Physiognomy of Age

There is no scientific basis to the concept of chronological age as this is a measurement of time rather than is conventionally assumed a measurement of bodies.

It is impossible to infer chronological age by means of physical observation.

Time is not a scientifically valid way of measuring bodies just as pigmentation is not a scientifically valid way of measuring bodies. Time simply measures time and although bodies change with time does time not provide any scientific ground for bodily measurement.

Chronological age cannot be measured genetically or otherwise biologically and so there is no basis for assuming that chronological age is a biological concept. It has in fact proven impossible to determine the chronological age of young asylum seekers by means of genetic and other biological/medical testing and so in cases where they do not state their respective year of birth is it both scientifically and legally impossible to performatively determine whether they are legal adults or legal minors as natural science offers no method for measuring chronological age.

Physiognomy was the ancient Greek pseudo-science whereby it was believed that it was possible to draw conclusions about the psychometric profile of a person by that person’s appearance.

The failed attempts to scientifically determine chronological age only exhibits that chronological age is not only a bureaucratic construct but also a figment of imagination, indeed a surviving form of the obscure pseudo-science of physiognomy.

Yet chronological age is treated as if it were something real when in fact it is nothing but an exercise in counting time. There is thus no substantial connection between the body and time measurement as is ideologically assumed in ageist physionomism as the connection between body and time measurement is simply illusion as reinforced by the existence of a relative degree of correlation between the two.

Much like humans are legally arbitrarily segregated into legal females and legal males are humans similarly legally arbitrarily segregated into legal adults and legal minors with various other chronological age measurements determining legal status in varying other respects. This means that a person may be a legal adult in some respects and a legal minor in yet other respects.

All these distinctions of chronological age as based on the arbitrary concept of measuring bodies by counting time have no scientific basis whatsoever and are simply social constructions of observed relative correlation without scientific basis in natural science or otherwise. It is true that that legal men and legal women have different average psychometric profiles and the same is true for human genetic groups and chronological age cohorts but again is this mere correlation disguising the tremendous diversity of psychometric profiles within any particular invented physionomistic category of persons.

Increasingly technologically advanced society needs become increasingly individualized in no longer treating persons as modules in the sense as physionomstic standard units and so is it precisely essential that we commence treating persons as unique sentient agents of cognition rather than by means of patently unscientific performative physiognomy.

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