Decimal Time

The decimal system of measurement was universally introduced by the French revolution but curiously not for measurement of time, something which has continued to make measurement of time immensely unpractical and unmathematical indeed.


The only current time measurement that remains relevant is the day/night time unit since this relates to practical life as indirectly determined by sunrise and sunset. All time measurements however need become part of the decimal system in order to allow for more rational and effective planning and use of time.

Every minute should have 100 seconds and every hour should have 100 minutes. Every day (including the night) should have 10 hours. Every week should have 10 days. Every month should have 10 weeks. Every year should have 100 weeks and 10 months. This will make time calculation and calendar planning far, far easier than at present although of course the transition will offer some temporary practical challenges.

We need also abolish current official holidays and supplant them with monthly and weekly feminist holidays, all with new ethico-aesthetic themes every time and as centered on feminist ritual sex. We need a new universal human calendar and the weekly and monthly celebrations should be expressive of one’s own cultural heritage or if one so prefers the cultural heritage of others or indeed both. The universal human counting of years needs commence with the founding of Sumerian civilization, the real starting point of human history.

The Eurolect – Politics of the Para-Christian documentation project

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