Ending Global Warming

The anatomy of the homo genus is very distinctly one of a herbivore genus. While many wrongly assume that humans are anatomic carnivores is the human anatomy fully herbivore indeed. The digestive system is fully herbivore as are the teeth and nails and so humans are physically unable to hunt any non-human animals other than insects and other very small animals without the use of tools. Tool use is well-documented among non-human species, including among non-human primates and is zoologically certainly not an indicator of zoological carnivorism. It is true however that it was the human adoption of certain forms of tool use that enabled the social invention of humans systematically murdering and enslaving fellow persons, both human animals and non-human persons. This initiated and propelled extensive processes of environmental destruction which have increasingly accelerated as beginning with the era of industrialism.


“Naturalization” is the social process of assuming that specific ethnocratic cultural behaviors are inherent rather than historically invented and socially constructed indeed. The device of naturalization is typically deployed in defense of abhorrent practices of physionomism (anti-body ideologies) and DOLP (discrimination, oppression, lies and prejudice) in order to justify the unjustifiable. Notions such as belief, culture, ideology, opinion, paradigm, philosophy, religion and the like are deployed in performing naturalization in thus attempting to legitimize physionomism and DOLP.

There are no legitimate arguments in defense of the continued systematic abuse, enslavement, exploitation, incarceration, rape (“insemination”), torment and mass murder of fellow persons for purposes of perceived human utility. Just as it is wrong when human Animals are victimized by such abhorrent practices is it no less wrong to subject non-human persons to such fully unwarranted violations of their respective unique individual personhood and bodily integrity.

The extensive and increasingly calamitous environmental consequences as caused by the agricultural revolution and the subsequent industrial revolution were all based on practices of direct/indirect enslavement of fellow persons – human and non-human – by means of deploying varying discursive practices to legitimize relative/absolute enslavement, including by exploiting poverty, hunger, fear and other emotions as with industrial employment in human societies in early stages of industrialization.

Enslavement is a spectrum of degree as can e.g. be observed in prostitution (i.e. non-voluntary sex work) where prostitution constitutes a spectrum of degree of coercion from the partially enslaved to the fully enslaved. E.g. by luring a 12-year old human girl to become addicted to heroin and subsequently use her addiction to prostitute her in the streets with the implicit consent of the corrupt police which all over the world extorts unpaid sexual services from prostitutes and sex workers alike, including with universal impunity from prostitutes below the age of consent. This is performed by one or more pimp prostituting her openly in the streets as this is commonly done openly even in liberal democracies with police and social services usually not even lifting a finger to protect a vulnerable person (person = agent of sentient cognition) from exploitation, enslavement and personal tragedy.

While enslavement of humans thus constitutes a spectrum from being “employed”, “married”, “legal minor”, “incarcerated” etc. to being the “property” of someone else (whether a physical or a corporation) is enslavement of non-human persons typically fully coercive although as varying on a wide spectrum of degree of brutality and violence (psychological/physical) in repugnant practices of coercion, subjection and enslavement of non-human persons.

As humans are anatomical herbivores is digestion of animal protein highly detrimental to human health as already documented in thousands of medical studies and the worldwide Animal Industry of Evil is indeed the main cause of environmental destruction. E.g. are rainforests in the Amazonas cut down primarily so as to grow fodder for the global Animal Industry of Evil which is thus indirectly the primary cause of mass species extinction globally. The Animal Industry of Evil is furthermore importantly the single most important cause of global warming.

The Holocaust had an industrial nature whose economy, infrastructure, logistics, propaganda and technology were largely copied from that of the already existing Animal Industry of Evil in essentially treating humans designated as non-humans in ways indeed highly similar to how actual non-human persons were already treated. For example do gas chambers remain pervasive in the Animal Industry of Evil in the industrialized mass murder of Mink persons and Pig persons in causing fully sentient persons a slow and most painful death indeed. Cruel execution methods (e.g. gassing, Shekhita throat cutting and captive bolt pistol) are typically justified as purported “anasthesia” in causing terrible suffering to billions of victims around the world of these heinous mass crimes. Indeed, the German Nazi regime acted quite similarly in misnaming cruel mass murder as purported “euthanasia”.

Nuremberg trials will clearly be needed in prosecuting and executing the offenders although clemency should be granted to those who conscientiously and timely changed sides. The Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg trials pointed out that they “followed orders” and “abided by law”, yet the Nuremberg trials ruled that this defense was inadmissible as they must have understood that their actions were nevertheless criminal in carrying out illegal orders and performing clearly criminal activities alike. Similarly should the mass criminals of the Animal Industry of Evil not be able to claim that they only “followed orders” or “followed law” as they have clearly been notified innumerable times of the intrinsically criminal nature of the Animal Industry of Evil and its abhorrent, indeed clinically evil practices of abuse, enslavement, exploitation, incarceration, rape (“insemination”), torment and mass murder of fellow persons for purposes of perceived human racial supremacist “utility”.

Yet it is important to understand that the systematic growing of plants currently also causes very significant environmental harm in both chemical and so called “organic” agriculture. Yet, the agro-industrial complex needs to focus exclusively on commercially viable mass growing of plants, including for producing high quality vegan meat products and high quality vegan dairy products as in fact already globally available on a vast scale and so needs horticulture become industrialized and move indoors into hermetically closed industrial facilities essentially constituting laboratory environments.

Industrialized vertical horticulture is already performed on commercially developed green walls as well as by means of hydroponics on multiple industrial floors above each, in hydroponics being the growing of plants in water without soil. Vertical horticulture need thus become performed indoors where light is fully controlled whether by lamps and mirrors distributing sunlight.

Horticulture needs become a closed industrial system that produces its own fertilizers and produces only high quality products without causing any environmental damage whatsoever. As already in veganic (“vegan-organic”) horticulture should vegetable materials be commercially used as fertilizers and so a clinically isolated horticultural industry needs therefore produce its own vegetable fertilizers and thus fully end all detrimental environmental impact. The use of robots instead of human workers will indeed minimize the risk of unintended intrusion of organisms such as pests and Insect persons.

By fully abolishing the Animal Industry of Evil worldwide and moving commercial horticulture indoors into clinically isolated highrise agro-industrial complexes as manned by robots and managed by computers will most economic risks in horticulture become eliminated indeed. To the degree that industrial horticulture is hermetically, indeed clinically isolated from surrounding environments will there be little to no risks of pests and so will Insect persons and other free Animals also not cause economic harm to clinically isolated industrial horticulture.

This in turn will allow for reforesting much of the territorial surface of Planet Earth in thus fully halting global warming indeed since forests are particularly effective in absorbing emissions of greenhouse gasses. Restoring natural forests worldwide as increasingly eliminated by the agricultural/industrial revolutions is a formidable scientific and logistical task indeed as this does not only require planting trees but also reintroducing numerous other species in what are actually their own historical environments.

Furthermore needs automobile streets, roads and highways be moved underground by simple digging and covering with simple concrete structures and digged up materials. Self-driven cars need become universally abolished and supplanted with underground traffic arteries of self-driving vehicles and speeds can become extremely significantly increased in moving by thousands of km/h. Since both underground traffic arteries and self-driving vehicles will be carefully designed will road deaths and traffic accidents virtually end and so will save the lives of innumerable human Animals and non-human persons alike. The transition to fully electric vehicles will need batteries as operated on advanced nano-technologies rather than as of now on extensive use of expensive metals whose extraction from mines causes extensive environmental harm, including significant emissions of greenhouse gasses.

There are already many excellent forms of bio-degradable plastics and so plastics should no more be produced from fossil petroleum but instead from horticultural crops as grown in hermetically isolated indoors industrial facilities with everything produced wherein sustainably used for something else and hence fully eliminating the detrimental environmental structural impact indeed.

Industries using materials causing environmental or other harm need shift to existing and future materials that carry little to no harmful environmental impact. This means that not only need the use of materials/ingredients of animal origin become full eliminated but environmentally harmful materials/ingredients generally need all be fully outlawed and where materials of equivalent or better quality do not yet exist is thus extensive publicly funded ethical research and development needed indeed.

All forms of unsustainable energy need become outlawed with solar energy becoming the main form of energy production worldwide. The sale and distribution of unethical products, meaning products partly or entirely produced in ways causing harm to persons and/or the living environment need become forbidden under international law. The use of synthetic chemicals and the use of genetically modified organisms although not intrinsically unethical – is indeed often unethical (e.g. unnecessarily toxic household products and animal persons genetically modified for human exploitation) and so applications and practices harming persons and the living environment need simply become outlawed under international law. This means that legislation will become extremely simplified for entrepreneurs and corporate commercial enterprises alike in the current paragraphic jungle becoming supplanted by simple and easily intelligible highly ethical principles of axiomatic law as applied globally indeed. All production of low-quality products should indeed become outlawed under axiomatic law.

All unethical industrial practices (i.e. harming persons and/or the living environment) need become criminalized by default under axiomatic law and so needs the best-choice principle become legislated indeed under international law, meaning that mistreating others and harming the living environment for economic gain need become criminalized indeed. Those who made unethical investments will need to sell now or accept their losses.

As we are on the verge of entering the technologic and economic era of Virtual Reality (VR) will virtually all tasks not requiring intelligent subjective emotions become supplanted by increasingly advanced technologies. As technologies become increasingly non-physical (e.g. file sharing) will replication (3D printers are an early replication technology) supplant factories as even 3D printers will be printed out by other 3D printers.

The coming of VR means the effective end of the era of Capitalism as permanent employment will increasingly cease to exist and humans will only be economically needed for emotionally advanced tasks such as innovation, visionary leadership, entrepreneurship, teamwork, empathy, deconstruction and of course consumption as virtually all other tasks will be carried out at a much lower cost by increasingly advanced technology indeed.

The judicial system in being a reformed Para-Christian leftover from the medieval historical period needs not merely become further reformed but paragraphic law needs become fully supplanted by ethico-political axiomatic law in a constant process of ethico-political legislative development. National parliament needs become divided into two directly elected chambers, one chamber tasked with legislating axiomatic law and the other tasked with economic issues concerning budgets, taxation, spending etc.

As economic history is propelled by technology no less than by ideology need we proactively embrace this new economic and technologic era rather than let ourselves become overwhelmed by cataclysmic global recession and environmental calamity forcing the transition to VR, 3D printers, sustainable materials, plant-based nutrition, solar energy, artificial uteri etc.

Virtually all the technologies needed for this fundamental, all-compassing global change are already readily available as indeed developed to varying degrees in the green and vegan industries which in fact are the most profitable commercial sectors worldwide. The international system is however pervasively dysfunctional and so is – albeit to a varyingly lesser degree – the current nation states themselves.

We need a global legislative parliament where all citizens of all liberal democratic open societies irrespective of age will be fully entitled to vote. All liberal democracies should constitute one single electoral district and elections should take place by proportionate personal election, meaning that the parliamentary voting power of the elected representative will be relative to how many votes s/he received in the elections with an upper limit of percentage of parliamentary voting power where s/he would not be able to receive further votes in that particular election. Waste of votes need become eliminated by means of secondary votes, tertiary votes etc. in case the primary choice fails to become elected. Every voter should have one thousand votes for each electoral choice which s/he would be able to divide (or not divide) in any manner that she so prefers. The global parliament rather than national governments should legislate international law and constituting such a global democratic parliament will enable kickstarting the process of ending global warming and ethico-politically resolve the other global problems as well by means of axiomatic law and implementation of serially verified ethico-political social innovation indeed.