Epistemology of Sexual Exploitation

While rape involves physical coercion does what is known as sexual abuse, yet is better described as sexual exploitation involve psychological coercion, namely using leverage of power in order so as attain sexual contact without the genuine consent of that person.

It takes much courage for victims to expose sexual exploitation.

There is a problem with sexual legislation all over the world in that sexual exploitation between adults is practically speaking mostly legal. The police will typically not help abused women but will as a matter of routine aggressively interrogate her in blaming her in order so as to themselves extort sexual favors from her. This is how police officers of all genders all around the world behave, including female police officers who are integrated into a subculture of pervasive sexual exploitation. For the police is anyone sexually victimized by patriarchy simply “a whore” and thus open game for police sexual exploitation. The police systematically sexually exploits sex workers, sexually attractive LGBTQI persons, victims of crime, real or mock suspects and so on and so forth. For example is it common for police officers all over the world to stop young/youthful sexually attractive females and sexually attractive LGBTQI persons in the street due to the victim wearing sensually appealing attire; then perform mock of accusations of her doing sex work and subsequently use the situation to extort sexual favors from her.

Aside from the culture of pervasive sexual exploitation in police forces all over world is there also the problem with a distinctly patriarchal conception of sexual abuse in jurisprudence. Sexual legislation as it evolved in the 19th century was concerned with protecting “women and children”, neither of which had the right to vote. Sexual exploitation as structurally pervasive to patriarchal hierarchic structures of power throughout society and although largely perpetrated by heterocultural cis-men can however certainly not be reduced to either age or gender.

What is needed thus is legislation that outlaws sexual exploitation generally, meaning abuse of power in order so as attain sexual contact. Expanding gender equality has as an unintended side effect unfortunately created to many more opportunities for sexual exploitation in patriarchal hierarchies as women are increasingly integrated into patriarchal hierarchic structures of power.

Many countries have legislation providing a relatively higher age of consent if there is dependency involved such as between student and teacher, between patient and physician, between team member and coach and so on and so forth. While this legislation is certainly warranted in protecting the relatively powerless from the comparatively powerful is it most peculiar why that legislation does not protect all victims irrespective of shibboleths of discrimination? Why are not everyone legally protected from sexual exploitation? Why is it seemingly acceptable to use leverage of power to sexually abuse an adult women or for that matter an adult man or a adult transgender non-binary person?

If the male superior tells “his” female subordinate to “discuss promotion over dinner after work”, then as a career woman is she probably already aware that she has only two options; either have sex with her superior (as perhaps involving sexually entertaining his friends as well) or become passed over for promotion. Being a career woman involves essentially prostituting oneself as one otherwise will simply usually be passed over for promotion. These abhorrent practices of sexual exploitation are pervasive in patriarchal hierarchies all around the world and are not even illegal in most cases provided that the superior does not perform actual sexual harassment or any other statutory sexual infringement such as rape.

If this is the first time this happens and she naturally says no will she surely subsequently wonder why she were passed over for promotion? As a smart woman will she probably figure this out until the next time when there is an opportunity for promotion and she will then most likely have sex with the superior in order so as to get promoted this time around. Not being promoted has severe economic consequences and so saying no the second time is in practice not even an option if she is determined for career.

However, there is also the situation where the superior asks for sex and where she risks becoming fired unless she provides him with what he wants. That too has severe economic consequences and she might find it difficult to find a new job and especially considering that she was fired from her last job. Here too the superior committed no crime if he asked for sex in way that is legal; i.e. by means of legally permitted language. Single working mothers are especially vulnerable to these types of situations of attempted sexual exploitation as the welfare of her children is at stake too.

The subsequent sexual acts are in both cases not even illegal and that is so all over the world and one surely wonders why? Why does the legislation only protect adolescents but not adult females and persons generally from sexual exploitation in situations of dependency?

The answer is that heteroculture is based on systemic social imitation of rape and prostitution alike and so patriarchal sexual legislation serves the purpose of reinforcing patriarchal distinctions of gender and age rather than really protecting anybody. This is especially problematic considering that societal elites are widely subjected to “protective recruitment” by the national intelligence community and so those thus “protected” cannot be prosecuted in a civilian court of law unless already publicly exposed and so are all forms of sexual exploitation rampant in the lawless intelligence community. As societal elites are increasingly subject to “protective recruitment” by the domestic national intelligence community are “protected persons” essentially free to sexually exploit as much as they please as long as not becoming publicly exposed. On the contrary will the police as a matter of routine themselves sexually exploit any sexually attractive person who complains to the police about suffering attempted or actual sexual exploitation.

Sexual exploitation is thus not reducible to age, gender, race/species or any other such shibboleth of discrimination but is precisely about abuse of power for sex. For example does a male subordinate with an exploitative female superior face precisely the same situation, the only difference being that if he complains to the police will the female perpetrator probably respond by falsely accuse the victim of acting sexually inappropriately towards her and because he is a man will he not be believed just a female as pressed for sex by a male superior similarly will not be believed due to being a woman. The same is true when a male superior presses a male subordinate for sex and when a female superior presses a female subordinate for sex as the victim will not be believed due to her own gender. The victim simply will not be believed on account of the victim’s own gender and it really matters less what gender the victim actually has, including if the victim is transgender.

The same is true with respect to age as between legal adults as age disparity means that the victim will not be believed (“she made it up!”) and if they belong to the same age group will she also not be believed on account of her age (“she asked for it!”). Victims with ethnic/racial minority background are not believed due to their ethnicity and/or visual appearance and victims with diagnosed functional variation will not be believed because of their respective functional variations.

Hence is systemic sexual exploitation precisely intertwined with shibboleths of discrimination/oppression and may as noted above work both ways as this is precisely about abuse of power by the relatively powerful against the comparatively powerless in order so as to gain sexual access without genuine consent.

There is of course also very commonly the situation where a superior commits crimes of a sexual nature against the subordinate such as rape, sexual abuse and sexual harassment and she knows that she will lose her job and therefore her economic security the moment she complains. Of course complaining to the police is not a good idea either as the police will as a matter of routine subject her to mock interrogation and attempt to sexually exploit her as well. So she really has no good options.

There are of course also occasionally cases where the relatively powerless take power for themselves by means of sexually extorting the comparatively powerful in a disparity of dependency of some kind. This may be deployed for purposes of promotion, improved grades and so on but these are exceptions while sexual exploitation by the relatively powerful against the comparatively powerless is in contrast the norm between adults; including the male spouse consistently using his higher salary as an implicit, unstated lever of power so to gain free sexual services from the female spouse despite her not genuinely wanting to. The female spouse will typically fear that her marriage will break down unless she constantly offers him free sexual services despite her not really wanting to. This too has major economic and social implications (including for shared children) as females generally earn much less than men, including due to male-dominated professions having comparatively higher salaries than female-dominated professions.

Sexual exploitation is pervasive to patriarchal hierarchies all around the world and in fact so even in Iran and Saudi Arabia where judges on state sharia courts usually will try to sexually exploit married women seeking religious divorce, including after her having suffered domestic abuse. As elites generally including importantly prosecutors are increasingly “protectively recruited” by the national intelligence community does this mean that the “protectively recruited” elite sexual exploiters will in nearly all cases be protected by patriarchy whose national centers of power as it happens is that vast boys’ network which is the domestic intelligence community.

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