Epistemology of Sublimation

sexuality-3082009_1280“Culture” has replaced “race” as the hegemonic shibboleth of ethnocentric fetishism. Much like the Eurocentric concept of so called “race” before it has the Eurocentric concept of so called “culture” become a term for advocating ethnic purity for all cultures except European cultures which are conversely expected to continue to imperialistically incorporate yet other cultures. Euro-imperialistic exoticism was thus transformed into ostensible “multiculturalism”.

We need thus not only conceive of a multiculturalism as centered on democratic values but one that is decentered from semiotic Europe as democracy is a global phenomenon and democratic values are highly culturally diverse worldwide.

Just as the problematic conception of so called “race” was deconstructed and subjected to near erasure in Critical Theory needs the term “culture” become similarly deconstructed and partially erased as well.

Human culture is composed of two parts, the main part is constituted by simply mass sublimation of repressed sexuality. The other part are structures as designed to facilitate male sexual exploitation of females. The second part is intertwined with the first part as the second part structures and ultimately determines and delimits the first part in oppressive cultural hegemony.

The mostly subconscious, i.e. repressed nature of so called “sexuality” is what makes so called “culture” so immensely structurally oppressive. So called “sexuality” is yet another of those bizarrely delimited, overreaching terms which needs be deconstructed and near erased.

In order to challenge structural oppression specifically and ethnocratic/patriarchal cultural hegemony generally need we end sexual repression and supplant it with ethico-politically delimiting ethico-aesthetic feminist etiquette. This needs be a central component in the global feminist social revolution indeed.

How to attain such a lofty feat? So called sexuality simply needs become fully integrated with so called “culture” in undoing the culture/sexuality dichotomy in order so that so called “sexuality” becomes central to so called “culture”. This means that “culture” and “sexuality” as “as we know them” will essentially cease to exist as we need invent new feminist terminologies to supplant redundant, non-transformative terminology that serves to underpin and perpetuate cultural hegemony, meaning ethnocratic patriarchy as upholding structural oppression.

We should cease socially bisecting females into so called “girls” and so called “women”. We should cease merely seeking so called “equality” with so called “males” (another term requiring deconstruction and largely erasure) which in practice merely means demanding that women are given the opportunity to assimilate as second class gender citizens into the structural masculinist derogation of the domain of the feminine. Masculinism in feminist mask is often touted in radical feminism as ostensibly “radical” and “transformative” when in fact this typically simply means women taking on themselves the idiocy of male conduct social dysfunctions.

We need hence innovate new vocabularies as part of the global feminist social revolution in making feminist culture participatory rather than as of now modern Eurocentric culture constituting a discursively involuntarily auto-imprisoning panopticon.

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