Hospitality at Androcentric Courts of Conception

An androcentric Court of Conception is during its formation phase closed to outside visitors. However once established are there also elaborate systems of ritual feminist hospitality with very strict rules of role and conduct.


1. Visitors of the Majesty

The Majesty may invite anyone whom the Majesty so wishes, yet is obliged to be fully sexually available to the guest for two hours of sexual hospitality during which he is fully compliant with their every sexual whim as long as these whims are strictly compliant with general court etiquette and specific court for this venue. The Majesty must have sex with anyone whom invites except his own parent unless both parties through a special intermediary agree to sexual hospitality.

There is an elaborate system of sexual hospitality whereby during a month the visitor passes different stations of sexual hospitality where various forms of ritual sex are performed in compliance with court etiquette. This typically involves group sex as centered on the guest. This goes on for no less than a month with the purpose of preparing the guest for sex with the Majesty.

The hospitality therefore has the character of both entertainment and education. Once guests have passed all stations is the guest therefore prepared for perfect psychological, social and sexual conduct with the Majesty. If the training ultimately fails is the audience with the Majesty canceled. The Majesty is not allowed to cancel an audience although it may be rescheduled if necessary. The Majesty is fully and completely obliged to be a harlot of his guest in accordance with court etiquette.

Once the two hours have been completed is the guest introduced into the Inner Court. The Princess Consorts of the Inner Court are styled Archduchess Consort and are the personal confidantes of the Majesty. The Archduchess consorts serve so entirely on their own volition and this service has special obligations. Archduchess consorts are tasked with socially and sexually entertaining guests of the Majesty. This means that they socialize with the guest yet are specifically not permitted to become intimate with the guest unless having received specific instructions to this effect from the Majesty. They are not allowed to disobey the Majesty unless there are legally legitimate reasons for abstention and primarily medical ones. An Archduchess consort is specifically not permitted to decline to provide hospitality due to her own opinions about the guest.

A guest must not have any physical contact whatsoever with an Archduchess conless unless approved by the Majesty. This means that the guest holds hands behind the back during greetings unless instructed otherwise. Court etiquette is gender neutral and distinctions only apply to rank, position, venue and reproductive anatomy where relevant.

The Majesty alone decides which Archduchesses who will entertain the guest during any particular time. The stay at the Inner Court lasts for three day and three nights during which the guest must be fully compliant with sexual desires of the Majesty. Strict court etiquette applies.

Nothing is left to coincidence during the three days and nights as all interaction strictly abides by diplomatic protocol. All sexual interaction is performed ritually in accordance with specific court etiquette for the venue.

The guest is free to socially interact with Archduchess consorts in strict compliance with the sexual code of conduct, with court etiquette and with diplomatic protocol.

The guest is under no circumstances allowed to have any physical contact with Archduchess consorts while socializing with them unless authorized by the Majesty. The guest is solely and exclusively permitted to have physical contact with Archduchess consorts as part of group sex with the Majesty and Archduchess Consorts as specifically invited by the Majesty for the this purpose. The guest no less than the Archduchess consorts must fully and without hesitation exquisitely obey the desires of the Majesty.

After the end of the three days and nights is the guest invited to spend twenty-four hours at a Temple of Love as staffed by usually 30 sets of Duchess consort septuplets, meaning 210 physically highly similar persons with distinctive personalities. They are all in attendance. There do they serve every whim of the guest who is obliged to have sexual interaction with all 210, including ritual mass sex. All 210 Duchess consorts are available for Loverape even while asleep in most strict compliance with general court etiquette and the specific court etiquette of the particular Temple of Love.

If the guest has androgenic anatomy is the guest obliged to make all 210 pregnant although embryos will be transferred to external artificial uteri and children thus conceived will be raised in youth villages elsewhere. The schedule of ovulation is synchronized both between the 210 Duchess consorts and with the calendar. The Majesty alone decides which Temple of Love which the guest will visit as based on computerized psychometric matching.

After the 24 hours does the guest leave the Harem State. If invited for a second audience on another occasion is the exact same procedure followed as above. The etiquette applies irrespective of whom the guest is and is thus highly egalitarian indeed whether being an official state visit or otherwise.

2. Hospitality in the Diplomatic Zone

One of the tasks of a Duchess consort is to provide hospitality in the diplomatic zone. Each diplomat is entitled to spend the night with a different set of septuplets every night. The diplomat simply books them electronically and since homes have been abolished does the hospitality take place in venues serving this specific purpose. The diplomat is not allowed to spend any night alone as long as residing in the diplomatic zone. Social and sexual interaction strictly takes place as according to feminist court etiquette. No set of septuplets can be booked twice the diplomat is furthermore not permitted to book any other group of septuplets as genetically nearly identical to the already booked set of septuplets. No other contact takes place between diplomats and Duchess consorts. Princess Consorts and Archduchess Consorts are not under any circumstances permitted to enter the diplomatic zone. Diplomatic protocol is gender neutral and applies irrespective the gender(s) of the diplomat. Distinctions of etiquette does however apply as relevant as regards the reproductive anatomy of the diplomat. The diplomat is specifically not obliged to have sexual intercourse with the septuplet Duchess Consorts and may spend the night with conversation and sleep alone if the diplomat so prefers. The Duchess consorts are however fully obliged to cater to every sexual whim of the diplomat in harshly strict compliance with feminist court etiquette and diplomatic protocol.

3. Hospitality in the Zones of Education

Visitors from all over the world are received for socio-sexual training. The purpose is to socio-sexually practically teach them to conduct themselves in accordance with feminist court etiquette as the new universal human norm of interpersonal conduct.

The training takes place by means of feminist social interaction and feminist ritual sexual intercourse. This goes on for a full week with an intense schedule full of exquisite feminist ritual sex. The guests are not permitted to take any liberties whatsoever but are only permitted to act precisely and exactly as told by the Duchess consorts serving in the zone of education.

Educational training is different for adults, adolescents and children as well as for persons of gynogenic and gynogenic androgenic reproductive anatomy respectively. The reason is that the education in the six educational zones follow different curricula, each with a highly specific, strict and absolutely obliging code of conduct. Adults are trained for a week, adolescents for two weeks and children for a month. This training only takes place once in a lifetime.

4. Friends of the Majesty

The Majesty enters secondary marriage with persons whom he recognizes as personal friends, including with other Princes of Courts of Conceptions. A formally recognized Friend of the Majesty of any gender and/or reproductive anatomy is obliged to come to an audience with the Majesty at any occasion when the Majesty issues an invitation for an audience which is always sexual in nature and always takes place for the duration of two hours during which the Majesty is fully compliant with the intimate desires of the Friend.

Archduchess Consorts are fully sexually available to any visiting Friend of the Majesty in particularly strict compliance with court etiquette and the Archduchess Consorts exquisitely and without hesitation comply with every sexual whim of the visiting Friend of the Majesty. A Friend of the Majesty is fully sexually obedient to the Majesty. The Friend of the Majesty may do as the Friend of the Majesty pleases with the Archduchess Consorts of the Majesty provided that this strictly and meticulously complies with general court etiquette. The friend of the Majesty may thus engage in private sexual intercourse with the Archduchess consorts although it must necessarily be choreographic, ritual and feminist in nature.

The Majesty may assign two Archduchess consorts with the task of living in temporary marriage with a Friend of the Majesty for a month, not more and not less. An Archduchess Consort may divorce the Majesty but she cannot ever legally marry a friend of the Majesty. The two Duchess consorts are however in temporary secondary marriage with the friend of the Majesty for the full duration of the intimate month during which she complies with every sexual whim of the Friend of the Majesty in strict compliance with feminist court etiquette. The Friend of the Majesty is solely and strictly exclusively permitted to have sexual intercourse with the two Archduchess consorts à trois.

The Majesty always adjoins the Friend of the Majesty when visiting a Hospitality Temple of Love with 210 anatomically similar Duchess consorts. They do not have sex separately in the Hospitality Temple of Love but only and exclusively in each others presence and must provide ritual sexual intercourse in the presence of the Duchess consorts.

A visiting Friend of the Majesty is fully at liberty to book intimate time with members of the Majesty’s private androgenic harem. The Friend of the Majesty escorts the Majesty when the Majesty visits the Majesty’s private androgenic harem and such visits are not booked and may take place at any time during day or night.

The friend of the Majesty is free to frequent the Junior Harems of the Majesty without booking time. The Junior Harems are composed of different Duchess Consort of different ages and reproductive anatomies, as well as by boys in training to become Princes of Courts of Conception. It needs be emphasized that court etiquette is binding law in the Court of Conception and that therefore all social and sexual interaction is strictly law-abiding indeed in full compliance with the law of jurisdiction which does not apply elsewhere.

5. Hospitality in the Visitor Zone

Visiting friends and relatives of Consorts of the Majesty are accorded social and sexual hospitality by the Consort hosts in the Visitor Zone. Reception is conducted fully in accordance with feminist court etiquette. Consort hosts are obliged to provide full sexual compliance with the guest(s) with the exception of parents. Guests excepting parents are obliged to fully participate in carefully choreographed feminist sex with the Consort hosts. The hosts must comply with the wishes of the guests while guests must strictly comply with feminist court etiquette. It is decided beforehand through a special intermediary whether there shall be sexual contact between Consort host and parent(s) and entirely so by mutual consent. Feminist ritual sex is compulsory for all other guests including siblings and former boyfriends/girlfriends. A friend guest may only visit once a year, parents are allowed to visit every two months and another relative is only allowed to visit four times a year. Being recognized as a relative does not require blood ties.

LEGAL WARNING: The above text is a futuristic vision of feminist return to traditional court etiquette and constitutes neither political advocacy nor encouragement of criminal violation. Readers are strictly advised to fully and strictly comply with each and every contemporary provision of law in their respective jurisdiction. The above text is specifically and explicitly not provided for pornographic use and any such use is not the responsibility of the author. This is a literary text and not a political one and the author is not responsible for any other use.