Decolonizing the Western Hemisphere

Surviving Quechuan languages have 9 million native speakers. (Image by Huhsunqu)

The Western hemisphere was first populated somewhere between 40 000 and 16 500 years ago by means of migration from Siberia. The predominant Eurocentric assumption has long been that this was the only pre-columbian Euroasian contact with the Western hemisphere.

As it happens did agriculture spread to the Western hemisphere as implying historical contact with Eurasia. The first human so called “civilization” was founded in ancient Sumer and civilization did subsequently gradually spread to all parts of the world, including from Asia and Oceania to the Western hemisphere. The Median Maggid kohanim (“the Magi”) as travelling in trade across the world also reached the Western hemisphere in establishing sacerdotal castes in the Western hemisphere as well by means of religio-cultural syncretism. Scandinavians (“vikings”) reached the Western hemisphere and so the notion of Columbian “discovery” is simply absurd. Columbus belonged to Anusim, Jews who had been coercively converted to religious imperialism and was essentially a Jewish refugee fleeing European religious imperialism.

Geographic distribution of the Aymara language in 1984. (Image by Hayli.)

Contact with European imperialism did however become calamitous in Europeans spreading diseases for which the peoples of the Western hemisphere lacked immunity. Europeans engaged in genocidal practices against the peoples of the Western hemisphere and the Spanish crown was dismayed that the Vatican recognized the indigenous peoples of the Western hemisphere as human beings for the purpose of converting them to Catholicism as the Spanish crown had intended to enslave them.

Varieties of the Inuit language. (Image by Asybaris01)

In addition to genocide against indigenous peoples were there widespread ethnocidal practices in seeking to destroy the cultures and languages of indigenous peoples of the Western hemisphere. These practices of genocide and ethnocide took place over centuries and never ended in most indigenous peoples still not being educated in their own languages, something which has led to widespread and increasing language death.


We need recognize that indigenous heritage of the Western hemisphere need be protected, safeguarded and nourished as this is not only part of the cultural and historical heritage of specific indigenous peoples and specific current independent states but importantly of humanity at large. We simply need to move to fully end the destruction of indigenous heritage in the Western hemisphere. Not only need we recognize that what was done against the indigenous peoples of the Western hemisphere was completely wrong but we need take substantial action to end the continuing process of disappearance of living indigenous heritage of the Western hemisphere.


The borders between independent states of the Western hemisphere are as elsewhere in the world the result of colonialism, imperialism, war and historical coincidence; indeed historical events which have little relevance for how borders ought be drawn today. Not only need we democratic borders around the world where local communities themselves are given a very substantial say but states too need be peacefully created and peacefully merged by means of democratic processes of local communal consultation.

Peoples of Oaxaca state in Mexico. (Image by Aymatth2)

The political geography of the central and southern parts of the Western Hemisphere is severely dysfunctional. The United States of America would clearly not have become nearly as economically successful and had it been divided into twenty or fifty separate independent nation states.

Languages of Guatemala

The same is true for languages where linguistic “boundaries” between so called languages are typically highly arbitrary indeed as outcomes of historical coincidence. A dialect/sociolect/ethnolect is essentially spoken communication while a language is essentially written communication as politically submerging spoken forms of communication. Yet “boundaries” between languages are nevertheless highly arbitrary, artificial and often inappropriate indeed. Sometimes are distinctive languages submerged under usually related languages while more commonly have what are actually “literary dialects” been given the status of official literary languages.

In the case of the Western hemisphere does this has significant implications. Italian, Catalan/Occitan, Sicilian, Spanish, Corsican and Portuguese are essentially one single language although containing significant linguistic diversity and ought therefore be merged into one literary language as based on a new universal phonetic alphabet. Similarly ought these countries simply be merged into one single federation of Iberia. This will importantly provide much economic growth and opportunity in doing away with redundant borders of coincidence of history.

The English language in the Western hemisphere is essentially racist as based on mostly unquestioned structural discursive derogation against ethnolects of communities of partly or entirely non-European genetic origins. There is the pervasive idea in the United States that White speech is superior to Black speech which and hence the notion that White American English must be promoted in fighting the use of the ostensibly “inherently inferior” Black American English. What then is the origin of Black American English?

The Gullah people of coastal Georgia and coastal South Carolina still use their own Gullah ethnolect of the Atlantic language (“Caribbean Creole English”) which must not be confused with the indigenous Carib language from which the term “Caribbean” is historically derived.

The Atlantic language emerged as an English-based pidgin language (hybrid contact language) among the victims of the transatlantic trafficking in enslaved African human beings. It became a so called “creole language”, meaning a former pidgin that became a natively spoken language. Since the Atlantic language is spoken on a very large number of islands has verbal mutual intelligibility gradually decreased over the centuries. African heritage remains in the diverse varieties of the Atlantic language in both vocabulary and syntax.

Despite insular linguistic isolation do varieties of Atlantic from Gullah to Guyana and from Belize to Trinidad nevertheless have common yet certainly not homogenous historical linguistic origin and so has the Atlantic language despite tremendous richness in linguistic diversity remained what ought certainly be affirmed and recognized as a single language and certainly not as many racist linguists have long assumed, an inherently inferior, corrupted forms of English.

A common literary language is needed that will give expression to the tremendous diversity within the Atlantic language and the countries of the region need certainly unite into one single federal state of Atlantica.

The English written language with its archaic and essentially ridiculously redundant conventions of spelling is not even a system of spelling and is a severe impediment for learning the language and so a universal phonetic alphabet of spelling is of essence. This new literary language needs become inclusive of non-White ethnolects such as Black American English which is derived from so called decreolized forms of the Atlantic language. The Gullah region remained an exception where the regional varieties eluded the historical tragedy of state-enforced racist social processes of decreolization.

Not only need Black American English and White American English become united in literary language, but these need also become united with other ethnolects, sociolects and dialects of English worldwide into a unified literary language of Anglian as fully and inclusively expressive of its tremendous richness in global linguistic diversity. Natively English-speaking countries with modified borders need be merged into a federal state of Anglia. This should obviously not include cultural regions of other languages such as the Gaelic language and the Brythonic language.

Persons of African American heritage should however generally (as of course subject to personal choice) become educated in Atlantic which is their national heritage language and learn Anglian as a second language. Atlantic-language schools should of course be open to human persons of all ethnic, genetic and historical origins. The still continuing process of decreolization is simply demeaning ethnocide and thus constitutes state-enforced racism in government policy.

The Haitian language constitutes a certain parallel to the Atlantic language as related varieties of the wider Haitian language are spoken in the Antilles, the State of Louisiana and in French Guiana. Haitian is still derogatively referred to as a “French-based Creole” which of course is a correct description of its linguistic history as emerging as a French-based pidgin language in the era of transatlantic trafficking in enslaved African human beings and which later became natively spoken. Yet, this fails to recognize the Haitian language as a distinctive contemporary language as completely separate from the French language. African Americans in Louisiana and elsewhere whose national heritage language is Haitian should obviously generally be educated in Haitian rather than in Anglian or in Atlantic as of course subject to personal choice.

Papiamento is another similar case which is spoken in the Dutch Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao (“ABC”). Papiamento originated as a Portuguese-based pidgin language in the era of transatlantic trafficking in African human beings. It is much less known however that Papiamento and Kabuverdianu of Cape Verde although geographically very far away from each other are varieties of the same language. The two regions thus need a common literary language and furthermore need become merged into a single federal state.

Indigenous languages of the Western hemisphere are still spoken in numerous and often small geographic regions. Much of Spanish-speaking countries are however composed of descendants of indigenous peoples whose languages were robbed from them by European racism. Indigenous languages need be revived and restored to populations that lost their own indigenous languages and hence also most (but typically not all) of their own indigenous cultural heritage. This means that no matter of how small or large need existing and revived indigenous linguistic regions be granted self-determination. In some areas does this mean creating cantonal federations of linguistic cantons while elsewhere this requires independence for indigenous linguistic regions even if geographically and demographically small. Where deprived of land by colonialism need small indigenous regions where possible become geographically expanded in terms of territorial jurisdiction.

Nunavut needs become merged with Greeenland, extended to other Inuit-language areas now under US jurisdiction and Canadian jurisdiction respectively and become independent. The Quechuan languages, Aymara and Guarani are spoken by many millions of human beings, yet many other indigenous languages whether still spoken or not will need become fully demographically restored by means of linguistic revival and linguistic statehood indeed.

While what is known as Latin America has been nominally and formally decolonized does political racism remain fully in place. The then Berlin-based Gestapo international intelligence agency hijacked countries of Latin America in 1933-1945 and maintained White fascist regimes there throughout the Cold War after the Gestapo leadership relocation to Argentina in 1945. Even after democratization have these countries remained ruled by almost exclusively White politicians as backed up by domestic intelligence communities under very considerable Gestapo intelligence influence. The region and the world needs wage region-wide intelligence war in order to eliminate Gestapo intelligence influence and fully liquidate the Gestapo leadership intelligence presence, including the IRGC intelligence presence in the region.

The criminal destruction of the Amazonas is engineered by Gestapo-affiliated business networks and so the respective national militaries need be put into very, very substantial action to protect threatened forests of the Western hemisphere and elsewhere and indigenous inhabitants whether humans persons or non-human Animal persons. Forests as destroyed by humans through pre-history will need to become as much as conceivably possible restored whether in the Western Hemisphere or elsewhere.

The process of decolonization in the Western hemisphere hence needs become peacefully and democratically completed in restoring the pride, glory and splendor of colonized peoples whether having been coercively brought from Africa or being indigenous to the Western hemisphere. Democratic borders, natural states and restored languages are obviously of essence in providing conditions as amenable for democratic progress and economic prosperity indeed.