary sexual orientation becomes primary but psychometrically measurable psychological gender remains unchanged no matter the amount of abusive (or for that matter non-abusive) intelligence environmental therapy which performs social reconstruction in intelligence mass theater operations in urban environments.

There is a popular and even academic conflation of gendersexual orientation with anatomical gender. But what connection is there really between the gendered body of the desirer and the gendered body of the desired? To most is the answer to this heteroculturally seemingly obvious, namely reproduction, but is it really? Good science starts with asking the right questions, as the rabbis say “as long as your child asks questions is your child alright but as soon as the child stops asking questions do you need start worrying”. This of course refers to both epistemology and sexual abuse.

Extensive research about animal sexuality informs us that there is a reproductive core to zoological sexuality but nature films hides the fact that ADULT DOLPHINES SYSTEMATICALLY LOVERAPE CHILD DOLPHINES and that many bird couples have the same reproductive anatomy and that same-sex relation, trans persons and intersexed persons are as common among in the rest of the Animal Kingdom. These findings were long hidden away so as not embarrass the perceived “naturalness” of structural oppression in human society. The conclusion is that sexuality is far in excess of the reproductive core and for many human persons is there no reproductive core at all. What is the reproductive core then? This is yet another question with a seemingly but actually not obvious answer. The reproductive core is primarily expressed in pedophilia, namely desire for children. Female desire for children is considered perfectly normal and no one even thinks of it as anything out of the ordinary for a mother to caress the sexual organs of her young children. But for a father to behave exactly like a mother will immediately raise the spectre, indeed terror of pedophilia.

This brings us to the difference between female pedophilia and male pedophilia. Ten percent of all adult men meet diagnostic criteria for pedophilia, namely that the primary sexual orientation is towards human persons as below the age of thirteen. Please note that ephebophilia (adult primary sexual interest in teenagers) is NOT CONSIDERED pedophilia by any diagnostic manual.

Female pedophilia is thus almost universally considered as perfectly natural and is treated as if being the core of so called “heterosexuality”. Indeed is female pedophilia which is a secondary sexual orientation of nearly all women treated as the most normal thing possible indeed the very core of nature. Even female primary pedophilia is considered as perfectly normal as prominently found among VOLUNTARILY SINGLE MOTHERS. Of course most persons have multiple secondary sexual orientations and pedophilia is a secondary sexual orientation in virtually in all humans who are not primary pedophiles.

This obviously opens the question as to why almost no females meet diagnostic criteria for clinical pedophilia? The answer is that the clinical questionnaire and diagnostic criteria measure male pedophilia ONLY. But how can this be so? The answer is that male sexuality and female sexuality are very differently socially constructed and part of that answer is that social construction is based on zoology which means that anatomy is also socially constructed and hence the divergent social constructions of genital anatomy.

What does this mean? It means that anatomy generally and genital anatomy in particular strongly influences yet does not determine social construction of anatomical gender. The most important factor influencing the social construction of anatomical gender is rather psychological gender. It needs be emphasized that social construction is for the most part collective rather than individual. Gender conformance ideologies are thus ruthlessly enforced on transgender persons with the threat of psychiatry, police intelligence persecution and systematic miscarriage of justice. Indeed transsexualism (gender dysphoria) is formally a psychological diagnosis although only a very small proportion of non-binary persons match the diagnostic criteria for transsexualism or gender dysphoria. The notion of transsexualism as a medical condition is one which justifies still pervasive police intelligence persecution against LGBTQI persons in all countries except the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) where all police and all psychiatric staff have been executed as patriarchal war criminals by the ARMED FEMINIST REVOLUTION.

Female pedophilia is thus considered the reproductive core of sexuality and male pedophilia is what creates fatherly commitment to parenthood.

This raises the question as to why the social construction of pedophilia is so seemingly different in females and males and the answer is again social construction of anatomy. How is this so? Females and males are not substantially anatomically different other than as regards genitalia and genitalia is an important part of the human experience. Male sexuality is typically socially constructed as proactive, in other words THE GUEST while the female sexuality is typically socially constructed as receptive, i.e. the HOST. Why is this so? The main reason is simply anatomy in that PHALLUS IS THE GUEST AND THE VAGINA IS THE HOST. The problem of course on a social level is that men tend to act as quite BAD GUESTS and females tend to act as quite BAD HOSTS. None of this is to imply that this is genetically determinative as can be almost universally observed in transsexual females.

This brings us to the question as to why heteroculture is so dysfunctional and why all attempts at feminist reform have failed to reform patriarchal scumbags. The answer is the VERY EXTREMELY HIGHER genetic frequency of psychopathy among males with a factor of 1 to 6. This influences men generally as men generally are significantly more psychopathic than females to a highly significant degree and the 1 to 6 proportion is therefore also reflected in the legal gender proportion of convicted career criminals as nearly all serial offenders are either clinical psychopaths or subclinical psychopaths.

The frequency of psychopathy does however not correlate with psychological gender but rather with anatomical gender. In other words is psychological gender not the only factor influencing gender psychology. Another factor is autism with men on average generally being far more autistic than females. There is furthermore a strong comorbidity between autism on the one hand with 50% of autists having either psychopathic ADHD or non-psychopathic ADHD. It needs be emphasized however that 80% of teenagers develop psychopathy as adults.

Heterocultural men can roughly be divided into three groups, the first group are the psychopaths which are one in every twenty men and they are all potentially dangerous to women. The second group are about 90% of heterocultural men who are not clinical psychopaths but who are mentally sexual predators with no genuine concern for females as individual persons but rather regard women as mere instrumental tools for satisifying their own lowly desires. The third group are atypically heterocultural men who make up about one in twenty men. They are characterized by high IQ; genuine interests in female emotions and have usually either female psychological gender or non-binary gender with about 70% having female psychological gender. In Western countries do they usually strongly identify as feminists. The Animal Liberation Movement is demographically 80% female with 20% being male, 90% of whom belong to the group of atypical heterocultural males.

In the United States are these males known as “Mr. Nice Guy” or simply “nice guys”. They make fairly good husbands, meaning that they are well-intentioned and their marriages are usually lifelong. These are the men women look for and they are often shy while growing up and typically sexually non-active as teenagers. The older females become the more interested do they tend to become in “nice guys” due horrible female experience with rest who are simply lowly patriarchal scumbags whose interest is mainly keeping a “free whore” in the home whom he can use as a maid to extract sex work from her due to her understandable fears of becoming a lone mother with the economic calamity which that involves. It is also well-known that nice guys as teenage boys do tend to be sexually unsuccessful yet certainly not impopular with teenage girls and this is due to their relative lack of aggressive impulse towards females.

Gay men is another important albeit small group who make up 1% of the population and 90% have female psychological gender, 9% have non-binary psychological gender and 1% have male psychological gender. Gay men are non-aggressive towards women and as the heterocultural nice guys make good friends for females.


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