Epistemology of Deprivation

Heteroculture is the ideological hegemony of the psychology of sexual helplessness. What does this mean? It means that there is a phantasmatic, yet socially constructed structural gender barrier which is nevertheless social reality and which causes tremendous suffering of emotional deprivation in terms of both deficit in and relative absence of interpersonal intimacy for human persons of most genders.

As heterocultural females become increasingly frustrated with bizarrely structural heterocultural male social and sexual behaviors does galsex between heterocultural females become increasingly common and widespread indeed.

This deficit in intimacy is typically experienced asymmetrically by members of the gender social classes in patriarchal heteroculture. Males are socially conditioned to strive for coitus at almost any price other than breaking the law while females in typically having a very different sexual anatomy tend to be very interested in physically and psychologically more decentered interpersonal intimacy.

There is a male monopoly on violence in patriarchy which means that males are not physically fearful of females while females considering this patriarchal monopoly on violence tend to be fearful of casual sex with new male sexual partners due to completely and entirely justified fears of gendered and sexualized mistreatment. This means that males in heteroculture tend to very interested in and indeed eager for casual sex – while females in heteroculture in generally not being any less interested in casual sex and promiscuity are unable to live according to their desires due to generally justified fears of violence, rape, exploitation and becoming coerced into prostitution.

Males in in heteroculture experience tremendous frustration due to this structurally involuntary state of sexual non-accessibility on the part of females. In fact, patriarchal heteroculture socially conditions females to say no when they mean yes. That means that males are socially expected by females and by heteroculture generally to persuade females into sexual intimacy despite her initially saying no whether sincerely so or not. Heteroculture is thus a certain patriarchal culture of males not accepting female noes. Females in heteroculture in fact themselves expect to be persuaded after initial insincere noes on her part, meaning mutual imitation of behaviors of rape and prostitution. A sex worker certainly needs some “persuasion” and a rapist does not accept noes. While a prostitute wants money does the usual heterocultural female require a kiss as payment for later spreading her legs.

Heteroculture thus causes immense unhappiness for persons of all genders. Lesbians feel compelled not to primp so as avoid becoming heterosexually approached by heterocultural males. The LGBTQI community all over the world suffer persecution by police and police intelligence including by plainclothes police officers and undercover police intelligence operatives who systematically sexually and otherwise harass sexually attractive persons with overtly LGBTQI lifestyles. Most younger lesbians find it extremely difficult to find fellow female partners due to heterosocial hegemonic expectations of females being passive in terms of social initiation of relationships in public space.

Females in heteroculture feel compelled to almost solely have sex within so called “relationships”, a metaphor for usually unhappy subordination under male patriarchal scumbags due to justified female fears of becoming abused if living openly according to female intimate desires. Nearly all heterocultural males experience tremendous unhappiness and frustration due to female sexual abstinence in terms of avoiding casual sex. Gay men however risk becoming beaten up by heterocultural men and the police all over the world is extremely hostile to LGBTQI persons and will not treat their complaints seriously.

Of course feminists will usually as females generally not tell heterocultural men how to behave and so feminist complaints offer little to no guidance for heterocultural males since they are only told by feminists how to not behave but almost never told how to behave in terms of appropriately socially initiating and performing interpersonal intimacy. Gay men with active LGBTQI lifestyles usually do not suffer sexual deprivation as do nearly all heterocultural males and therefore do tend to lack the behavioral pathologies of heterocultural males as resulting from structural social incompetence and usually an experience of profound psychological frustration indeed.

It should thus be clear that heteroculture makes almost everyone unhappy, including patriarchal sexual exploitation in both patriarchal families and at patriarchal places of work in countries around the world. The solution is thus simply to not only socially abolish but also discursively fully discredit heteroculture as a form patriarchal structural prejudice and move ahead with creating new inclusive ethico-aesthetic feminist subcultures where participants can feel safe and secure beyond the mental tyranny and social terror of the atrocious abomination of heteroculture.

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