Feminist Neuropsychology of Suffering

What is suffering and why does it exist? These are essential questions to ponder and elaborate before understanding the psychology of suffering and remedies thereto.

Ethical choices such as ethical living are essential not only for the wellbeing of oneself but importantly also for the wellbeing of fellow persons. 

Suffering is a neuropsychological mechanism as intended to ensure both individual and collective survival. Humans are anatomically herbivores and the behavior of a human person is typically not only influenced by her own neurological suffering but by the neurological suffering of others as well, particularly those whom she considers to be part of her own herd of some kind of another. In order for a human to respond to the suffering of a fellow person is it typically essential that the other person whether a human person or a non-human person is somehow included in the circle of concern so to speak, in short zoological tribalism.

Suffering is triggered by neurological stimuli of different kinds. Neurological stimuli triggering suffering may be anatomic, mnemonic, psychological, verbal, emotional, representational, environmental and otherwise, yet are always semiotically and cybernetically transmitted

Music by Anti-Semitic composer Richard Wagner (1813-1883) was performed by Jewish prison orchestras in some Nazi concentration camps. For this reason did all performance of Wagner’s works except in private long remain a social taboo in Israel and Israeli national radio consistently refrained from playing Wagner’s music. The reason for this was the concern that hearing Wagner’s composition would trigger traumatic reactions in Holocaust survivors and it was thus deemed insensitive in the extreme to play Wagner’s music in public in Israel.

Music triggers neurological reactions of diverse kinds and can also trigger suffering as prison exposure to music and other sounds is sometimes deployed as torture as did in fact US forces in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Suffering thus needs be properly understood both in terms of neuropsychiatry and semiotics or even better a combination of the two, indeed a semiotics of neuropsychology. The nervous system is teleologically semiotic and performatively cybernetic. Science has long failed in helping patients suffering from chronic pain due to medical research being based on unethical and ineffective animal experimentation as well academic ideologies of biological determinism as prominently founded on carno-phallogocentrism.

Every science, including to some degree even gender science is permeated by the pernicious prejudice of carno-phallogocentrism. Since carno-phallogocentrism is literally ubiquitous in Western culture does it permeat global culture as well. Almost every scientific model is usually subconsciously premised on carno-phallogocentrism. All sciences deploy faulty methodologies that are typically both ineffective and unethical due to this very patriarchal bias. Neutrality implies disconnect from carefully considered ethical concerns in favor of academic bullying as policing paradigm, genre, narrative etc. Carno-phallogocentrism prevents scientific progress everywhere in academia and especially so in medicine as premised on science by torture.

Medicine as based on faulty science by torture in fact causes far more suffering worldwide than it prevents. Long-term medication tends to trigger further medical conditions which in turn require even more medicines and so on and so forth, something which in total certainly does not reduce suffering.

The field of medicine needs be reinvented not only in terms of comprehensively discrediting carno-phallogocentrism but the remedies are largely political in outlawing social factors that cause pathology. This applies to the entire industrial spectrum and the establishment of feminist Temples of Love are essential in both outlawing and effectively supplanting “goyim naches”, namely unethical “pleasures” as intrinsically founded on causing suffering to others. This is not to deny that causing suffering to innocent others may trigger pleasure but that is pure evil and must simply be outlawed.

Not only is suffering semiotically mediated but remedies to suffering are largely detached from the suffering human bodies themselves. It is in fact this very detachment which enables the continued normalization of this very manufactured mass suffering indeed.

Politics is essentially a branch of semiotics and the remedies to the question of suffering are largely semiotic as well. The neurological question of suffering hence needs be reinvented in terms of semiotics and cybernetics.

We need map cybernetic systems of suffering in semiotic terms so as to identify sources and transmission of systemic suffering in order so as to disrupt and minimize suffering. This applies to all cybernetic and semiotic arenas whether within the body or in structure and spacing as between bodies.

We need understand that science as implicitly premised on carno-phallogocentrism is substandard, ineffective and furthermore absurdly prejudicial as bordering on the comical were it not so tragic. An academic semiotic revolution is needed so as to undo the social terror and social tyranny of paradigm, genre and narrative that serve to perpetuate the irrational cultural hegemony of foundational premises such as carno-phallogocentrism and phonocentrism.

The feminist social revolution needs fundamentally transform every section of society, every field of knowledge and every hegemonic discourse. Third-wave Gramscian-style infiltration of patriarchal ideologies is completely insufficient as we need establish diversely inclusive, yet ethically delimited feminist cultural hegemonies everywhere without silly dogmatic adherence to paradigm, genre and narrative.

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