Economy of Gender

Phallocentrism is everywhere in patriarchal culture including in structural economic relations. This of course has been ignored by superstitiously numerological patriarchal economic science and hence the need to clean up economic science from unthinking carno-phallogocentric assumptions.

Please note the phallic arrow and the penile comparative measurement as both pervading business conceptual thinking. It needs also be noted that career women universally have little choice but to make themselves sexually available to usually male superiors in order to get promoted within the corporate business world and that this is largely so in the public sector as well. This is well illustrated by the prostitution poses in the image above. Wives of businessmen invariably have little actual choice but to act “hostess” and make themselves sexually available through so called “representation” to male potential/actual business partners of her husband. This is so as rich men usually marry women who marry for money which means that such wives make themselves sexually at all times in return for an economically comfortable lifestyle. It needs be emphasized that successfull businessmen are usually trained intelligence operatives and that wives are usually former or part-time intelligence prostitutes. As luxury sex workers “lose economic value” as they age do they usually seek a wealthy customer to “marry”.

What are the original meanings of two basic numbers of zero and one? “0” is a vaginal symbol while “1” is phallic symbol. Considering that gender ideology is so fundamental to mathemathics is it essential to discover mathemathical possibilities as hitherto made invisible by premises of unthinking carnophallogentric assumptions.

Then what are “supply and demand”? “Supply” are female bodies and “demand” is male desire for female bodies. It is interesting that both thoroughly kleptocratic Communist planned state capitalism and liberal capitalism are both economies of shortage whereby envious persons structurally desire that which they do not have. Of course it is primarily although not exclusively men who perform economic behavior of envy. When men typically desire women’s bodies without desiring their respective psychologies does this not only constitute objectification but furthermore structural male envy of women which is curious considering that it is no less physically possible for men for perform primping and artistically design personal gender although of course it is virtually socially impossible due to pervasive plainclothes harassment by police intelligence agents against androgenic person who are visibly primped.

The economy of shortage is curious considering that there is no shortage of ideas, yet economic ideologies promote structural oppression so as to enslave the masses in the furtherance of economic interests of elites whereby most persons are supposed to be employees rather innovators and entrepreneurs. The system of education is particularly destructive in this regard in systematically ruining usually wild and spontaneous children and turning them into human modules and human machines. Of course such tasks are far better performed by machines and the technology is now so advanced that nearly all menial tasks can become automatized.

We need thus leave the masculinist mindset of the economy of shortage, exploitation, domination and structural oppression for it is rapidly being superseded by technologically powered forces of economic history.

Rather need we conceive of an economy where supply is liberated. How is this done? Just as “the supply” of female bodies needs become sexually liberated by ending patriarchal practices of sexual repression, and sexual harassment as well as oppressive practices of patriarchal heteroculture generally such as structurally misogynous monogamism is it no less essential that we liberate the supply of ideas of conceptual innovation, social innovation and technological innovation.

This means that we need create systems for developing nascent ideas into innovation, products, services, community etc. Let us for a moment take a comparative look at political parties in liberal democracies and ask ourselves what these are about. Political parties of course serve many purposes but the primary purpose in conceptual terms is 1) to pick up ideas, 2) process ideas and 3) ensure their implementation. The hierarchy of a political party is supposed to scrutinize and thoroughly discuss ideas in preparing ideas for potential eventual implementation. This of course is all well and laudable and the problem is rather that this kind of system is one of systemic bullying that bureaucratically kills nearly all ideas whether good, mixed or bad. Academic systems for providing research funding works the same way in killing nearly all worthy ideas in systemically preferring stale thinking of genre, paradigm, narrative, system etc. over innovation.

Human society therefore needs be reorganized into a world of creative chaos for concept development and needs it be added, one which is able to pick up and develop worthy concepts as opposed to suppressing them.

It is precisely this economy of masculinist suppression as oppressing the structurally repressed spontaneous and ethical domain of the feminine in preference of idiotic stale systems of jealousy as reproducing the oppressive psychological system of economy of shortage. Current systems of conceptual suppression are populated by sexually deprived men who become instinctually jealous of conceptual innovation of others.

Current systems of education need be disbanded in favor of creating an age-neutral accelerator economy with high-tech free-to-use virtual platforms for entrepreneurship which will obviate much of the need for risk capital. How will this look like?

Imagine if you have an idea for a physical product. Then you need an advanced imaging program that can develop and in virtual terms realize the idea. The imaging program of course needs be very easy to use and of course VR and brain-computer interface are far more suitable for this purpose than is a keyboard as designed in the image of Roman semiotics,.

Second is there need for marketplaces with effective search motors where conceptual products can reach those who need these solutions. Once a product has been designed in the VR imaging program can it be brought into the market. How is this done?

The other economic side of VR are 3D printers which is a nascent replication technology. With 3D printers present in every home may the consumer instantly download the newly designed virtual product and simply print it out. 3D printers are a particularly effective in recycling technology as no longer needed products can, should, ought and must be used as material for printing out yet further products. For example will yesterday’s clothes be used for printing out today’s clothes in therefore obviating the need for washing clothes. An already downloaded design can therefore be used many times for printing out the same design on different days.

Rather than an economy of structural oppression where the feminine domain of spontaneity and initiative as typical typical of seven-year old is idiotically structurally repressed by patriarchal social institutions of nearly every kind need we open up the economy of supply in creating systems for idea enhancement & development whereby nearly all worthy ideas are picked up for enhancement, development and implementation.

Let us once more compare with gender relations. Imagine if women did not have to live in fear of patriarchy and patriarchal sexual terror. How would this change women’s lives? First would most women become promiscuous, polyamorous or “open”. Promiscuity is for those who have sex without social commitment, polyamory is the practice of consensual non-monogamy and open relationship is the practice of sexually non-exclusive relationship, meaning relationship as avoiding hypocrisy. This would effectively end the male state of sexual deprivation. Once males are taught and trained to internalize that perfect erotic socio-eroric facilitates female sexual access as considering that nearly all heterocultural females become instantly sexual aroused by perfection in socio-erotic behavior will they become very receptive to receiving feminist Social Behavior Training (SBT) in order so as to help them transition to constructive behaviors with happy outcomes for all.

This is also true of economic relations as once you free individual talent and innovative initiative from oppressive structures of hierarchic miseducation; discredit and disband the psychological economy of shortage and undo the structural oppression of the human individual in ethnocratic patriarchy does this open up for unlimited supply as already in the digitized economy of sharing files, programs etc.

In the Internet economy is the current predominant business model that of offering 80% for free and provide a pay-for “premium” service for the remaining 20%. In the futuristic replication economy as described above will you be able to download design for almost anything for free and with pervasive creative chaos will it only be possible to charge money for really very new designs and only new designs should be protected by intellectual property legislation.

In this economy of VR will there also be many sex programs where it will be possible to perform sex with avatars, both avatars that are purely technological and avatars representing real interaction between two or human persons.

The task is thus to structurally liberate the structurally suppressed and psychologically repressed domain of the feminine from structural oppression. This applies to sex no less than to economice. The field of feminist economics need advance from as of now mostly mere critique to performing advanced conceptual innovation, advanced social innovation and advanced technological innovation.

It needs be underscored that patriarchal economic science is a thoroughly carnophallogocentric pseudo-science as based on superstitutious numerology and fallacious naturalization of structural oppression of every kind.

Feminist economics rather needs take over all fields of economic science from the phallocentric scumbags who currently dominate it in them having elevated vice into pseudo-virtue for the purpose of in every way possible serving the cause of structural oppression against persons (whether against human Animals or against non-human persons) as well as promotion of environmental degradation.

Feminist economics therefore needs become an applied economic science as we indeed need as many applied economic sciences as possible, the more the better!

Technology and feminism are the two primary factors that will help us leave the nefarious economy of envy in shortage in favor of the the creative chaos of loving spontaneity of the feminist economy of abundance whether in the realm of carnal love or in the realm of economic relations.