Ontology of Gender

gender revolutionBoth girls and boys are extremely feminine prior to puberty and so the comprehensive feminist revolution requires not only abolition of the pathological condition of Manhood but of Adulthood generally.

Gender is typically misunderstood in terms of the culture/nature binary. But does “the natural” exist and if so what is it? If there is no such thing as “natural” then perhaps there is no such thing as “unnatural” either? Nature is simply the force of life and it is neither deterministic nor final. In fact, nature tends to be quite random and coincidental and not natural at all.

Patriarchy often maintains itself by recourse to the naturalistic fallacy, namely claiming that patriarchy is natural and therefore right & just. However, patriarchy is neither natural nor unnatural as gender is clearly simply socially constructed zoological behavior. There is no need whatsoever to presume that there is some kind of natural dichotomy between zoology and social construction as social construction is an expression of zoology itself.

There are two main contemporary streams in feminism; the French stream is founded in thought of Simone de Beauvoir and devoted to deciphering the psychology of gender difference while the American stream is founded in the thought of Shulamith Firestone and ultimately seeks the abolition of gender itself. The two main streams of contemporary feminism are therefore in a sense antithetical in one seeking to further the understanding of gender difference while the other is endeavoring to eventually destroy gender.

The American stream of feminism tends to be highly critical of femininity in essentially regarding it as a form of false consciousness serving the perpetuation of sexism and patriarchy. However, why fault females for male behaviors? Most girls naturally behave extremely well until socially distorted into becoming so called “women”. What is needed is therefore not abolition of gender but rather the abolition of adultness itself. The Greek term “patriarchy” actually means the “rule by old men”.

Therefore, a worldwide feminist society is needed where girls and girlhood becomes the new social norm. In fact, both girls and boys prior to puberty tend to be extremely feminine. The state of femininity is thus not reducible to or even derived from being woman as femininity indeed precedes becoming distorted into so called “woman” or “man”. Femininity is therefore actually synonymous with childhood and so remaining feminine after the onset of puberty is the daring determination to indeed remain an innocent child despite the severe social distortions inherent to the patriarchal ideology of adultism.

What is needed therefore is the feminist abolition of not only men but women as well. Boys therefore need to be hormonally altered years before puberty and both girls and boys need to be raised for behaviorally remaining feminine children throughout life. There is in fact no need to become adult at all as “adultness” indeed is the masculinist, very malicious essence of patriarchy itself. The proportion of male births should be reduced to 5% of all human births and later to about 1% whereby males mostly will be needed as feminist sex workers (including Princes of eugenically feminist Courts of Conception) as devoted to the spiritual elevation of feminine sexuality.

Being a man is both a biological and social pathology and therefore requires treatment. Boys hence need preventive treatment years before the onset of puberty so as to prevent them from hormonally becoming men and rather become feminist sex workers. Boys therefore need to be raised for lives as profoundly honored sexual servants of sisterhood. Both girls and boys indeed specifically need to be raised to remain girlish and become Feminist Harlots of Love throughout their socially and sexually liberated lives.

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