Feminist Ritual Sex

Feminism has been largely ineffective with respect to ending oppressive patriarchal sexuality in failing to supplant it with far better and more attractive options. First, complaining is insufficient as structural oppression typically does not go away unless one engages in social innovation and offers better solutions in its stead; second are solutions insufficient and so is feminist visionary futurism certainly most required as well. If we however produce a version of the present as the future do we simply not reproduce the present in slightly modified form and how transformative is that really?


Ritual sex was part of religious worship in Temples of Love in Sumer; the first civilization from which all other civilizations on all continents are directly or indirectly derived. Temples of Love survived in parts of the ancient world and especially in ancient Greek civilization.

Ritual sex also survived in Middle Eastern Median Judaism such as in the form of partner swapping and group sex between two married couples, ritual sex between female priestesses as well as female ritual group sex between females as prior to marrying and under the leadership of a female priestess.

The global feminist social revolution thus needs to return to the gynocentric roots of all civilizations by designing innovative feminist forms of gynocentric ritual sex with elements of feminist phallocentrism as well. Who says that feminism cannot devise both feminist gynocentrism and feminist phallocentrism as part of recreating Temples of Love in futuristic feminist shape?

What then characterizes feminist ritual sex? First there is a ready feminist framework (i.e. a feminist protocol) as part of a feminist Temple of Love although new Temples of Love and new feminist frameworks certainly need be continually devised and established indeed.

How then does a feminist Temple of Love physically look like? It is always based on feminist architecture although this can often be devised by modifying existing buildings, including by internal decoration. A feminist Temple of Love is fully accessible to persons with various functional variations and is also open to diversity of many different kinds as long as these differences are ethical indeed.

Feminist ritual sex is therefore performed within the framework of a ready choreography which cannot become instantly renegotiated although it may need to become continually developed indeed. Feminist ritual sex is based on ready feminist choreography and dance/ballet, music and emotion are integrated into the experience. Feminist ritual sex is based on communal experience and so each and every act of physical intimacy is undertaken as part of the ready choreography and its predetermined feminist protocol. Any room for improvisation does thus strictly take place within the specific feminist protocol.

What if “everyone” does not appreciate that particular Temple of Love? They should simply devise and create yet further Temples of Love in creating tremendous global diversity in feminist Temples of Love. The feminist Temple of Love is safe because everyone knows the rules beforehand and have to strictly abide by them. A Temple of Love may offer room for feminist improvisation, yet that must be strictly performed within the bounds of that specific feminist protocol. There will be opportunities for developing feminist protocols in feminist Temples of Love but that certainly cannot take place prior to the ritual sex itself.

There is no single way for feminist ritual sex to appear, but feminist Temples of Love need rather become increasingly diverse indeed. A feminist Temple of Love is sort of a community cultural center with room for different feminist protocols on different days/evenings/nights.

While physical intimacy is essential is this only one component of the overall experience and certainly not the main element. Feminist ritual sex thus seeks to fuse feminist art (choreography, music, design etc.) with interpersonal group connection including physical intimacy in ways that will create holistic experiences of togetherness and inclusive participation.

Who then is welcome to participate in a particular recuring & reoccurring event of participation? Every framework has its own criteria for inclusion which may be based on preferences without discrimination. How then is this achieved? Feminist ritual sex embraces panamory and polyamory and so criteria for inclusion are obviously necessary yet must not discriminate. This means that any given framework will be based on certain shared preferences of some kind, yet not ones that reproduce structural oppression which should be illegal there as elsewhere.

Not just any performance of sexual act is feminist and so this means that feminist Temples of Love as focused on particular acts of interpersonal intimacy of e.g. BDSM will necessarily become redesigned in feminist form. May a male thus spank a female in a feminist Temple of Love? Yes, but the spanking needs be carefully choreographed in being expressive of feminism of intimacy. Feminist ritual sex will thus not merely reframe existing sexual practices but fundamentally transform them as well. What is essential is thus not who performs spanking and on whom but rather how the ritual spanking is performed as well as how the social context is devised and designed indeed.

Feminist ritual sex is culture, “placebo effect” healing and art including music, design and dance; all carefully aesthetically choreographed in ways innovatively feminist indeed. Sexual repression is undone by simply re-integrating physical intimacy with other cultural practices, including traditional ceremonies and traditional customs as embracing diverse cultural heritage indeed.

How then will “the sex” be? Very diverse as feminist Temples of Love will engage in feminist social innovation of reinventing interpersonal intimacy as communal and ceremonial rather than private and patriarchal. Current sexual practices will seem paltry as ethically refined and aesthetically sophisticated forms of Temples of Love increasingly do evolve around the world as part of the global feminist social revolution. Pornograhic projections of the present into the future will thus simply not do justice to the feminist Temples of Love of the feminist future.

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