Neuro-Behavioral Re-Automatization

mental-health-2313430_1280Ninety percent of human behavior is neurologically automatized, meaning that it is quite reflexive due to a vast mix of mutually interacting social and genetic factors. Understanding this is essential as what has once become at least in part socially automatized by social conditioning may typically become socially re-automatized.

Surprisingly is this true for traumas as well as painful traumas are typically more apparent forms of neurological re-automatization. One therefore needs to understand not only the nature of the traumatically automatized reaction but also what external or internal stimuli that actually triggers it.

Even sexual arousal/attraction and various degrees of interpersonal attraction whether social, emotional, physical and/or sexual are all neurologically automatized by a mixture of social and genetic factors, yes there is at least some genetic basis (even if indirect) for all behaviors considering that humans as Animals are all genetically based. It is peculiar indeed that sexual preferences may change over time and so sexual reactions may at least in part be re-automatized as well.

What is thus very much needed is innovative Social Behavioral Training (SBT) that will identify and supplant unhelpfully reflexive social reactions/behaviors (DOLP, Discrimination, Oppression, Lies and Prejudice) by means social conditioning anew in roleplay therapy theatric studios. Initially this should be based on interacting and filming a role and afterwards watching it so as to review reflexive behaviors of oneself and others. Once one has identified reflexive reactions/behaviors that one wishes no longer to exhibit, then one can engage in as many repeated sessions of roleplay as necessary so as to neurologically automatize the new chosen reactions/behaviors.

For examples males with neurologically automatized sexist behaviors may discover that they will be much better off in social, sexual and relational interaction with females once they are helped to re-automatize their gendered behaviors in terms of adopting socio-sexually attractive feminist behaviors. However, individual motivation is essential in order to succeed and so the heterocultural male with neurologically automatized sexist behaviors may discover that he may curry far more favor with females once he has been neurologically re-automatized and so this prospect may become a particularly powerful psychological incentive structure with regard to becoming motivated to change sexist reactions/behaviors. Similar incentive structures may be constructively mobilized with regard to other unhelp reactions/behaviors as well and especially so with regard to DOLP generally.

Neurological re-automatization takes places in many institutional contexts in modernity and especially so in secular cloisters such as schools, mental hospitals and military training but also informally by means of various forms of informal social conditioning whereby for example non-binary transgender persons don’t feel safe to live openly due to previously unknown transphobic social conditioners in public space telling them to live otherwise. Organized religion also practices neurological re-automatization to varying degrees by means of repeating rituals, prayers etc.

As neuro-behavioral re-automatization is already extensively practiced in societies across the anthropological spectrum worldwide (including in organized religion) needs the relative efficacy of such already existing organized/institutional neuro-behavioral re-automatization become examined and extensively studied. The prospect of developing increasingly effective SBT methods of neuro-behavioral re-automatization means that prejudicial and oppressive behaviors can become effectively treated and even increasingly eradicated from society.

Yes culturally diverse social construction of human zoology is anthropological reality worldwide but social critics typically do not stop to theoretically consider how social engineering could itself foment improved forms of social construction. Indeed we need to invent increasingly advanced forms of entirely voluntary SBT as designed to supplant existing and often psychologically harmful social models for neuro-behavioral re-automatization such as in military training and in intelligence training. Traditional forms of neuro-behavioral re-automatization therefore need to be closely examined for efficacy and so many things about what works could be gleaned from what is actually effective in neuro-behavioral re-automatization in human cultures around the world.