Epistemology of Girlhood

What does it mean to be a girl in epistemological terms? Being a girl means being situated at the intersection of age, gender and sexuality and hence suffer triple exclusion/subordination under ethnocratic patriarchy.


It is essential to understand that patriarchy is not a uniform phenomenon in human cultures around the world. The purpose is always to invent, develop and perpetuate social practices, social customs, social institutions and social discourses for the purpose of males controlling sexualities of females. This is given different cultural expressions but the purpose is always the same, namely ensuring male sexual, psychological, social and economic exploitation of females.

Patriarchy is essentially male parasitical behaviors whereby females are brainwashed into cooperating with institutionalized exploitative male parasitical practices. This social conditioning commences from birth and of course is varyingly socially constructed in different cultures.

Reproduction is the very behavioral nexus around which such systemic cultural parasitic practices are socially constructed. The relative similarity of human reproduction irrespective of culture is the main reason why patriarchy exhibits such focus on exercising male control over female sexualities to highly varying degrees in different cultures.

“To be a woman” is to paraphrase Irving Kristol to be “a girl who has been mugged by reality”. However, the rise of popular mass culture since the 1920s has meant a gradual female semiotic revolution against ethnocratic patriarchy and so conscious feminism only forms a very a small part. This revolution implicitly opposes womanhood and so females increasingly strive to remain girls for as long as possible as they age. In aesthetic terms does this involve girlish aesthetics whereby primping females endeavor to socially, behaviorally and aesthetically “remain girls” for as long as possible. In pornography do women increasingly more and more look like girls in every way including absence of body hair and increasingly tiny breasts. Plastic surgery for females is also increasingly geared towards making them look girlish rather than “womanly”; meaning maternal.

While it is certainly true that this represents a certain sublimation of structurally repressed pedoeroticism (most adults were “pedophiles” as children in having been primarily sexually attracted to persons of their own age bracket) is it also true that this constitutes a certain feminine semiotic revolution against patriarchy in the sense as a refusal for as long as possible submit to patriarchal socially compulsory practices of humiliating reproductive prostitution.

Girlhood now often continues until menopause and even beyond and for some is being a girl lifelong even up until advanced age. Feminism typically operates according to male norms, namely that feminism demands male rights, seeks enforcement of male principles and male social priorities. Feminism was in fact long known as “the women’s movement” in blatantly excluding girls and feminism in that sense has long been a patriarchal project as very few feminists in the history of feminism have ever demanded emancipation of girls.

A girl is in fundamental anthropological terms usually a female who is in a state of judicial symbiosis with a father while a woman is in fundamental anthropological terms typically a female who is in a state of judicial symbiosis with a husband.

While boyhood in Western society ends with adolescence tends girlhood now only end with menopause. In both cases does this tend to lead to adoption of “masculine” gender in typically constituting masculinism, namely structural semiotic derogation of the domain of the feminine.

It is thus clear that girlhood in Western society no longer ends with puberty, adolescence, age or majority, marriage, motherhood or even retirement. Females are increasingly revolting against reproductive prostitution by means of refusing to become so called “women” and so should boys similarly refuse to become men and strive to remain boys.

We need understand that adulthood is central to ethnocratic patriarchy in different traditional cultures having variously cruel forms of initiation into variously defined “adulthood”. Ending patriarchy therefore requires conceptual, social and technological innovation that will allow us to become mistresses of our own destinies without having to become tragically initiated into patriarchal adulthood, including its deplorable practices of reproductive prostitution.

We need end the legal condition of adulthood just as we need undo gender masculinism. We need abolish legal age just as we need abolish legal gender. We need fashion and design functionally friendly and inclusive environments which importantly will be safe and secure for young persons as well.

Being a girl thus epistemologically constitutes a certain khôra beyond the socially constructed polis of patriarchy. A girl as prior to puberty is despite all scientific evidence considered as having no sexuality. Her genders are not recognized as proper genders but are only considered pre-stages to genders of at least implicitly maternal “womanhood”. She is legally considered a sub-person due to her socially assigned chronological date of birth much like she is assigned a legal gender upon birth. There are no scientific means to accurately measure chronological age by anatomy, genetics, medicine or biology other than in the very first years after birth. The social construct of chronological age thus only measures time in physionomistically classifying bodies in terms of bureaucratically measured “time”. Of course “time” in relation to age have a similar socially constructed function as compared to those of reproductive organs for gender and pigmentation for “race”. In other words are these mere ideological illusions of ethnocratic patriarchy.

We need hence embrace ethico-aesthetic idiosyncrasy of polymorphous sociofluidity in individual expression of personhood in refusing structural oppression and irrelevant application of physionomistic categories no matter how socially constructed by so called “culture” although abiding by law is usually albeit certainly not always a very wise thing indeed.

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