Epistemology of Patriarchal Economy

Geishas with varying anatomies (many have phalluses) are culturally highly respected sex workers in Japanese society.

Why is it that patriarchy is so widely and vehemently opposed to sex work in so many different cultures around the world? While patriarchy obviously wishes to continue to control female sexualities are there also economic reasons.

Sex work in economically developed countries tend to be rather well-paid although the money often goes into the pockets of enslaving middlemen exploiters. The fairly well-paid nature of sex work is thus a threat to patriarchal practices of male exploitation of females generally. How is this so? First are women expected to perform sex work without reimbursement in having sex with the manager, engaging in reproductive prostitution, “saving themselves” for provision of free sexual services for the practice of exploitative prostitution that is known as monogamy.

Second does the generally relative high reimbursement of sex work threaten the low wage economy. What if women were to shun low-paid jobs in favor of working as sex workers provided of course that conditions were free, dignified and respectful? Even worse from the perspective of economic exploitation, what if men too were to prefer sex work over low-paid jobs?

Middle-aged people tend to earn the most in the patriarchal economy as founded on exploitation on the basis of age, class, ethnicity, functionality gender, pigmentation, sexuality etc.. Although it is generally much easier for conventionally attractive persons to become successful career-wise is youth in sex work an advantage which is quite in contrast to the general economy.

The increasing normalization and social acceptance of sex work thus threatens the sexual, gender and age aspects of ethnocratic patriarchy. While prostitution in the sense as to varying degrees involuntary sex work is abhorrent are free sex workers gender warriors who strike at the very heart of the patriarchal hierarchy of economic and sexual exploitation. Free sex workers control their own sexual agencies and thus threaten the patriarchal male control over female sexualities that is in fact the very patriarchal regime of sexual repression.

Anyone thus concerned with disrupting irrational hierarchic practices of patriarchal economy should thus not only support the civil rights and civil liberties of sex workers but should furthermore do everything possible to socially normalize ethical sex work. There is of course unethical sex work as well, yet this underscores the importance of eliminating unethical labor situations generally as certainly not limited to sex work.

Free sex workers are thus subversive in threatening patriarchal institutions such as monogamy, incorporated religion and economic exploitation on the basis of keeping wages/salaries low for women and young adults. Of course, this is not limited to capitalist economies but is found is patriarchal economies generally.

Feminist economics should essentially be about ending commodity fetishism which is the practice of socially and semiotically economically reducing persons to less than persons (i.e. subpersons) by means of economic exploitation in low reimbursement. This change is in fact already in motion as the exploitative economy of social objectification is increasingly supplanted by a very different economy of Talentism where advanced individual skills in contrast are the most important thing. This transformation needs apply to sex work as well where sex work is recognized as requiring advanced skills rather than merely spreading the legs. Rather than merely have bodily openings, body shape and looks needs sex work become a qualified profession of advanced specialization in which humans generally should be trained.

Were it not for patriarchal regime of sexual repression could we all become sex workers without even need for reimbursement since there would be little need to pay for sexual services in the absence of the patriarchal regime of sexual repression. Emancipating sex workers should thus become the beginning of freeing sex work from the power of money. The patriarchal regime of sexual repression creates deficits in interpersonal intimacy for persons of most genders and so the essential feminist task here is to end the patriarchal regime of sexual repression. Emancipation of sex workers is however only the first stage as ending the regime of sexual repression will facilitate for us all to become ethico-aesthetic non-commercial sex workers in feminist temples of love around the world.

The power of non-patriarchal sexuality is such that it literally has the power to strategically disrupts and discredit the semiotics of patriarchal economy as centered on structural oppression of irrational hierarchies of age, pigmentation, ethnicity, functionality, gender, sexuality etc.

Patriarchy appropriates the power of sexuality so as to perpetuate structural oppression and so needs feminism reappropriate sexuality for socially subversively transformative purposes of disrupting, discrediting and undoing the semiotic economy of the economics of patriarchy.