Deconstructing Environmentalism

Vertical growing of lettuce. (Image by Valcenteu)

Green politics was founded in the German tradition of Blut und Boden albeit in rather liberal version, indeed a revolt against urbanism. The ideological trajectory of Green thinking is far older than the Green movement itself as already John Stuart Mill pointed out at the eerily similarity between mining and rape. Environmentalism in the form of conservation of nature and organizations promoting conservation of nature is of course also far older than present Green political parties.

The Green movement has been far more successful than the far older conservationist societies. The success has not been primarily in terms legislative change and allocations but rather in transforming society’s perception of environmental issues so that these issues are now mainstream in most countries in whose parliaments Green political parties participate. There is no question that Green political parties have contributed much in raising political awareness about environmental issues.

There was always much tension between fundis and realos with fundis being more visionary and realos more focused on attaining political results although not necessarily disagreeing with fundis as to long term goals.

What is needed now is to rethink Green vision in light of present and future technologies. Virtual Reality is likely to lead to abandonment of cities as benefits of urban life life increasingly become available by technological means almost anywhere. The mobile app revolution has even removed the previous stigma on living in the countryside. Virtual reality means that we will increasingly have the benefits of the city without its downsides in terms of high cost of living and various inconveniences as relating to noise, pollution, traffic, commuting, public transportation, security etc. Virtual reality means that most will work from home or otherwise from self-rented work space and in any case will that very much preclude daily commuting.

We will live in virtual self-governing municipal communities with their own respective municipal laws and most will wish to physically live wherever we will find the highest environmental standard of living and so environmental quality will increasingly impact property evaluation. Economic history is one where many undervalued aspects eventually become highly valued and there is every reason considering both economic history and the prospects of Virtual Reality that markets will increasingly come to value environmental qualities as well.

The fundis had noble ideas which ultimately turned out impractical, the realos however got stuck in the realpolitik of democracy with few actual results to show other than very significantly bringing consensual environmental awareness. There is thus no question that both the realos approach and the fundis approach failed while together did they have a significant impact as opinion makers.

Green politics rather needs leave the strictures of past (fundis) and the strictures of present (realos) and focus on the ethico-environmental feature in technovisionary terms. The political system in most democracies is highly corrupted by industrial lobbies in all but name effectively bribing political parties and the Green parties themselves have become heavily corrupted by donations from the Animal industry of Evil and they should be ashamed for accepting donations from the singularly worst sector in terms of threatening environmental security.

There is no question that political parties are corrupt and authoritarian and so need we a different electoral system without political parties. The Green movement will find that it will become significantly easier to lobby on behalf of environmental security without political parties and environmental issues are truly issues of national and international security.

The issue of the Animal Industry of Evil has been sorely neglected by the environmental movement which is most unfortunate considering that this along with Virtual Reality are the two political issues with the most potential environmental impact.

As the Green movement after years of intense police intelligence harassment became domesticated by the lobbies of the Animal Industry of Evil did it also turn out fundamentally ineffective and is now more stuck in the present rather than as previously being stuck in past visions of Blut und Boden.

What is rather needed is brave technovisionary leadership. Virtual reality and ending the Animal industry will entirely end global warming. The growing of plants need move indoors in into multifloor agrofactories (both horizontal and vertical ones as clinically isolated from nature and humans alike by means of full automatization. The planet needs become reforested and we must furthermore cease destroying forests whereby products currently derived from wood need become produced otherwise. We furthermore need public policy as to avoiding harming fellow Animal persons generally irrespective of body size.

We need realize that the two main obstacles to Green change are systemic political corruption in democracy as well as the very authoritarian system of political parties itself. Furthermore need most changes be made under international law rather than under national law. E.g. should introduction of electrically powered vehicles become an international decision rather than a national one and the national priority should rather be to help develop batteries whose production (including production of component materials thereof) will not serve to further aggravate environmental problems.

There are technological solutions to all virtually all environmental issues and we even need develop environmental technology so that rain will fall during night rather than day. Ethical application of technology is in virtually all cases the solution to environmental problems as opposed to production of ineffective political discourse.