Courts of Conception

emancipation-156066_1280Feminism needs to articulate in detail how it imagines the feminist future to be very substantially different from the sexist present as this requires redesigning future males and their roles genetically, hormonally, sexually, psychologically and of course socially so. This certainly requires profoundly understanding what most human beings socio-sexually truly sexually desire in the depth of their hearts.

1. Feminist Revolution

Feminism needs to politically assert control over human procreation generally worldwide whereby the proportion of male human births to female human births is reduced to 5/95 by means of global introduction of artificial uteri. This will give rise to a polygynous feminist society where on average a human male is married to about 20 human females. If liberal-democratic – then will polygynous societies be a predominantly female world where most democratically elected officials are indeed themselves females. This would lead to eugenic improvement in every generation as the most genetically & psychometrically advanced households would be tasked with conceiving boys while the others would mostly conceive girls in therefore giving rise to genetic improvement in every generation by means of therefore two-tiered eugenically feminist genetic improvement.

However, this should merely be the beginning as Courts of Conceptions need to be established for the most genetically and psychometrically advanced humans. Eventually as the human genome is improved in every generation would virtually all then living humans marry into Courts of Conception, i.e. eugenically feminist harems.

2. Gynocentric Courts of Conception

A gynocentric Court of Conception is composed of a large number of clones of female genius (e.g. 20 000 females) who are married to a much smaller number of male spouses (e.g. 1 000 males) who are in collective temporary marriage with the matrimonial female population of that gynocentric harem. While a gynocentric Court of Conception is of quite limited size can a single female genius however be cloned for many separate gynocentric Courts of Conception.

The female genius clones are known as Princesses Regents and the males who are in temporary marriage there are known as Prince Consorts, although those who so prefer due to being transgender may style themselves Prince Regent and Princess Consorts respectively. Large numbers of cloned, genetically identical females are needed due to the simple fact that the female capacity for reproduction is relatively speaking much smaller than the male capacity for reproduction.

Prince Consorts are married into a gynocentric harem for a limited, yet repeatedly renewable period of time (say one year) after which they typically marry into a different gynocentric harem and therefore are divorced from the prior gynocentric harem.

While males married into gynocentric harems have full voting and civil rights, it’s the cloned matrimonial females who collectively in complete consensus decide whom to invite for marriage and when they so choose no longer renew a male’s period of marriage and thus divorce him.

The matrimonial proportion of anatomic males to anatomic females is 5/95 in a gynocentric harem as on average for polygynous marriage. Sons of Princesse Regent may marry the Princess Regents in the gynocentric harem where they grew up in multiple generations as is genetically suitable.

Offspring – both females and males – grow up in the gynocentric harem region in youth villages until marrying into various Courts of Conception and usually at latest at the onset of puberty. Psychometric mass matching is utilized so that marriage into Courts of Conception is psychometrically and genetically matching to a very high degree indeed.

Sexuality is feminist, ritual and religious in virtually always involving ritualized group sex and often so public mass ritual group sex. Courtly etiquette applies, meaning that males must treat females exquisitely well and they do reside indeed in the gynocentric harem region at the pleasure of its female sovereigns.

3. Androcentric Courts of Conception

An androcentric Court of Conception typically involves one very extremely genetically valuable male sovereign Majesty as an androcentric Court of Conception is a constitutional monarchy and just like gynocentric Courts of Conceptions a liberal democracy indeed. The Majesty is either a highly advanced original genius or a highly genetically valuable and psychometrically advanced descendant of genius.

Females in secular/modern society typically live in a deep chasm between will and desire in socio-sexual intimacy. Females do tend to want to take part in contemporary pornography-style & prostitution-style, yet obviously male-defined sexual practices (including as psychologically facilitated by means of alcoholic intoxication) but this is usually not exactly what their hearts wish for. Young females even prior to puberty in secular/modern societies tend to wish to become married to a prince of their dreams, be kissed on the hand, become involuntarily carried away, dance Viennese Waltz and ride away with the prince of dreams on a white horse in sunset.

While usually not telling this to females, most males wish for many female partners and essentially desire to become sex workers although not being too consciously aware of this desire for sex work existing in the depth their hearts. Females in contrast tend to wish to become contextually sexually (but not socially) enslaved in the sense that they tend to wish to become consensually sexually dominated by an exquisitely nice and extremely kind prince of their dreams. Eugenically feminist androcentric Court of Conceptions will therefore fulfill what both females and males deep down desire in the depth their hearts, yet liberate them from the social practices of the notorious marital prostitution of socially compulsory monogamist heterosexualism.

Traditional princely, royal and imperial courts outside of Islamdom were eugenic institutions and highly exclusive social clubs with elaborate female-friendly systems of etiquette where everyone introduced at the court irrespective of gender was supposed to be sexually available to the Majesty who was typically raised to behave in the socially most exquisitely female-friendly manner possible. All those introduced at the court were also considered highly legitimate potential sexual partners to each other. The legitimate children of married noblewomen were often biological children of the Majesty while the legitimate children of the female Consort of the Majesty were very often actually biological children of noblemen at the court. This was not considered problematic at the time as royals and high nobility constituted one single eugenically advanced gene pool for the breeding of intelligence and noble behaviors as usually only exceptionally accomplished (and therefore usually likely exceptionally genetically valuable) males were granted the status of hereditary patrilineal nobility.

Harems in Islamdom were also eugenic institutions as centered around a Majesty with the Harem often being administered by the mother of the Majesty. Females of the Harem were mostly liberated from the usual sexism of surrounding society and sexual activities were contrary to the European narrative not at the center of life in the Harem. However, Harems are also known to have existed in polities even outside of Islamdom. An androcentric Court of Conception is however a synthesis of Court and Harem. Natural childbirth has as in polygynous society been supplanted by gestation in and birth from artificial uteri and chronological age is counted from the day the embryo is inserted into the artificial uteri.

An androcentric Court of Conception is usually centered around one very extremely genetically valuable Majesty who is the Sovereign of the Court and every anatomical female married to the Majesty is therefore obliged to be sexually and socially available at all times unless there is a legally valid reason for abstention or interruption. If there are several genetically identical males in an androcentric Court of Conception, then they are all Majesties and therefore make all major decisions together. The Majesty of an androcentric Court of Conception usually carries the title Prince Regent unless retaining the title King Regent or the title Emperor Regent or due to being transgender elects to using female titles such as Princess Regent, Queen Regent or Empress Regent. The Majesty of a Court of Conception is therefore usually formally referred to as a Prince Regent of one particular Court of Conception. An androcentric Court of Conception is a liberal democracy and a constitutional monarchy where the Majesty has absolute powers that however as a matter of principle usually are exercised sparingly. The Majesty participates in the legislative process and in the affairs of government. The Majesty is the guardian of liberal democracy and open society in his Harem Region.

Children conceived at the androcentric Court of Conception grow up in youth villages within the Harem State. A Majesty can eugenically marry his own daughters in multiple generations as is genetically appropriate. The quantitatively unproven hypothesis according to which intergenerational sex is purportedly traumatizing has been thoroughly publically discredited and is no longer taken seriously.

Most of those raised at androcentric Courts of Conception are girls who in turn virtually always marry into Courts of Conception. The relatively speaking proportionally fewer boys who are born and raised in androcentric Courts of Conception are genetically designed for and sexually and socially educated to themselves become Prince Regents at their own Courts of Conception in Harem States of their own although most of those who do not fully qualify will rather marry into gynocentric courts of Conception. Girls are usually genetically designed and born as septuplets who are physically similar, yet genetically endowed with quite distinctive personalities.

Marriage commences as early as a girl desires and septuplet girls virtually always jointly marry into one and the same Court of Conception with the same prince of dreams. Psychometric mass matching is used for finding exact matches for harem marriage, including with regard to physical preferences. Everyone is raised to become functionally bisexual and Prince Regents of different androcentric Courts of Conception meet for ritual sex in between themselves whenever they so please. Children growing up in Courts of Conception are both socially and sexually raised for socially and sexually liberated lives in being extensively trained in feminist ritual sex.

The Majesty is educated to become the most exquisite sex worker possible as devoted to realizing the most intimate wishes of the hearts of the Princess Consorts. However Princess Consorts with prior titles such as Queen Consort or Empress Consort do retain those titles as honorary titles while being Princess Consorts. Most sexual activities IRL at the androcentric Court of Conception are however between Princess Consorts themselves. Many Princess Consorts of androcentric Courts of Conception are however also intensely involved in socio-sexually training boys into becoming exquisite sex workers in future harem marriage.

Androcentric Courts of Conception are feminist religious institutions which means that sexual activities at Courts of Conception are feminist, ritual and religious in nature. There is both private ritual sex and mass public ritual sex as often centered around the phallus of the Majesty. Ritual group sex is the norm for both private and public sex. The exceptionally genetically valuable harem Majesty of an androcentric Court of Conception is expected to be selfless, behave in a saintly manner and therefore become a feminist role model indeed.

4. Harem States

The home has been abolished at the Court of Conception and the need for sleep has been significantly reduced thanks to designer hormones necessitating much less sleep. Sleep is spent at the Love Towers where seven or more persons have been matched for the night (or day). Clothes are not used unless necessary or otherwise serving an instrumental purpose such as in an erotic theme party; clothes are printed out by 3D printers, used only once and subsequently recycled. Everyone works two hours a day and studies in scientific yeshiva involving various scientific subjects for another two hours a day with sports and lunch in between. There are Temples of Love devoted to various 1) genres of dance, 2) forms of carnal love and 3) types of social/intellectual interaction.

Courts of Conceptions in also being eugenically feminist harems are initially relatively closed to the outside world while still in the process of becoming established. However, Courts of Conception are part of global open society and hospitality and etiquette determining hospitality are therefore vitally important indeed. Hospitality at Courts of Conception is both socially and sexually exquisite as determined by courtly etiquette and diplomatic protocol. There are several forms of ritual socio-sexual hospitality at Courts of Conception and inhabitants are educated and trained as advanced sex workers for socio-sexual reception in accordance with the courtly protocol of a Court of Conception.

There is thus 1) ritual socio-sexual reception of diplomats in the diplomatic zone, 2) ritual socio-sexual reception of visitors from other Courts of Conception at the Inner Court 3) socio-sexual reception of children from all over the world at about age five for boys and about age seven for girls who are both granted the privilege of staying at the children’s visitor zone for a month so as to hands-on learn feminist sexuality. 4) Personal guests of the Majesty of an androcentric Court of Conception are entertained by Princess Consorts at the Inner Court and 5) parents of Prince Consorts and Princess Consorts respectively are normally given ritual socio-sexual reception by their own offspring in the visitors border zone as the incest taboo has long been abolished at Courts of Conception. Siblings and other relatives are ritually socio-sexually received in the same exact manner by close relatives of theirs in a particular Harem State. Close friends are received in the exactly same manner.

Etiquette is legislated by the democratically elected legislative chamber of the parliament of a Court of Conception and courtly etiquette is therefore binding law. The basic rules governing Courts of Conception are determined by international law while further rules are legislated by each Court of Conception. Sexuality at a Court of Conception is aesthetic, ethical, always feminist – yet also typically quite advanced.

A Prince of an androcentric Court of Conception is an extremely advanced sex worker whose life is devoted to furthering the happiness and satisfaction of the Princess Consorts of his harem region. A Prince of a Court of Conception must be selfless, saintly and profoundly committed to the permanent feminist revolution. A Prince of a Court of Conception must develop the ability to telepathically detect the most intimate desires of the heart of each Princess Consort as telepathically experiencing emotions of loved others as one’s own is after all what mutual love is really about.

Instant sexual consent has been largely abolished as each specific socio-sexual framework (including the Harem State in its entirety) has its own intrinsic etiquette. Loverape (which already in the early 21st century is widely practiced among gay and bisexual males around the world and should not be confused with despicable haterape) is socially accepted at Courts of Conception although always surrounded by elaborate courtly etiquette. For example, any Princess Consort of an androcentric Court of Conception entering a loverape zone should expect becoming most lovingly and most exquisitely so ritually loveraped by a group of most likely unknown Princess Consorts.

Girls in Courts of Conception are usually deflowered with fingers and tongues by other Princesses in special ceremonies and the Prince Regent of an androcentric Court of Conception (i.e. the father of the girls) subsequently performs ritual coitus in mass coitus elaborate ceremonies on special Virgins’ Days in the calendar of Harem States. The biological father of a girl in a gynocentric Court of Conception is in contrast specially invited so as to publically perform the very first coitus with his biological daughters.

The phallus of the Prince Regent of an androcentric Court of Conception is also at the center of different forms of televised mass ritual sex in the calendar of that Court of Conception. The life of the Prince Regent is typically covered by a permanent reality show and Courts of Conception produce ethical, aesthetic feminist pornography which is a vital part of the permanent feminist revolution. Liberal democracy in Courts of Conception is about girl power as extra-terrestrial rejuvenation technology ensures that no female is neurologically, anatomically and psychologically older than twenty-three. Rejuvenation several times a year is granted to everyone married into a Court of Conception which in practice means eternal life for as long as a person is married into a Court of Conception.

Hereditary royalty has been abolished and one becomes a Prince or a Princess solely by marrying into a Court of Conception. Children who grow up in Courts of Conception only become princes/princesses upon formally entering marriage in a Court of Conception. Genetic elite households in polygynous society involved in androgenic reproduction of boys are granted titles of nobility that are only transferred to the next generation once a boy has been approved for androgenic reproduction. However, eugenic nobility will increasingly disappear as polygynous society with genetic advancement becomes supplanted by eugenically feminist princely Courts of Conception, both gynocentric ones and androcentric ones. This means a feminist world where every girl grows up to become a princess and every boy is genetically designed, bred and raised to become a prince of dreams. Everyone at a Court of Conception is expected to behave exquisitely in accordance with courtly etiquette and the Prince of an androcentric Court of Conception importantly also serves as a feminist, social role model for the Princess Consorts of their Harem State.

5. Asymmetric Sexuality

Sexual activity is usually asymmetric in that consent is typically not required in formalized contexts. This means that when someone voluntarily enters a particular sexual institution (for example an erotic theme party), then s/he has waived her right to consent and must socio-sexually behave with perfect obedience in accordance with the respective requisite rules for as long as s/he remains there.

Any person married into a gynocentric Court of Conception is allowed to sexually book time with another married person in the same gynocentric harem. The asymmetric principle means however that if A books B is it instead B who decides what will happen sexually and socially during the shared time and so A has to obey B in accordance with legislated courtly etiquette during the time that A has booked with B. Any princess in a gynocentric harem can book time with a boy growing up at the court and a boy growing up there can similarly book time with a princess, yet it is the person who has been booked who decides what will happen between them. This is part of training boys for marrying into harems, whether androcentric or gynocentric. There are limits to booking so that A can only book B once a year unless B books A in return in which case A can book B once more. Training in sexual obedience is an important feature of education in Courts of Conception generally which also includes training in feminist ritual sex and exquisite courtly etiquette.

A Princess Consort of an androcentric Court of Conception who receives special training can be promoted into Duchess Consort which means that she is tasked with socio-sexually training boys at an androcentric CoC and also volunteers in socio-sexual diplomatic hospitality. Duchess Consorts are matched for socio-sexual diplomatic hospitality so as to mutually match aesthetico-physical preferences. She only holds the title Duchess Consorts as long as serving as that. Her service is renewed annually by the Majesty unless the Majesty decides otherwise. A Duchess Consort has prerogatives similar to those of the Majesty in that she can book any Princess Consort, yet while a Consort booked by the Majesty must obey the Majesty, must however the Duchess Consort obey the Princess Consort whom she has booked unless the booking is part of formal training. Duchess Consorts are also informally known as hospitality girls.

A Duchess Consort in an androcentric Court of Conception who serves at a top political position holds the title Grand Duchess Consort even after resigning from that job unless of course being fired or resigning in disgrace. A serving Grand Duchess Consort can book both Princess Consorts and Duchess Consorts yet must socio-sexually obey the person whom she has booked.

The closest personal friends of the Majesty among all his Consorts are titled Archduchess Consorts. The Majesty of a large androcentric Court of Conception is allowed to mass produce his favorites so that each of these have a Temple of Love of their own with typically 210 physically virtually identical Consorts, meaning typically 30 sets of septuplets, with each person having a unique and genetically designed idiosyncratic personality. During state visits are guests typically given socio-sexual access to such a Temple of Love although it must be emphasized that volunteering as a Priestess in a Temple of Love whether in socio-sexual diplomatic hospitality or otherwise is always strictly voluntary.

An Archduchess Consort can book any member of the Court of Conception of any rank or gender excepting the Majesty, yet has to obey the person whom she has booked. Archduchess Consorts are also permitted to loverape the Majesty in group, yet this is surrounded by elaborate etiquette and exquisite ritual so as to ensure that it is done in a perfectly legal manner that ensures that it does not ever take the form of a crime of lèze-majesté or coup d’état. Archduchess Consorts live in the Inner Court with the Majesty and are also tasked with socio-sexually entertaining the personal guests of the Majesty at the personal instructions of the Majesty and are not permitted to have sex with any guest unless specifically instructed to do so.

The Majesty of an androcentric Court of Conception may also have a secluded private relatively smaller male harem adjacent to the Inner Court. These are Prince Consorts and the Majesty and the Archduchess Consorts may book them as they please and Prince Consorts are expexted to socio-sexually behave with perfect obedience towards both the Majesty and Achduchess Consorts. As in a gynocentric Courts of Conception are Prince Consorts married to the Majesty for a limited period of time which may be renewed with the consent of both the Majesty and the Prince Consort. Prince Consorts also participate in hospitality with respect to both private guests and diplomatic guests and are entitled to decline any such hospitality mission for which they have been assigned by computerized mutual matching with respect to aesthetico-physical preferences.

The Majesty of an androcentric Court of Conception has unique status in that he can book any Consort of his and that s/he has obey him both socially and sexually, yet he must never exploit her/him and must always put her/his wellbeing first. The requirements for becoming a Majesty of an androcentric Court of Conception are exceptionally stringent not only in terms of capacity for genius but in terms of selfless saintly socio-sexual behavior towards females. Diplomats of all genders whether visiting emissaries or stationed in a closed diplomatic zone are each night mutually aesthetico-physically matched by computers with usually one set of septuplet Duchess Consorts. Duchess Consorts are also tasked with the socio-sexual hospitality involved visiting girls and visiting boys from the outside world. Visiting girls and boys from the outside world book Duchess Consorts who in turn train them in feminist sex. Duchesses also socio-sexually train girls of the Court of Conception for marriage into the feminist institution that is the Court of Conception.

The ranks of Grand Duchess Consort and Archduchess Consort are known as Second Queen Consort and First Queen Consort if the Majesty of an androcentric CoC is a King or transgender Queen Regent. These two ranks are however officially known as Queen Consort and Empress Consort if the Majesty is an Emperor or transgender Empress Regent.

Most sexual activity in an androcentric Court of Conception does however take place between Princess Consorts who are trained by Duchess Consorts into learning perfect social and sexual behavior, including of course behavior among each other. There is exquisite behavioral etiquette guiding both casual sex and formal sex. Formal sex is usually asymmetric in that one or more persons are the ones who decide and the others obey. Entering such a framework is of course strictly voluntary and she may leave at any time if she so decides. More and more socially innovative sexual frameworks are indeed invented with time.

There are feminist Cathouses in androcentric CoCs where the Consorts voted as most attractive by all Consorts are offered to volunteer in pairs. This prevents jealousy between Princess Consorts in that all Princess Consorts are granted sexual access to the most popular Princess Consorts of an androcentric Court of Conception. A pair of Catgirls may book any Princesess Consort in which case it is the Catgirls who decide what will happen and what will be done which means that the Catgirls must be obeyed. A pair of Catgirls must in contrast socio-sexually obey a Princess Consorts who has booked them – in accordance with the legislated courtly etiquette generally and the etiquette of the specific Cathouse in particular. Every Princess Consort is entitled to book a different pair of Catgirls once a year on the occasion of her birthday. A vote is held every year which selects which Princess Consorts who will be offered to serve at Cathouses. The vote is held in several rounds narrowing down which Princess Consorts who will be offered to serve in the coming year.

There are also feminist Volunteer Cathouses where any Princess Consort may volunteer together with another Princess Consort as indeed Prinsess Consorts of (most) Cathouses always work in pairs. This means that a Princess Consort who has volunteered in a Volunteer Cathouse for a total of four hours may herself book pairs of Princess Consorts in the same Volunteer Cathouse for a total of two hours. This means that Catgirls at Volunteer Cathouses earn credits for their own volunteering which they can subsequently use for booking other pairs of Catgirls volunteering at the same Volunteer Cathouse.

Princess Consort Septuplets spend up to as much as a fertile week together each month and natural group insemination of septuplets by the Majesty of an androcentric Court of Conception usually takes place during this period. Princess Consorts are expected to behave with perfect social & sexual obedience towards the Majesty of an androcentric Court of Conception for as long as they are married to the Majesty. The feminist Majesty as the most de luxe sex worker possible must be selflessly devoted to highly ethically indeed realizing the most intimate wishes in the depth of the hearts of the Princess Consorts of the liberal-democratic androcentric Harem State.

6. Social Media

Courts of Conception have their own social media whereby most online social life is limited to one’s own Court of Conception. Social conventions of the Court of Conception means that it is easy to indicate socio-sexual interest without offending anyone or behaving lowly.

There is matching for various purposes including for example if a Princess Consort of an androcentric Court of Conception wishes something can she instantly be matched with another Princess Consort who wishes the same thing. There are many online socially standardized, yet very nice ways of explicitly indicating socio-sexual interest.

A Princess Consort of androcentric Court of Conception is typically simultaneously in love with dozens different fellow Princess Consorts with whom she has socio-sexual relationships. Two Princess Consorts of an androcentric Court of Conception may enter a formal mutual relationship meaning that they are sexually available to each other and so one may book the other as long as the mutual relationship is renewed which is done each month, yet can be unilaterally ended at any time. The Princess Consort who is booked must socio-sexually obey the Princess Consort who booked her. A Princess Consort may simultaneously have formal mutual relationships with as many other Princess Consorts as she pleases. A formal mutual relationship may also involve more than two Princess Consorts, for example may two entire sets of septuplets make themselves collectively available to each other and the same applies in that it is the set of septuplets who book who decide and the booked set of septuplets obey.

Princess Regents of gynocentric Courts of Conception and Princess Consorts of androcentric Courts of Conception may create their own socio-sexual events IRL over internal social media and invite guests among the members of the Court of Conception. They decide the rules and this is binding for all participants provided that the rules adhere to the legislated etiquette of their Court of Conception.

Members of a Courts of Conception produce their own feminist pornography which they post at their personal web pages and are only available to fellow members of the same Court of Conception. In addition to access to the general Internet has a Court of Conception its own intranet with both internal personal pages with a sexually explicit nature and internal social media as all geared for facilitaring as many sexual relationships as possible.

Prince Consorts have their own pages with personal feminist pornography, including movies that are available to all Princess Regents of gynocentric Courts of Conception and all Majesties of andocentric Courts of Conception. This material makes a Prince Consort in demand for his next placement at another Court of Conception.

Courts of Conception as feminist institutions are devoted to the ethical and aesthetic production of feminist pornography, including high quality feminist pornographic movies with narrative as available to the outside world. All Majesties are obliged to participate in the internal the production of feminist pornography and so are all Archduchess Consorts and elected currently serving Catgirls. The Majesty therefore decides which Archduchess Consorts and serving elected Catgirls who will participate in the production of feminist pornography with the Majesty at the CoC and it is not allowed to disobey the orders of the Majesty unless the orders are illegal. This high quality feminist pornography is made available to the outside world.

While social media are important are all permanent members of a Court of Conception extensively trained so as to become feminist socio-sexual subjects (i.e. supergals) and so become perfectly capable of feminist pickup and feminist seduction in both private and public space.

7. Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Boys and girls are raised towards the ideal of learning to appreciate many, many forms of sexuality, yet expressed in a an ethical, aesthetic, ritualized and feminist religious manner. Sexuality in a Court of Conception is not based on taboos but rather on learning personal appreciation of immense sexual diversity. Socio-sexual education at an androcentric Court of Conception is the task of Duchess Consorts and so they train every member of the court to achieve exquisite perfection in social and sexual behavior.

A Princess Consort or Prince Consort who serially misbehaves in violation of legislated court etiquette is first sentenced to additional socio-sexual training, if this does not produce behavioral change may s/he be sentenced to public humiliation and more socio-sexual training. In rare cases may a Princess Consort or Prince Consort who has failed in all available forms of socio-sexual training become sentenced to divorce and therefore subsequent expulsion from the Court of Conception.

Bonobo persons (Grazile Chimpanzees) are the closest living relatives of the Homo genus and are in some important ways very good role models for humans in having a gynocentric society centered on making love and Bonobo persons famously even resolve conflicts by means of sexual interaction.

Courts of Conception are designed for breeding geniuses and chavruta is central not only to genius training and education generally in a Court of Conception but also for research, development and innovation. Therefore is two hours of scientific chavruta on the daily schedule. Princess Consorts of Courts of Conception live in telepathic symbiosis with the Prince Regent of the androcentric Court of Conception thanks to brain interface computers.

The Prince Regent is also the primary partner for entrepreneurship in an androcentric Court of Conception. While a Princess Consort of course may form a wholly owned company on her own, there are two main forms for forming a new innovative company, namely 50/50 and 10/90. 50/50 means that the private corporation of the Prince Regent helps accelerate a business idea of a Princess Consort and if she so desires the Prince Regent provides all capital. The Princess will own 50% without providing any capital whatsoever but will become the CEO of the new company. 10/90 means that the Princess Consort comes up with an innovative conceptual idea that she does not have time and/or readiness to realize herself. If the private corporation of the Prince Regent chooses to realize that idea, then the Princess Consort is assured 10% of the shares in the new company without having to do anything after supplying the idea. All this means that a significant proportion of business ideas conceived in Courts of Conception will become realized indeed while typically being highly profitable indeed for everyone involved.

A Court of Conception is also a scientific institution as devoted to scientific, technological and entrepreneurial advancement by means of advanced scientific chavruta, the educational method of Plato’s academy as practiced in yeshivot (singular yeshiva), Talmudic academies.

8. Space Colonization

As Courts of Conception increasingly supplant regular polygynous society is Planet Earth becoming a planet covered by autonomous Harem States of Courts of Conception within pre-existing linguistic states. The number of Courts of Conception is also constantly expanding thanks to ever-expanding space colonization. The most saintly and cognitively perfect Prince Regents of androcentric Courts of Conception are ultimately granted planets of their own as eventually populated by billions of Princess Consorts. Extraterrestrial technologies facilitate teleportation, rejuvenation, replication, miniaturized brain interface computers, video observation time machines and crucially both individual and mass telepathic sex. A Prince Regent of an androcentric Court of Conception may therefores simultaneously have telepathic sexual relations and telepathic marital conversations with an unlimited number of Princess Consorts, even billions at the same time. The breeding of genius genomes, including through telepathic mass insemination at androcentric Courts of Conceptions means that technological innovation and technological development are also happening at an increasingly rapid pace.

LEGAL WARNING: The above text is a futuristic vision of feminist return to traditional court etiquette and constitutes neither political advocacy nor encouragement of criminal violation. Readers are strictly advised to fully and strictly comply with each and every contemporary provision of law in their respective jurisdiction. The above text is specifically and explicitly not provided for pornographic use and any such use is not the responsibility of the author. This is a literary text and not a political one and the author is not responsible for any other use.

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