Feminist Warfare

The trajectory of the history of warfare has transitioned through many phases of social, conceptual and technological innovation. After WW2 did warfare between standing armies increasingly become supplanted by asymmetric warfare between state and non-state actors as usually sponsored by at least one hostile state. In the early 21st century is it primarily Jihadists who wage asymmetric warfare against governments while governments when initiating war mostly perform covert mass intelligence warfare against yet other states.

Feminist YPJ troops (Image by Kurdishstruggle on Flickr)

The increasingly astounding military success of the armed feminist liberation movement (a.k.a. “PKK”) in Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world, including the founding to the first feminist state in world history in Rojava (West Kurdistan & North Syria) shows the way into the next development in warfare, namely feminist warfare.

What then is feminist warfare? The first answer is that we must not suffice with a simplistic phallogocentric formula but indeed continually also ask what feminist warfare also ought be? Phallogocentrism is the symbolic privileging of the phallus in the construction of meaning. Sexism is structural oppression on the basis of distinction of sex, gender etc. Masculinism is the structural derogation of the domain of the feminine. Misogyny is structural hatred against females. Patriarchy is the tyrannic rule of adult males (however culturally defined) over everyone else.

We need first move to recognize how we ourselves are socially constructed by and for phallogocentrism, sexism, masculinism, misogyny and patriarchy. Yet questioning our own social conduct needs be constructive in fomenting innovative, subversive transformation rather than merely Para-Christian self-flagellation and/or Para-Christian iconoclastic dogmatism.

Feminist warfare is not limited to the professional military sphere but is performed through semiotic warfare in public space in ordinary life. A feminist warrior never goes on vacation to patriarchy for feminist warfare is a lifelong vocation and a calling indeed. A feminist warrior is always innovatively and intuitively subversive and transformative in being sociofluid (accentfluid, agefluid, classfluid, culturefluid, ethnofluid, genderfluid, generationfluid, geofluid, naturefluid, politicofluid, professionfluid etc.) in constantly evolving in self-designing elective innovative social roles in ways that will immediately help subvert and transform whatever structurally oppressive social context in which she finds herself and indeed so usually in a quite friendly manner.

A feminist warrior is thus always involved in total war everywhere although certainly not limited to warfare in a phallogocentric sense. In rethinking professional military warfare need we first acknowledge that physical (as opposed to virtual) weapons systems tend to be designed as erections and ejaculations. A gun is a symbolic phallus and the bullets are symbolic sperm and new recruits are trained to stand “erect” as symbolic phalluses indeed. Feminist warfare in contrast seeks to undermine and subvert phallogocentric warfare. This of course is not to imply that feminist professional military warfare ought be dogmatically irrational in not deploying weapons that were once invented by rapist minds in the image of erection and ejaculation. The much needed iconoclasm should therefore certainly not be misconstrued as a license for irrational dogmatism. Needless to say is a permanent feminist warrior not a pacifist for why should feminists remain pacified under the social terror of the tyranny of patriarchy?

A feminist warrior is fanatical about abiding by law whether domestic law or the laws of war, yet is equally adamant about destroying patriarchy and structural oppression generally through all acceptable means possible as permitted under law whether domestic law or the laws of war. A feminist warrior is a radical feminist yet certainly does not engage in reverse sexism in hating males and so a feminist warrior is a moderate radical feminist indeed.

Feminist warfare does not merely mean opposing men’s oppression against women but indeed opposition against all (or should I rephrase to “nearly all”) structural oppression since structural oppression such as professional military war must sometimes be deployed in countering far worse forms of structural oppression such as armed totalitarianism. While we should strive for ethical perfection need we equally recognize that ethical perfection strictly speaking does not exist and will not ever exist, yet we must always strive for ever-improved structural conduct.

Feminist warfare does not really seek to restrict expression but rather delimit it and thus opening up expression for transformative innovation and subversive diversity in expression in ways that will help increasingly leave physionomism and DOLP behind. Feminist warfare is thus the very opposite of speech codes as feminist warfare seeks to transform structural conduct by turning everyday life into feminist performance art.

Understanding the teleology of feminist warfare in general is hence essential for understanding the methodologies of feminist professional military warfare. Feminist war hence means avoiding phallic thinking of socially constructed structural male aggression or imitation thereof. Feminist warfare relies on calculated intuitive conduct, i.e. what is known as “female intuition” as any good fighter or commander must be able to make highly accurate decisions irrespective of whether the military situation at hand requires an instant intuitive reaction or whether there is time for conscious deconstruction in intuitively calculated military planning of innovative liminal thought.

Feminist warfare is not needlessly adversarial but rather seeks to win over adversaries to the extended feminist cause. A feminist warrior in being sociofluid is able to communicate on almost anybody’s cultural/subcultural terms as interpersonal imitation is the very essence of culture itself and thus also of multicultural social competence. A feminist diplomat is therefore ethnofluid and politicofluid in effectively and transformatively communicating with whomever is the address.

A feminist warrior prevails over immoral adversaries both because of her adaptiveness and because of her adherence to ever-evolving feminist etiquette of social conduct. A feminist warrior “knows how to persuade and knows how to forbid” in both opening and delimiting liminal thinking. A feminist warrior sets the rules and she wins due to her superior morality.

A feminist warrior is certainly not ethically perfect but she never does anything that she will come to regret legally speaking as a feminist warrior has perfect self-control and does not allow herself to be led by the social tyranny of irrational fear and irrational desire.

A feminist warrior does not only deconstruct male ideologies but transformatively subverts oppressive social hegemonies of every kind. Being a feminist warrior is not reducible to any ideological socially constructed notion of “standard anatomy” and so any human being of any gender or anatomy may become a feminist warrior although this requires being ever-open to leaving the privileges of physionomism and DOLP behind. Her ever-improving ethical conduct is precisely an essential element of what makes her so powerful in transformative subversion of oppressive social hegemonies. A feminist warrior in professional military war seeks to deploy intelligent intuition where masculinist adversaries act in self-defeating unsophisticated ways due to being high on socially constructed psychological effects of excessive production of testosterone.

Feminist military liberators are welcomed by local populations for the simple reason that the feminist liberators bring compulsory gender equality and both military and civilian training of gender science. The local population thus does not only feel liberated from tyrants but are importantly also liberated from structural oppression in their own society and thus voluntarily ready themselves for the introduction of freedom, emancipation and representative governance.

Feminist military warfare does not seek to ruin boys into men but rather instead kill the phallogocentric agency itself in the recruit and re-awaken the oppressed domain of the feminine in helping the recruit develop transformative feminist agency in the wide sense of feminism opposing all forms of structural oppression whether social, economic or statist. Feminist military training is hence the very opposite of conventional masculinist military training which is founded on structural derogation against the demeaned domain of the feminine. Feminist warfare does not favor one form of structural oppression over another as for instance political left and political right will typically quarrel over whether economic oppression or statist oppression is preferable over one another.

Feminist warfare means being propelled by values of liberty rather than establishing yet other forms of permanent structural oppression as liberty of personhood is indeed the very opposite of structural oppression. Feminist warfare in being sociofluid is culturally sensitive yet not tolerant of structural oppression of and in any culture/subculture and is certainly not tolerant of cultural justifications for totalitarianism. Feminist warfare precisely prevails by deploying rational intuition against the aggressive unreason, indeed fanaticism of phallogocentrism. Feminist warfare wins by being both strictly law-abiding of the democratically legislated laws of patriarchy and at the same time highly effectively and transformatively so in subverting patriarchy itself and structural oppression generally. Feminist warfare is certainly not an obscurity of irrational physionomistic identity politics but rather defends personhood itself against pervasive structural oppression.

Feminist warfare is therefore certainly not a phallogocentric doctrine but rather an invitation to feminist conceptual, social and technological innovation in the science and practice of just war.

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