Epistemology of Gender

Gender is typically conceived of as collective and binary. Yet gender is highly individual and intersects with many other social roles of shibboleths of discrimination/oppression such as age, class, color, ethnicity, functionality, religion etc. and is thus highly influenced by those other social roles indeed.


The relationship between gender and body has often been subjected to political dispute. What then is the relationship between gender and body? Gender as other social roles IRL is bodily social expression. Gender thus is performative epistemology of the body. Gender and similar such roles are not merely performative but essentially epistemological and even hermeneutic in gender performing self-interpretation of the body.

Of course there is reverse epistemology whereby others hermeneutically interpret one’s body and as psychologist and psychoanalyst Erik Erikson famously suggested ought the two ideally converge as much as possible. Gender needs be self-expression in such a manner so as not only ethico-aesthetically express individual personhood but also provide an epistemology of the individual body that is legible for others to intuitively decipher.

Gender dysphoria is not limited to transgender persons but in fact many sexually attractive females frequently experience gender dysphoria in the form of “creepy feeling” when their respective bodies are misinterpreted in the sense as not psychologically recognized as constituting psychological self-expression. Thus, the reason it is so difficult to face intimate/romantic rejection is because it implies rejection of individual personhood.

We need all become gender performance artists in learning to continually re-conceptualize, re-devise and re-design our respective genders in developing sociofluid socio-psychological behavioral repertoires where we are able to deploy different genders and different social roles generally as fitting for different social contexts and situations.

Gender thus in constituting performative epistemology of the body needs become devised so as to deploy the body for self-expression in such a manner that it is semiotically legible for others. Gender design is thus about hermeneutic interpersonal communication. If an individual gender expression tends to be successfully communicative then it is good communication and thus at least effective gender design.

Let’s take the classic example of the defense attorney of the male rapist and whom accuses the female victim of dressing and appearing too sexually explicit. This of course is a form of sexist aggression as intended to wield phallic power in order so as to humiliate the victim and that is frequently how masculinist sexual harassment is indeed performed.

The sexist and masculinist defense attorney trying to judicially blame the female victim for having been raped thus claims that she is to be faulted for having been raped due to her exterior appearance. This is akin to saying that people of color are themselves to blame for suffering abuse due to a greater degree of pigmentation. One could then of course point out that makeup and fashion clothes are elective but how elective are these actually? Women seeking intimacy with men whether casual or as part of a relationship thus have few options in heteroculture but to primp themselves in order so as to become contacted by men who will hopefully appreciate their appearances as expressive of idiosyncratic personhood.

Yet as we are able to devise and design our own behaviors can we also strongly influence and even largely shape how others behave towards oneself. This of course is not imply that one is to blame for misinterpretations of oneself by others but rather that it is more socially intelligent to communicate oneself by means of sociofluid expression in a more calibrated fashion so as minimize potential misinterpretations. Of course this is not to say that one ought not dress highly sexually explicit but rather that we need do so in manner that conveys personhood and not merely surface as tending to structurally feed into objectification indeed.

Objectification is often misconstrued as being solely about sexual objectification, yet is objectification is simply the widespread physionomistic practice of ignoring uniquely individual personhood in more or less deliberately misinterpreting personhood on the basis of a exterior features whether visual, behavioral and/or otherwise.

Gender is hence a hermeneutic practice of interpersonal communication and epistemological interpretation of bodies. Just as we all need to choose our words with great care need we thus also carefully design our social roles including our own genders. In mainstreaming ethico-aesthetic sociofluidity into the social norm need we make conscious and reappropriate one’s own epistemological agency and hence become able to influence how others hermeneutically interpret oneself.

Sociofluidity means that as we become polymorphous feminist performance artists need we also learn to interact more socially intelligently with each other and multidimensionally and multisensorially so. Rather than merely rightly complain about being involuntarily misgendered, racialized, sexualized, commodified etc. can we take action in redesigning our own interpersonal communication and hence shape the ways others hermeneutically (mis)interpret us and thus epistemologically behave towards us.

This is not to imply that we are somehow responsible for becoming physionomistically objectified but rather that we need reappropriate our respective individual agency by means of creatively devised and sophisticatedly deployed ethico-aesthetic sociofluidity indeed. Rather than blaming oneself for suffering structural oppression needs one become cognizant that one is typically complicit in one’s own oppression and so by socio-intelligently deploying individual agency by means of artifistically designed sociofluidity may one commence breaking out of the matrix of physionomistic structural oppression indeed.

Sociofluidity thus needs become a mass social movement of feminist polymorphism for persons of all genders as committed to re-appropriating the glory and splendor of the structurally oppressed domain of the feminine, namely the irrationally repressed under the social terror of physionomistic ideological hegemony.

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