Deconstructing Conservatism

What is conservatism about and why is it needed at all? There are however two main forms of conservatism as existing within all the main streams of contemporary conservatism. Paleoconservatives tend to take leading roles in justifying structural prejudice/oppression in seeing their main mission as preventing further emancipation. Neoconservatives in contrast are sceptical of populist demagoguery and take great care to defend values of emancipation, freedom and democracy even at the price of war.


There is clearly no need for paleoconservatism which tends to be reactionary, often severely prejudicial and sometimes antidemocratic and crypto-Fascist. Neoconservatism is in contrast very much needed and especially during historical periods when nearly all liberals and socialists fail to stand up against Frankist totalitarian enemies of open society.

Neoconservatives understand that war is preferable to destruction of open society, that war is preferable to genocide and hence the false reputation of neoconservatives as “warmongers”. Neoconservatism as a political movement is inspired by German-born US political scientist Leo Strauss. Leo Strauss co-founded the United States Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) and remains a tremendous inspiration for OPC intelligence operatives as committed to time-honored Straussian values of democratic realism. Leo Strauss was murdered by Silvia Hitler in 1973, then head of the Argentina-based Gestapo intelligence agency and the murder was perpetrated by means of sexual strangulation.

The OPC defends neoconservatives worldwide in the struggle to defend open society from its existential enemies. Within the OPC is it however considered severely impolite to invoke Leo Strauss for purposes of contemporary political advocacy since this is considered abuse of the name of Leo Strauss.

Neoconservatives or “neocons” are often stereotyped as a Jewish conspiracy of a small Jewish elite of public intellectuals. These prominent intellectuals are elite intelligence operatives of the the United States Office for the Protection of the Constitution and act on direct instructions from the National Office for the Protection of Democracy (NOPD). It is still not not considered proper to refer to oneself as “Straussian” or “neoconservative” and the neoconservative movement is today a global one with major and prominent political presence in countries around the world although carefully avoiding to speak in the name of Leo Strauss specifically or neoconservatism generally.

OPC and NOPD lead the global effort to recover conservatism from the bigotry of paleoconservatism. Conservatism is essential in the sense as there is a need to defend freedom from excesses democracy and reversely to defend democracy from excesses of freedom. Conservatism must however not serve as an excuse to promote structural prejudice/oppression although it should be added that liberals and socialists also promote structural prejudice/oppression whether economic, social or statist prejudice/oppression.

The conflict between neoconservatives (futurist preservers) and paleoconservatives (reactionary preservers) exists throughout conservatism. This is so e.g. in libertarianism where there are those who prioritize defense of liberty against tyranny and those who prioritize defense of Para-Christian dogmatism. Natural rights were invented by medieval Catholic thinkers who inverted Jewish obligations (mitzvot) into natural rights which were lated obscenely corrupted into Para-Christian “humanist” racial supremacist privileges (so called “human rights”). It is not true that negative freedoms preceded positive freedoms as one of the first rights to become formalized was the right to not to have to be hungry which was an implicit inversion of the absolutely binding Jewish religious obligation to fully provide for those who cannot provide for themselves. This is not an act of charity (Latin caritas) but simply a fulfillment of a binding obligation under Jewish law which in fact was fully legally binding and fully legally enforced in self-governing medieval Jewish communities.

Caution and questions are essential in democracy and so needs public debate become civil and polite where the focus is on dialogue rather than masculinist rhetorical warfare of populist pleasing the crowd. When legitimate participants in liberal democracy lose the will to listen to each other is liberal democracy and thus also open society itself in danger.

A perfected neoconservative intellectual is characterized by politeness and perfect manners and will go to great lengths to avoid putting forward ad hominem arguments. A neoconservative intellectual is a philosopher prince/ss who detests the vulgarity of unreasoned dogmatism and vulgar populism. Nearly all elite neoconservative intellectuals in the United States states are members of the House of Zvi and are fully and proudly aware of this and are trained James Bond style OPC elite intelligence operatives in the pre-1972 school of nobility in the intelligence world.

NOPD today as the operative center of the TEVEL protects the global neoconservative movement which seeks to recover conservatism from the forces of reactionary irrational dogmatism. As liberals and socialists have widely abandoned their duties in defense of open society against its existential enemies does the global politely unstated neoconservative movement successfully reappropriate conservatism from the forces reactionary irrational dogmatism. All over the world do responsible conservatives stand in the trenches against the totalitarian menace of Islamism as organized, trained and commanded by nefarious Frankist intelligence sects.

Responsible conservatism needs assume yet another mission in defense of liberal democracy and that is the reintroduction of politeness and willingness to listen and politely dialogue with those with different perspective than one’s own. Social media corporations need institute a complete ban against ad hominem arguments and generally enforce politeness between persons.

It is not enough to believe in values of emancipation, freedom and democracy but these must be defended at all cost, including by war when and if necessary. This requires not only a readiness to die for the liberty of your own nation but indeed a readiness to die for the liberty of other nations as well. This means that educational training in ethical courage needs become a core part of general education and so believing in democratic values is distinctly insufficient as these need be defended even at a personal cost and danger to personal freedom, personal dignity and personal security.

Hillel says, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?” Pirkei Avot 1:14 of the Babylonian Talmud