Gynocentric Courts of Conception

A gynocentric Court of Conception is originally composed of 20 000 clones of a females genius. They are all sovereigns and make joint decisions and are all known as Prince/ss Regnants or any by themselves preferred gendered version thereof such as Princia Regnant which is the gender-neutral term.


The original form of Court of Conception as invented in ancient Sumer and as gynocentrically intended to ensure the welfare of females and protect them from the lowly and unspeakable evil of ethnocratic patriarchy – was androcentric in organization; i.e. one male marrying multiple females. Gynocentric Courts of Conception are however enabled by the possibility of mass cloning whereby a 20 000 clones of a female genius are conceived. If they are twins or multiplets are clones conceived from all. All clones are genetically designed to have distinctive personalities.

Males may temporarily marry into a gynocentric Court of Conception for up to a year and this may subsequently for an unlimited number of times become renewed upon consensual decision by the Prince/ss Regnants. All marriage and renewal of marriage requires consensual decision by all Prince/ss Regnants of the gynocentric Court of Conception. Prince/ss Consorts are strictly temporary although some become de facto permanent by means of annual renewal of marriage. Prince/ss Consorts typically maritally migrate between different gynocentric Courts of Conception and a Prince/ss Consort may even return for renewed marriage to a gynocentric Court of Conception into which s/he was previously married.

It is essential to understand that a Prince/ss Consort of a gynocentric Court of Conception strictly serves at the pleasure of the Prince/ss Regnants. The demographic proportion of Consorts to Regnants is however one to twenty. This proportion is fixed and genetic diversity in reproduction is ensured by the practice of marital migration.

Multiple gynocentric Courts of Conception are cloned from the same original gynogenic genius who heads the federation of gynocentric Courts of Conception whose Prince/ss regnants are cloned from her/him. This is an honorary position of diplomacy. If the founders are twins or multiplets are they all joint honorary head of the federation.

Children grow up in youth villages where they typically during puberty temporarily marry into the gynocentric Court of Conception in which they grew up. Children are all raised for life in Courts of Conception whether in gynocentric Courts of Conceptions or in androcentric Courts of Conception.

Prince/ss Consorts are androgenic and their purpose is to be sex toys of the gynogenic Prince/ss Regnants who use them at their pleasure in strict compliance with feminist Court Etiquette.

Prince/ss Regnants are trained to become Fille Fatales in serving as Sacred Harlots. They sexually use the Prince/ss Consorts as sexually available to them at all times, even if asleep.

Prince/ss Regnants do as they please with with Prince/ss Consorts as long as strictly conforming with Feminist Court Etiquette. This means that a Prince/ss Regnant may order a Prince/ss Consort for a predetermined limited period of her own choosing, at most however three days and nights during which the Consort must intimately and socially obey the Regnant with perfect obedience. This means that the Consort serves as the Butler of the Regnant during this time in catering to her every whim as long as strictly complying with feminist court etiquette.

Prince/ss Consorts must serve in androgenic Sacred Brothels for at least six hours per day/night where they are fully sexually available to the Prince/ss Consorts for a two-hour intimate rendez-vous. As contractual sex slaves are do they fully comply with desires, whims and wishes of their Mistresses. A consort may of course at any time divorce and immediately leave the particular gynocentric Court of Conception in which he lives. Androgenic Sacred Brothels are open around the clock and are of course fully non-commercial.

Prince/ss Regnants are expected to serve in gynogenic Sacred Brothels although this is strictly voluntary and they serve for as little or as much and as frequently or infrequently as they please. During service in gynogenic Sacred Brothels (which are also strictly non-commercial) do the Prince/ss Regnants fully serve at the pleasure of their guests in catering to every sexual request as long as strictly in compliance with feminist Court Etiquette. They serve in geisha-like roles in being fully obedient to their guests in treating them as divine persons in taking care of their every need.

Regnants and Consorts serving in Sacred Brothels must not under any circumstance reject a guest. If a serving Prince/ss Regnant suddenly loses desires for intimacy must s/he not in any way express so but rather fully play along.

Girls undergo defloration at Virgin’s Day several times a year during which the biological father is invited to perform the honor in fully public feminist ritual on a public altar in a feminist Temple of Love. Defloration takes place at the age as preferred by the individual girl herself and she may invite any other suitable androgenic person instead of her biological father so as to perform the honor.

Feminist public pickup takes place by means of a Regnant picking up a Consort at any time and place of the Regnant’s choosing. Consorts are available for Loverape (whether Romantic Loverape of Violent Loverape) at all times even while asleep.

Early marriage into other Courts of Conception whether an androcentric Court of Conception or gynocentric Court of Conception is encouraged and takes place at the age as fully consensually elected by the young person.

Each federation consists of ten Courts of Conception and Regnants are can freely move between the ten CoCs. As guests do they have the same sexual prerogatives as Regnants.

Accepting an androgenic person for marriage must strictly be fully and completely consensual agreement among all 20 000 Prince/ss Regnants. Initiation takes place by means of feminist mass ritual sex during three nights during which the Consort sexually ritually penetrates ALL REGNANTS WITHOUT EXCEPTION. The First Day is devoted to VAGINAL MASS PENETRATION. The Second Day is devoted to ANAL MASS PENETRATION. The Third Day is devoted to ORAL MASS PENETRATION OF MASS DEEP THROATING.

It is common for Regnants to make themselves available as SACRED CALLGIRLS and of course strictly non-commercially so. This means that they make themselves available for booking for as many hours as they themselves please and on dates when they themselves so desire. It is notable that they are *NOT* permitted to decline a booking and must fully comply with the program as planned by booker. Regnants may also order each other. In both cases is the booked person fully and compliant with the desires of the booker.

There are many venues of feminist pickup and in some is nudity required such as in many bath houses and on nude beaches. There are also many swimsuit pickup venues. There are two kinds of pickup venues: androcentric pickup venues and gynocentric pickup venues. In gynogenic pickup venues is it SOLELY AND EXCLUSIVELY the Regnants who pick up the Consorts. Conversely in androcentric pickup venues is it SOLELY AND EXCLUSIVELY the Consorts who pick up the Regnants.

Consorts perform artistic ritual sex in public view at special locations in the city and Regnants do so in feminist Temples of Love.

There is both direct democracy and indirect democracy in gynocentric Courts of Conception. Direct democracy is practiced within the gynocentric Court of Conception while representative democracy is practiced within the federation with multiple specialized parliamentary chambers for every purpose.

Direct democracy of public assembly is practiced by Prince/ss Regnants WITH NO ATTENDANCE FROM Prince/ss Consorts and different majorities are needed for different types of decisions. Princess Consorts also meet in public assembly for the purpose of deciding on resolutions that will be put forward to the Parliament of the Federation. Prince/ss Consorts have NO VOTING RIGHTS in elections to the Parliament of the Federation. If a Prince/ss Consort is dissatisfied with something are there procedures of consultation, complaint and consultory democracy. If a Consort is dissatisfied with the laws of the Federation MUST HE LEAVE THE COURT OF CONCEPTION with immediate effect and he is legally obliged to do so. He is also legally obliged to file a report to the international parliament of gynocentric Courts of Conception.

Prince/ss Consorts are always androgenic. Once admitted into the pool are they part of the pooling process whereby they perpetually migrate between 1) gynocentric Courts of Conception, 2) Androgenic Harems of androcentric Courts of Conception, 3) positions of naturally inseminating gynogenic members of the public as part of special institutions as set up for this purpose and 4) catalogue males where they serve an otherwise lesbian collective for a pre-determined number of months with the possibility of one-month extensions.

Prince/ss Consorts are psychometrically matched for service in different venues. Yet gynocentric Courts of Conceptions themselves select androgenic Prince/ss Consorts from from the Prince/ss Consort pool. A Prince/ss Regnant of an androcentric Court of Conception himself chooses from the Prince/ss Regnant pool with with the aid of psychometric mass matching. Prince/ss Consorts are appointed for limited periods of insemination service in insemination institutions and this is a postition of employment where the insemination institution contacts the Prince/ss Regnant after having reviewed his online profile among catalogue males. The job interview is partly sexual in nature. Lesbian collectives must be formally incorporated as lesbian collectives in order to invite a catalogue male and only one catalogue male may serve at a time.

Once part of the pool do Prince/ss Consorts retain their titles and they are also allowed to take time off to live playboy life for the purpose of inseminating females outside in general society. They have legal immunity and diplomatic immunity and their special diplomatic passports clearly shows that they are certified extensively trained androgenic fille fatales. This documentation means that virtually any gynogenic person in general society will feel secure enough to have sexual intercourse with a certified Playfriend considering the extensive education in perfect social and sexual behavior of all Playfriends. All sexual intercourse WITHOUT EXCEPTION takes place at fully certified insemination institutions.

It is generally considered very rude for a gynogenic person to sexually say no to an approaching Playfriend unless the gynogenic person is truly uninterested in sexual intercourse with the Playfriend. If she says no does he immediately leave although very politely so with usually hugging her if they have reached that stage of interpersonal intimacy. Playfriends are the “Prince of Dream” (Prince Charming) which most gynogenic persons dream about meeting and so do gynogenic persons train themselves from an early age to learn to say *YES* immediately and affirmatively would s/he be so extremely lucky enough to become approached by a Prince of Dream.

A Prince/ss Consort remains part of the pool, a.k.a. “the catalogue” and retains the title Prince/ss Consort as long as remaining part of the pool. The Princess Consort continues to be pooled within the system for as long remaining part of the pool.

Gynogenic Courts of Conception have their own international law with its own international parliament with multiple legislative specialized chambers which legislate international law of gynocentric Courts of Conception, namely GENERAL ETIQUETTE. The multi-chamber parliament of each federation of gynocentric Courts of Conception legislates SPECIFIC ETIQUETTE.

The international parliament has its own system of justice. Prince/ss Regnants who commit severe misdemeanors are sentenced to various measures of public humiliation in which ways intended to induce feelings of shame, yet not sexual, physical or or psychological suffering other than intense shame. Prince/ss Consorts who very severely misbehave are expelled from the pooling system and stripped of titles.

LEGAL WARNING: The above text is a futuristic vision of feminist return to traditional court etiquette and constitutes neither political advocacy nor encouragement of criminal violation. Readers are strictly advised to fully and strictly comply with each and every contemporary provision of law in their respective jurisdiction. The above text is specifically and explicitly not provided for pornographic use and any such use is not the responsibility of the author. This is a literary text and not a political one and the author is not responsible for any other use.