Emancipation of Legal Minors

Why have legal minors not become emancipated? What are conceivably the excuses for not emancipating legal minors? Are there any valid reasons for not emancipating legal minors? What does it mean to be a legal minor in epistemological, ontological, physiognomistic and teleological terms?


The term patriarchy etymologically denotes dual oppression of age and gender. Yet feminists have for the most part only dared to attack the gender part of the patriarchal equation.

Why is this so? Because sexual child abuse is pervasive and organized in the patriarchal intelligence world and the patriarchal scumbags who run the patriarchal intelligence world wish to continue to sexually abuse/exploit women, children, youth, LGBTQI persons and animal persons. Since sexually abusing children is the norm if the rapidly shrinking patriarchal intelligence will these scumbags persecute any political advocacy that threatens the order of ageist structural oppression.

To advocate for the rights and liberties of legal minors is a civil rights struggle of immense proportions. Legal minors deserve civil rights and civil liberties for the same reason that Animals do, namely that legal minors are entitled to exercise whatever freedom and liberty which are capable of exercising. This means that a Cow person in principle should be legally entitled to vote but will not be able to exercise that right and the same should apply to toddlers.

What if one day a Chimpanzee person and Toddler person of similar IQ were to rise in the morning and declare: “Today is election day and today shall I exercise my right to vote!” Shall they do so? The answer is yes, yes and yes if they so decide. They shall do so as the question as to whether they ought do so is a matter of individual choice. How is a seventeen-year any less cognitively competent the day before her eighteenth birthday than the day after?

Discrimination on the basis of age is no less despicable indeed reprehensible than discrimination on the basis of color or gender. How is this so? The psychological process is the same in the sense that structural oppressors seek to continue to disenfranchise persons on the basis of stigmatizating the person on the basis of assigned social constructed physionomistic category rather than on the basis of scientifically measurable cognitive capacity by means of the rather strict psychological science of psychometrics. Physionomism is pseudo-science and physionomistic categories are are not holistic wholesomes but rather attempts to describe very particular traits.

Let us bring up the bring up the question of race. There was the European colonial assumption that human beings could be described by color. It was assumed that East Asians were yellow, that indigenous peoples of the Western hemispher were red and that Mediterranean peoples had olive-colored skin. The problem with this assumption is that these colors only appear with tanning. Let us bring up the example the Oromo people of the self-governing region of Oromia in southern Ethiopia. Let us consider the genotypical so called called color of skin of Oromos. Oromos in Europe have significantly lighter skin that Oromos in Ethiopia and this is so for the simple reason that most Oromos genetically “look” significantly darker while tanned than without. A person who looks “colored” (i.e. brown) while untanned may thus look “black” if tanned.

This of course is not imply that there is no need for proper zoological classification of human diversity by subspecies and species as there is indeed tremendous zoological diversity in the Homo genus with many species and many subspecies. Yet we need consider in what sense that such classification of human beings in multiple species and multiple subspecies is relevant at all? It is relevant in terms of providing proper scientific basis for the study of human diversity in medical as well as in psychometric terms so as to provide optimal medical and psychological services to the individual person. It also relevant in ensuring optimal functional individualization of society in every way necessary including psychometrically so.

But this is no reason to apply arbitrary criteria to deploy more or less baseless physionomistic categories for political purposes without individual relevance. This has zero democratic legitimacy. This violates the right and liberties of the individual. Discriminatory discrimination generally is thus a scourge, including particularly as based on physionomistic categories. Physionomism is pure evil and thus lacks any democratic legitimacy whatsoever.

Let us now investigate the physionomistic category of legal minors. It is indeed a physionomistic category but what scientific basis or merit is there in lumping newborns with seventeen-year olds? None whatsoever as physionomistic categories are presented as wholesome holistic units for physionomistic political purposes of perpetuation of stuctural oppression in cultural hegemomy, namely pure evil.

These laws are invalid and must be overturned in violating every codified national constitution. There is no scientific or constitutional basis for pervasive age discrimination. What need is there to withhold the right to vote from a Spider person? If a teenager passes a final driving exam what legitimate reason is there to deny that very FULL PERSON a driver’s license?

Why are persons below a certain arbitrary age, usually age eighteen denied the right to divorce their parents? Children are in state of involuntary “platonic” marriage with their parents who hide their erotic attraction for their own children. Yes nearly all parents are more or less strongly erotically attracted to their children. Sexual repression is sexual abuse as truly traumatizing for the young individual. Why should they be forced to remain in what is typically more or less captivity in platonic marriage with persons whom they do not necessarily wish to be married and who may be very mean, abusive and otherwise structurally oppressive without violating law? This is surely a most pertinent question indeed.

This state of captivity is mutually parasitical and therefore evil. While it has many a times been argued that oppression is legitimate due to being widespread is this not a legitimate argument. At royal courts did parents not sublimate their sexual emotions towards their children as having sex with one’s own children was the norm and any kind of prejudice was rightly considered lowly and despicable as children were treated like adults, namely in accordance with individual cognitive capacity. This is the historical reason why it is tragically considered legitimate in the patriarchal intelligence world to systematically sexually abuse children. Yet the patriarchal intelligence world is precisely about upholding structural oppression/prejudice of every kind including pervasive and organized sexual abuse of children in the patriarchal intelligence world.

Equality is not about pretending that everyone is identical but rather upholding cognitive equality. What does this mean? It means that 1) non-discrimination, namely not applying non-relevant criteria in selection and 2) treating others equally in application of relevant criteria. What does this mean? It means that equality means being treated equally in accordance with strictly relevant criteria and nothing else. That is equality and without equality is there no basis for justice whatsoever and injustice will ensue.

Who is a person? A person is a sentient agent of cognition, meaning an organism with agency of experience. Personhood is inviolable but what does this mean? Does it mean that that it is impermissible to kill under all circumstance? Rather does this mean that others must not needlessly be caused pain as suffering is not only neurological but cognitive indeed. It is not only the foot that aches but this pain is experienced by the brain.

Rights and liberties must be exercised and applied without regard for physionomistic category. PHYSIONOMISM IS A CRIME AGAINST THE CONSCIENCE OF HUMANITY AS IS STRUCTURAL OPPRESSION GENERALLY.

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