End of Heterosexualism

Planet EarthThe current genetic state of Humanity is certainly simply most deplorable. The average genotypic global IQ is increasingly approaching IQ 80. The suffering caused by pathological males due to overproduction of testosterone is gargantuan as caused both between fellow Human Animals and against non-Human Persons “legally” denied their intrinsic and inherent individual personhood.

Therefore this tragic so called “humanity” certainly requires comprehensive social and genetic cleanup, although in accordance the liberal-democratic value system minus the human supremacist component. This requires a four-pronged universal social and genetic strategy.

First Level

Current boys and males producing too much testosterone need to be subjected to compulsory hormonal treatment so as reduce their respective levels of production of testosterone to socially and behaviorally acceptable levels.

Human males, both boys and men need to be trained to enjoy homoerotic sex so as solve the pervasive human sex deficit that is sublimated into so many severe human social and behavioral problems. This should also be compulsory as indeed “heterosexualism” needs to be recognized as a mental disorder that requires social behavioral training. Females too should be given social behavioral training in enjoying homoerotic sex although their psychological thresholds are typically much lower as homophobia is a mental condition that tends to be associated with excessive production of testosterone.

Although the statistical degree of attraction (social, physical and sexual) to various perceived “categories” can be psychometrically measured, no one is heterosexual if the person of “the same sex” is perceived as sufficently extremely attractive. Thus, the mental pathology of heterosexism lessens with increasing aesthetic levels.

Second Level

The Human gene pool requires comprehensive improvement through eugenic polygyny and a female-to-male 95/5 ratio among human births, including by changing chromosomal sex on early embryos. The average human genotypic IQ therefore needs to be drastically raised through such measures to average genotypic IQ 200 and that means a world where being a genius becomes the human norm.

Third Level

Functionally bisexual eugenic harems of different kinds need to be established around the world and should increasingly supplant other forms of human society, including ordinary eugenic polygyny. However, only geniuses and genetically qualified descendants of theirs are suitable for having eugenic harems around them. Eugenic harems should be about controlled breeding for genius, largely using geniuses themselves and genetically suitable descendants of theirs, including through systematic eugenic inbreeding of every kind.

The science and genetics of inbreeding through incest is extremely well-known and well-established through Human controlled breeding among non-Human Persons. The risk for homozygosity causing hereditary genetic disorders certainly always exists in all Human and other Animal procreation but the genetic risks concerning genetic incest are typically culturally extremely exaggerated, especially as eugenic inbreeding should be combined with appropriate genetic modification. If the popular cultural conception concerning the perceived genetic risks of genetic incest were to be taken seriously, then only marriage between different human species ought to be allowed so to thus minimize the risk of genetic disorders being caused by homozygosity.

Also there will be plenty of genetic diversity which is eugenically important. With a future human planetary population of 10 billion (almost only females) would there be room for one hundred thousand feminist eugenic harems with ten thousand inhabitants each.

The Harem Sovereign would be styled Prince or Princess Regent as indeed individually preferred. Their many spouses would become Princess Consorts. As most young girls dream about marrying the Prince of their Dreams so will this become possible as almost every girl well get to marry the Prince of her Dreams and indeed herself become a princess indeed.

Fourth Level

Space colonization is very feasible indeed and technological solutions are not in any way technologically unfeasible. However, the current pathological natures of so called “humanity” means that space colonization must be reserved for the genetic elite only as the current human pathology cannot be allowed to uncontrollably spread and infect this universe. Although there is an almost infinite number of planets in this universe that are suitable for space colonization, this must not be allowed to take place in an uncontrolled manner but needs to be most carefully planned and with extremely high ethical standards indeed.

Already inhabited planets must not ever be visited by Humans Animals or other Earthlings because the consequences may quite possibly be disastrous in spreading contagious diseases that are harmless to humans but could with unacceptable likelihood lead to rapid mass extinction for life forms on other planets. Also, humans infected by extraterrestrial bacteria may themselves inadvertently cause delayed mass extinction on Earth.

Private corporations must not ever be allowed to own planets, moons, asteroids etc. Rather, every human country on Earth should eventually be given a planet of its own. However this simply is completely inappropriate, indeed intolerable as long as the human genome tragically remains in its current most deplorable state. Careful planning of space colonization therefore needs to be founded on sound democratically eugenic thinking and rigorous science indeed.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.