Economy of Discrimination

discrimination is stupid
Discrimination on the basis of age is just as evil and irrational as discrimination on the basis of gender or taxon (race/subspecies, species etc.) This is true irrespective of whether the discrimination is formal or informal.

Most of the economically developed world suffers structural exclusion of majority of citizens from the labor market.

Economically developed liberal democracies around the world tend to be socially stratified in ways which structurally, artificially and indeed prejudicially so unnecessarily excludes large parts of the human national population – even the majority of human national citizens – from gainful participation in productive economic life. However, this very unsustainable economic predicament is not limited to structural exclusion of certain genetic minorities & persons with diagnosed (and undiagnosed) functional limitations as construed on the unfounded basis of Eurocentric Humanist idealization (also known as carno-phallogocentrism).

Both junior citizens & senior citizens are consistently and indeed structurally so treated separately on the basis of the abstracted, yet effectively arbitrary bureaucratic construct of chronological age rather than on the basis of individual cognitive capacity as e.g. may be individually psychometrically measured. This very kind of hegemonic arbitrary group discrimination but on the basis of human sex and intra-human taxa has long since been publically discredited in most economically developed liberal-democratic nations of open society. Few would openly accept enforced institutional segregation against particular intra-human taxa on the explicit basis of average measured cognitive group difference, yet this is precisely what is done under Age Apartheid on the largely unfounded, severely over-generalized basis of the arbitrary bureaucratic construct of chronological age.

There are currently two main approaches to youth difference. (a) First there is the predominant, hegemonic ageist adult supremacist approach of privileging differences between stereotypical working adults and stereotypical junior citizens. (b) Second, there is the approach of the US Youth Rights Movement; specifically the National Youth Rights Association (NYRA) and Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions (ASFAR) which reversely privileges similarities between some legal adults and some junior citizens. (c) However, there is a third possible political avenue of privileging cognitive diversity among not only human junior citizens, but among persons generally, Human and non-Human.

The scientifically unfounded hysteria as regards certain (1) unjustly stigmatized inter-generational sexual configurations of forbidden sexual mixing – whose infamous etiology of pervasive harm is both unproven and disproven – serves indeed to ideologically fortify the very economically dysfunctional Apartheid of Age. The modern anti-intergenerational virgin-protection hysteria towards purported intergenerational forbidden sexual mixing is socially and structurally very similar indeed to both (2) honor-based social deterrence/retribution against purported family-wise forbidden sexual mixing in Islamdom and (3) historical hysteria climaxing in inter-taxonomic lynching often explicitly or implicitly on the basis of either purported taxonomic forbidden sexual mixing or purported attempts whereto in the historical American South. It is generally presumed that criminalized sexual act are traumatizing when the quantitative evidence is simply not there, including with regard to same-generational rape in the absence of severe physical violence.

This very oppressive global anthropological structure of phantasmatic sexual semiotic contamination of which there are many more anthropological cases in different human cultures in countries around the world serves/served indeed a central political role for these three highly oppressive societal phenomena amounting to a very particular type of structural anti-body prejudice. None of this changes what should be the obvious fact that genuine sexual abuse is found in all types of sexual configurations involving at least one human person, including certainly most prominently of all within same-generational conventional religious marriage and that sexual abuse can lead to traumatization if severe violence is involved irrespective of the categorization of those involved.

The sexual so called “age of consent” diverges among the 28 liberal-democratic constituent member states of the European Union from 14 years of chronological age in in many member states to 18 years of chronological age in Malta. All other 26 EU member states have sexual ages of consent of 14, 15, 16 or 17 years of chronological age.

14: Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain

15: Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden

16: Belgium, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom

17: Cyprus, Ireland

18: Malta

These divergent sexual chronological age limits are not only all apparently extremely arbitrary & constitute manifest age prejudice considering the existing vast sexual cognitive diversity among junior citizens – but are also part of a culturally European, superficially modern form of contemporary vicious honor culture. Each EU member state along with invariably sexually unthinking mass media usually uncritically & quasi-religiously venerates its own national sexual age limit as if it were even somehow divinely predetermined below all hence lumped diverse intergenerational human sexual relations are thus arbitrarily, without distinction discursively branded as somehow automatically semiotically contaminating. No one even bothers to attempt to explain according to what mystical metaphysical essence intergenerational sexual relations are somehow mystically different from same-generational sexual relations.

In Islamdom, vicious honor culture is infamously founded on misogynistic gender prejudice while in White Christendom – structurally comparable contemporary hegemonic “honor culture” is generally founded on the vastly overgeneralized, arbitrary bureaucratic construct of chronological age which obfuscates so much cognitive diversity among persons of all ages. This of course serves to politically legitimize the continued disenfranchisement of citizens below the chronological age of 18 irrespective of their individual ability to responsibly exercise civil rights such as the right to vote.

However, severe structural economic shortcomings of economically mature liberal democracies require ending not only the structural exclusion from the labor market of certain genetic minorities among national citizens and those national citizens considered functionally limited from the perspective of Eurocentric Humanist idealization; but requires indeed also ending the structural exclusion of junior citizens & senior citizens from the same labor market. This means ending that detrimental, unethical and irrational Age Apartheid which so tragically and unnecessarily continues to structurally stifle economic growth in economically developed open societies. Rather, junior citizens & senior citizens capable of working gainfully at least part-time should indeed do so, including as determined on the basis of individually psychometrically measured cognitive capacity irrespective of stereotypical, misleading ageist misperception towards individual members of human national age cohorts.

In Sweden there is a system of reconsidering disability pension every three years to look into anew whether it could potentially now become possible to reintegrate such retired non-seniors into the labor market. However, the ethico-politically and economically required solution is to fully end and even retroactively revoke all automatic chronological retirement – which with an increasingly growing population of able retired seniors is really one gargantuan Ponzi scheme – and thus restrict the granting of retirement pension to those requiring medical retirement, including as due to functionally relevant biological ageing.

Whether particular individual citizens should indeed be granted either new or continued medical retirement pension – either full-time or else part-time to varying percentual degree – should rather be determined by medically highly specialized new medical courts of justice which would individually in each case determine whether and to what degree a specific person should indeed be granted medical retirement pension. This should generally be reconsidered at the very latest by a highly specialized medical court of justice every three years subsequent to thus granted medical retirement pension. There is absolutely no valid reason whatsoever why able senior citizens capable of working gainfully – whether full-time or part-time – should be paid in order so as to completely refrain from working gainfully. Also, those medically needing part-time retirement should be given tax deductions on earned income rather than payment of pensions. Private pension schemes should be legally and economically strongly discouraged.

The officers of highly specialized medical courts of justice should simultaneously be highly specialized jurists & specialized medical doctors, each in their own very narrow field of medical specialization. The thus specifically trained juridico-medical officers of each specialized medical court of justice should whenever cognitively feasible themselves be persons also diagnosed with medical conditions within or at least very near and/or akin in experience to their own spectrum of medical specialization so as to ensure both appropriate professional empathy & appropriate professional subjectivity. A medically highly specialized medical court of justice should examine and meet the citizen in person who if possible should be physically present during most of the medical court proceedings. If the citizen is incapable of coming to the court, then the court should come to the citizen. There should obviously also be medical appeals courts.

Legal proceedings in more than one medically specialized medical court of justice with partly joint medical court sessions will undoubtedly be required in many cases where the patient has more than one legally relevant medical condition. Joint sessions of different relevant courts will thus be required. Citizens should therefore no longer be provided with pension payouts on the basis of that arbitrary bureaucratic abstraction of chronological age which obscures so much economically valuable cognitive diversity and increasingly serves to ruin the national economy in so many economically developed liberal democracies by undermining the confidence of the international markets in most economically developed liberal democracies. A high degree of medical specialization among medical courts of justice will not only ensure equality under law, but will also in most individual cases ensure streamlined, rapid court procedure.

Yet it is the very fact that persons with diagnosed (and undiagnosed) perceived functional limitations are largely structurally excluded from the labor market which indeed would seem to pose a most formidable structural obstacle to reintegration of retired senior citizens into the labor market since many senior citizens are indeed medically functionally limited to varying degrees as compared to the illusory Eurocentric Humanist idealization. This is certainly so as employers tend to unconsciously – and of course entirely irrationally – presume that human persons with medical functional limitations are generally incompetent in essentially all respects and thus comprehensively “unfit” for employment.

Humanist supremacist society takes a structurally comparable view of non-Human persons who in the sense as being functionally distinctive from illusory Eurocentric Humanist idealization are invariably considered cognitively incompetent and even “cognitively invalid” in the sense as officially being considered legal sub-persons akin to the ideological and legal status of Untermenschen in Nazi Europe. Pre-birth Humans are not even counted as citizens and are not even legally recognized as physical persons as they are considered outside of the matrix of years of birth age altogether and are also legally and practically treated as sub-persons and are routinely murdered on the basis of mere convenience as is also done in the Animal industry.

Therefore, leadership diversity training as geared towards integrating into the labor market, human national citizens capable of working gainfully at least part-time, yet who are considered ethnically and/or functionally “limited” from the perspective of unfounded Eurocentric Humanist idealization – will thus indirectly also serve to help integrate into the labor market not only able senior citizens but capable junior citizens as well. Furthermore, employers (excepting NGOs) without appropriate statistical diversity among their employees as regards categories structurally excluded from the labor market should be dealt with through sufficiently severe, punitive taxation relative to the statistical degree of structural exclusion. Such punitive, proportional taxation will certainly make structural labor market discrimination most unprofitable and that will undoubtedly help resolve most of the problem with illegal structural exclusionary discrimination in the labor market. However, none of this should be confused with Communist and Communist-style demands for eradication of all statistical differences in socio-economic outcome among “same-age” fellow citizens.

Computerized online, anonymized, extremely detailed psychometric matching needs to be comprehensively introduced for the labor market in economically developed liberal-democratic nations of open society so as thus vastly improve matching between open job positions and job seekers. This means that job seekers will need to spend much less time contacting employers as this will be mostly automatized and will also help significantly lessen the average individual period of unemployment. It will also help save time for employers who will not have to spend nearly as much time reading job applications. Computerized online, anonymized, extremely detailed psychometric matching in the labor market will certainly also very much help those unnecessarily structurally excluded from the labor market since this advanced matching would focus solely on relevant factors and will thus not perpetuate unnecessary structural exclusion from the labor market.

Maintaining an ageist economy of irrational Age Apartheid where only a minority of the human national citizenry work gainfully and the remaining human majority of national citizens merely consume thanks to gainfully working citizens who in many economically developed liberal democracies pay very high Age Apartheid Taxation – is not exactly a sound model for maintaining either a viable national economic system or an ethico-politically intelligent and sustainable welfare state. This governmental Ponzi scheme system of very irrational, automatized chronological retirement has remained in place, despite today’s 60 year-olds and 65 year-olds of many economically developed liberal democracies generally being several decades biologically younger than were the 60 year-olds and the 65 year-olds of the time when most current national chronological ages of retirement were instituted in these same countries many decades ago in the 20th century. This may in part be explained by the very fact that many top political decision-makers tend to find themselves in relative proximity in terms of chronological age to what in their individual cases tend to be very economically attractive terms for automatized retirement so they tend to have indeed a particularly strong vested economic interest in perpetuating this very economic pathology.

The actual economic situation is even more ruinous than indicated by the respective officially mandated national ages of automatic chronological retirement since the new retirees in economically developed liberal democracies are only in their fifties in terms of average chronological age. Many formerly working citizens become eligible for disability pension because for too many decades they worked with the same types of repetitive tasks, thus becoming permanently neurologically impaired. The ratio of working citizens becoming permanently neurologically disabled due to working for too many years with the same or related physical tasks can be significantly reduced by making it illegal to have someone work more than 15 years in a particular kind of physical routine which in statistically significant terms is known to generate neurological degradation. Working conditions must thus also structurally change so as to permit and indeed fully enable the longest possible individual lifespan participation in gainfully working life.

The very fact that many citizens (including typically many working fathers) relatively speaking spend far too much time working most weeks – poses in economically developed advanced democracies indeed a most formidable obstacle to increased consumption and constitutes thus one severe impediment to future economic growth as gainfully working citizens in the future will need far more time to consume so as to allow for sufficient future economic growth in economically developed nations of open society. It is patently absurd and very much economically counter-productive that those who have sufficient time for increased consumption largely cannot afford it since they do not work gainfully (or are part-time unemployed), yet those who work gainfully and can afford increased consumption largely do not have sufficient time for many such forms of increased consumption.

Bringing unnecessarily and prejudicially structurally excluded national demographic segments into the national labor market will substantially decrease the need for government taxation so correspondingly shortening the official week of labor will not adversely affect individual buying power of working citizens since government taxation will decrease correspondingly thanks to much reduced public spending with the abolition of Age Apartheid. Shortening the official week of labor will crucially afford working citizens more time and opportunity to also engage in initially part-time entrepreneurship. All this will be enabled by the very economic fact that on a hypothetical day one the totality of consumption and the totality of production will each remain unchanged while ensuring drastically lower taxation and much more personal time available for children, consumption, democracy, entrepreneurship, family, grandchildren, grandparents, innovation, marriage, parents and volunteer work.

However, mere simplistically raising the automatized chronological age of retirement to seventy five years of chronological age as is increasingly advocated would simply transfer much of the current Age Apartheid spending on chronologically automatized pensions to instead drastically expanded government spending on unemployment/welfare benefits and would thus create very substantially increased unemployment among younger adults without actually lowering very high Age Apartheid Taxation. Thus, mere substantially raising the official age of retirement would simply perpetuate the current economically unsustainable structural predicament where in many economically developed liberal democracies those working gainfully constitute a mere minority of human national citizens. It would thus also serve to proliferate the existing problem suffered by many citizens below the official chronological retirement age who are diagnostically considered healthy but do nevertheless in fact have reduced individual work capacity due to diagnostically non-pathological individual biological ageing.

The fact that some citizens (including some senior citizens) may physically work at a somewhat slower pace than yet other citizens is not an economic problem if salaries and taxes for those working citizens in such job positions are adjusted accordingly without decreasing net individual income. Physically somewhat slower citizens should yes be encouraged to rather work in the many different job positions in the labor market where a relatively slower physical pace has little to no impact on individual work performance.

Substantially increased labor market participation by means of ending prejudicial economic structures in both public & private sectors will not only increase economic output but will increase economic demand in developed economies which as a result will grow substantially thanks to those thus subsequently newly integrated/reintegrated into the labor market. Just as many legally adult fertile-age females have become increasingly successfully integrated into the labor markets of economically developed liberal democracies – so do further categories of human citizens similarly structurally, certainly unnecessarily excluded also need to become integrated/reintegrated into the very labor market from which they unfortunately remain prejudicially and yes structurally excluded.

On the democratic level of public discourse, clearly prejudicial forms of age discrimination & enforced age segregation needs to become as thoroughly discredited as are long since discrimination & enforced segregation on the basis of intra-human taxa. Everyone, meaning every person (including sentient embryos/fetuses/infants), human and non-human, should be treated on the basis of her/his/its personal cognitive capacity – including as individually psychometrically measured – and not unnecessarily as according to the excessively generalized arbitrary bureaucratic construct of human chronological age that so tragically hampers labor market integration and participation and thus dangerously threatens future economic growth, both nationally and globally.

Certainly, returning and indeed welcoming retirees back into working life is something which will very much serve to stimulate developed economies that find themselves in a state of severe structural economic pathology that unfortunately transcends economic cycles. Human national citizens of different ages who are capable of working gainfully to at least some degree (even if only at say 10% of normative idealized human work capacity meaning amounting to say a total of half a day’s work each week) should indeed do so and this should also apply to junior citizens. Today’s junior citizens & senior citizens are basically ideologically treated like those supposedly intrinsically vulnerable housewives of past European history who were similarly often ideologically protected from gainful employment in the labor market.

Private pension schemes also need to be substantially legally modified so as no longer economically dis-incentivize able citizens from seeking gainful employment or working gainfully. Part-time retirement pension – whether public or private – should be mandated on part-time participation in gainfully working life, including by actively seeking part-time employment.

However, those who are correctly granted full-time medical retirement pension should not be denied potential financial incentives for more or less risky and more or less innovative entrepreneurial venture – including as regards cooperatives of medical retirees – in devising creative new entrepreneurial projects which may ultimately, albeit not necessarily instantly, enable medical retirees to actually participate in gainfully working life by creatively devising their own places of work. Therefore, correctly individually granted full-time medical retirement pension should remain individually unmodified as long as is medically required until such medical retirees can actually substantially support themselves as de facto medical, functional, structural constraints are in fact also very much relative to the combined totality of employment options available in the national labor market. A certain person not able to work gainfully in the current labor market may be able to do so as in the future with technological changes and adjustments.

Many medical retirees and others unhelpfully structurally excluded from the labor market could actually jointly overcome their relative functional constraints in relation to unhelpfully imposed, prejudicial functional standards of society by indeed functionally complementing each other in joint entrepreneurship. This means that say two, three, four or five different persons who are each clearly functionally distinctive from each other, yet share an abiding personal interest in something potentially economically gainful may thus actually overcome functional, structural, societal barriers; unhelpfully prejudicially imposed by modern societies ideologically founded on baseless Eurocentric Humanist idealization – by indeed functionally complementing each other in joint entrepreneurship. After all, most human citizens in economically developed societies have personal fields of interest in addition to yes also personal weak points (sic!) that indeed tend to limit their personal ability in this or that respect.

Comprehensive national programs for advanced computerized psychometric matching for potential collaboration in entrepreneurship as well as specialized cognitive diversity Entrepreneurial Opportunity Fairs of many different kinds both online and IRL – in both cases to allow the likeminded to constructively acquaint each other need both be freely offered to provide potential entrepreneurial opportunity to those officially considered functionally diverse and indeed to everyone else – who are yes in fact also functionally and indeed yes very much cognitively diverse. This will strategically assist many functionally stigmatized human national citizens in collaboratively devising their own joint work options and will indirectly also enable yet other medical retirees to actually enter the labor market as employees in such thus created new businesses.

Increasingly rapid developments in information technologies make this in fact increasingly feasible for more and more potential configurations of functionally distinctive citizens. Indeed, many new companies succeed due to being founded in sophisticated collaboration in entrepreneurship bringing together distinctive personalities strategically complementing each other in ways strengthening their common endeavor. However, many otherwise promising new business ventures based on really, genuinely good ideas/concepts do unfortunately fail in ways not entirely unpredictable on account of individual shortcomings mainly due to many such failed ventures in fact being run by only one singular psychologically imperfect entrepreneur.

Innovative ethical practices of citizens freely complementing each other in joint endeavors are in fact at the very heart of the ethical challenge of modernity in open society. Since most of the things consumed in economically developed modern societies are produced by millions of yet other persons than the singular consumer herself/himself/itself, modernity & capitalism are precisely about systematically producing dis()ability. Thus throughout the history of capitalism virtually all economic growth has produced universal disability by means of universal outsourcing, i.e. indirectly paying others to do the job in one’s stead. When national citizens become increasingly dependent upon purchasing goods & services produced by yet other human citizens around the world, then most such consumers have clearly become permanently disabled (i.e. helplessly dependent) in the sense of no longer being capable of directly producing those very goods and services for themselves, as structural helpless dependability – i.e. disability – after all is the very teleology of technological capitalism.

Therefore, diagnostically stigmatized disability should no longer be treated as economic burden but rather as tremendous potential for economic opportunity considering that producing disability – in the sense of producing helpless dependability – is not only universally the outcome of modern economic growth, but its sheer impetus and very goal. After all, all human persons are born severely disabled, i.e. as severely, structurally helplessly dependent on yet other human persons. The deciding reason why both junior citizens & senior citizens remain unnecessarily structurally, prejudicially excluded from the labor market is simply because both human categories of unfounded overgeneralization are incorrectly considered collectively disabled and the structural economic exclusion is generally articulated in essentialist & determinist terms as is done for medical diagnoses.

The primeval Andropocentric phantasy illusion in capitalist society of achieving individual self-sufficiency (i.e. phallogocentrism), although yes serving as the nominal ideology of global capitalism is in fact the very antithesis of the very same capitalism whose barely masked genuine cognitive goal (as for communism, enslavement, racial supremacist “human rights”, monogamy, totalitarianism and the welfare state) is increasingly absolute functional dependency.

However, the undoubtedly uncomfortable truth is that human taxa have increasingly in the past 15 000 years or so evolved into evolutionary parasitoids through the establishment of the human evolutionary institution of enslavement as turned against both human & non-human fellow persons and as indeed commencing with the Neolithic revolution.

Yet, it is also no less true that human Animals are simply intelligent herd Animals with herbivore teeth, herbivore nails and herbivore digestive systems and certainly not solitary predators as implicitly imagined in most economic science whose carno-phallogocentric implicit folk heroes are cognitively unrepresentative intelligent psychopaths who indeed tend to act more rationally than do in comparison relatively less intelligent human psychopaths who in contrast within the context of modern society certainly who tend to be criminal recidivists. From this fundamental psychological fallacy of established economic science follows the certainly urgent need for significant paradigmatic, yet rigorously scientific psychometric reinvention of economic science generally in light of existing extremely extensive vast cognitive diversity in every economy of human society.

However, the globally existing pre-academic system of education is so incredibly, even ridiculously ineffective and outdated – having not changed substantially in structural terms since its medieval monastic historical inception. (More about this is in a report on the need for quite drastically reforming the system of education, both pre-academic and academic.) So capable junior citizens enrolled in educational institutions will thus be enabled to have time and opportunity to support themselves working part-time as a result of making the system of education very substantially more effective, ethical, rational and indeed much less time-consuming. However, most junior citizens tend to get severely tired & bored at school not only due to general professional & structural incompetence in this very inflexible sector of planned economy, but also because school days tend to be too lengthy.

The fully automatized chronological so called “age of majority” should be legally abolished and legal maturity to varying degrees and in various respects should be individually legally determined, including by individually computer-generated psychometric testing. However, every national citizen desiring to vote must be permitted to do so. The chronological so called “age of consent” and the official chronological marital age should be abolished and junior citizens should be entitled to a number of appointments for professional sexual introduction with two academically trained sex workers at each appointment, one more physically female & one more physically male at a time when the junior citizen herself/himself/itself so desires, feels ready and thus decides to participate with such academically trained sex workers of the junior citizen’s own personal taste & choice. Professional sexual introduction is very much needed, especially considering that most female human citizens retain a distinctly negative recollection from the first instance of penetrative sexual intercourse.

Responsible sexual empowerment of junior citizens will undoubtedly enhance their individual & collective self-esteem and thus indirectly facilitate their much earlier introduction into the labor market, but will also generally encourage civic responsibility among junior citizens who in their adolescent years are strangely expected (sic!) by Western culture to indeed – yes no less – behave irresponsibly. Thus, intergenerational conflict is expected rather than societally ensuring structural intergenerational accommodation, including through gainful employment of junior citizens.

Furthermore, junior citizens should be legally entitled to change and select new parents mostly according to their own personal preferences & criteria or even if individually so preferred rather living in various forms of Kibbutz-style collective familial children’s houses. Not only must non-human persons be granted national citizenship, but citizenship must also be deconstructed in light of existing cognitive diversity among persons generally, human and non-human. Citizenship must therefore also become much more age-inclusive, including in ensuring much earlier integration of human junior national citizens into the national labor market. Murder out of mere convenience whether the victims are Human or non-Human clearly must not be allowed to continue.

Doing away with a clearly redundant, irrational Age Apartheid is no less economically necessary than indeed absolutely ethico-politically required, including in order so as to safeguard the economic future of democratic nations of open society on this shared blue planet of ours.

First published in 2012