Democratic Patriotism

rainbow-1192500_1280Nationalism is essentially modernized tribalism and one of many forms of modern identity politics as expressive of our zoologically founded desire for living in herds. Politics based on identities (“I am an X-ist and therefore is Y true”) is particularly effective in compelling persons to emotionally not think.

However, in deconstructing nationalism need we distinguish those elements of nationalism that are ethico-politically worthy as opposed to nonsensical identity politics and state-enforced structural oppression whether economic, social or statist. As the nation state is fully and completely based on nationalism and other forms of identity politics (including human racial supremacism and patriarchal male bonding) need we therefore deconstruct the nation state itself as opposed to merely simplistically opposing it.

Those rather worthy elements of nationalism are neatly captured by the term patriotism. Is not the socio-economic solidarity of the welfare state after all simply applied patriotism? Geographically defined democracy everywhere whether state or non-state is fundamentally expressive of patriotism in citizens being united in pursuit of common happiness.

Democracy without patriotism is therefore simply mere cynical bureaucracy, amoral exercise of power and self-indulgent pursuit of parasitic domination over others in order so as to satisfy primitive emotional needs as structurally expressed by means of patriarchy, ethnocracy and other forms of socio-ideologically hegemonic structural oppression.

The nation state emerged as a tool for social homogenization is seeking erasure of many forms of human diversity, including linguistic diversity. However, linguistic statehood as it emerged in India and later Ethiopia is certainly a most worthy development. A common language (however diverse) facilitates public debate of open society and liberal democracy and crucially also facilitates commerce and trade indeed.

The welfare state needs however transform from agent of structural oppression, homogenization, suffocating bureaucracy and exorbitant taxation into a dream factory of diversely individualized accelerators. As advanced technologies supplant most existing professional tasks need the state help facilitate optimization of individualized human development rather than as of now hold it back by hegemonically reinforcing economic, social and statist structural oppression.

Patriotism should neither be parochial nor physionomistic but rather emancipatory and moderately inclusive, namely neither oppressively exclusive nor oppressively inclusive. This means that not only ought linguistic statehood be the ideal but democratic borders where local populations democratically participate in drawing borders, creating new states and merging existing ones should become the international norm indeed.

Rather than being parochial nationalists ought democratic patriots instead stand with each other throughout the world in support for self-determination, freedom, universal emancipation, representative governance and democratic borders everywhere.