Arithmetics of Islamization

Apostasy laws in Islamdom are a significant indicator of religious tolerance in predominantly Muslim countries. (Image by edrussia567 on Wikicommons.)

Blaming others for elected politicians, journalists and the police not doing their job in defending open society from its enemies will certainly not help solve problems associated with societal processes of Islamization in liberal-democratic open societies with large-scale immigration from countries in a state of more extensive Islamization. Rather, those who evade their duties in defending open society will by simple arithmetics become outcompeted by yet others.

Mainstream Islam during the 20th century underwent comprehensive processes of modernization and relative liberalization in most but not all countries where Muslims traditionally live. Much of this progress has however been tragically reversed with the global onslaught of the oil-funded modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism. These reactionary social processes are multidimensional and are known as Islamization, namely the coercive imposition of religious imperialism of Islamdom onto other human cultures and civilizations.

Islamization occurs in multiple parallel dimensions; academic, criminal cultural, ideological, journalistic, political, religious, social, terrorist etc. This is not merely about the intended imposition of a certain modern totalitarian political ideology posing as a religion (Islamists typically falsely claim to represent Orthodox Islam) but more generally a certain intentionally colonialist extension of an imperialist civilization.

Islamization has in recent decades taken place in many countries and typically resulting in patriarchal restoration of tragically reversing progress made in the social freedom of girls and women, such as females being effectively forced to veil themselves so as to evade sexual harassment in public space. This can be seen in Muslim neighborhoods of Europe from which the state withdraws and leaves the population at the mercy of Islamist thugs, criminal gangs and male sexual harassers. The idea is that females who don’t veil themselves are somehow “whores” who may therefore be inappropriately approached for the purpose of soliciting sexual services while the same males would certainly not behave this way towards veiled females in public space. De facto enforced veiling as driven by public sexual harassment is in fact a key social factor in social processes of Islamization around the world. Anyone seeking to counter Islamist processes of Islamization need therefore fight for civil rights and social freedom of females and the LGBTQI community and entirely irrespective of religious or ethnic origin.

Culturally structural harassment of non-Muslims in public space has the very same underlying social purpose of humiliating into submission thereby non-Muslims implicitly will eventually convert to Islam to evade suffering public humiliation. Anyone concerned with ensuring dignity and security in European societies therefore should be very much concerned about implementing a zero tolerance policy towards harassment against Jews by Muslims and cultural Muslims in public space.

Jihadist terrorism seeks to foster fear of Muslims (so called “Islamophobia”) and subsequently institute a reign of fear as they actually want non-Muslims to fear Muslims. So called “Islamophobia” is a great political asset for Islamist movements as they therefore can portray themselves as victims of actual existing prejudice when in fact Islamists victimize Muslims more than anyone else. Anyone seeking to counter Islamism/Jihadism therefore should help facilitate open public debate on the issue of Islamization while actively opposing prejudice against Muslims.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is the world’s largest and therefore most dangerous Islamist movement. The MB is known for using deceptive front organizations and for highly deceptive political rhetorics as entirely contrary to sharia. The MB falsely claims to be Muslims but are in fact according to sharia munafiqun (Arabic for hypocrites) who spread the modern totalitarian political ideology of Islamism in the name of Muslim victims of that very nefarious modernt totalitarian political ideology falsely claiming to represent a world religion. Anyone seeking to counter the significant global threat posed by this neo-medievalist totalitarian political ideology/movement therefore precisely needs to expose them as non-Muslims considering that a munafeq according to Sharia is precisely a non-Muslim. Anyone concerned with countering the destructive activities of the MB need precisely counter their claims to represent Muslims as any believer in the munafeq MB according to sharia therefore is no longer a Muslim.

The MB similar to Jihadist terrorists seek the coercive imposition of a public climate of fear where only bigots will dare engage in critique of civilization with respect to social phenomena in and of Islamdom and the Muslim world as this will effectively reinforce the false claims of the MB to represent the world religion of Islam. Anyone seeking to oppose the political influence of the Muslim Brotherhood thus needs to help facilitate informed public debate on the issue of Islamization while opposing prejudice against Muslims.

Anyone concerned with protecting and upholding the right to asylum need also strongly work to uphold the social freedom of females and LGBTQI persons with ethnic origins in Islamdom, including in predominantly Muslim neighborhoods in Europe. Those in the political class, the media and in the system of justice who abandon the people in those neighborhoods are the real racists and “islamophobes” as they intentionally discriminate out of racial origin and precisely individual and structural fear of Muslims. What is needed therefore is to bring in the military in cooperation with heavily armed police forces in order reconquer those areas, restore law and order and stamp down on Islamist vigilantes, public sexual harassment, overt discrimination and hate crimes generally.

Those who truly care about protecting the legal right to asylum need to advocate restrictive immigration policies with respect to persons from non-democracies other than for asylum seekers. Immigration to Europe is based on human trafficking in terms of organized smuggling of migrants, purchased “marriage” for what is anything but family reunification and labor bondage in purported immigration for employment purposes which is actually simply modern human slavery. Immigration from non-democracies therefore need to remain open to those needing asylum and to their immediate families while all other gates of immigration from non-democracies need to be effectively closed down. Embassies and consulates of liberal democracies in non-democracies need to start receiving asylum applications without need for refugees paying the international criminal networks behind the organized human trafficking in migrants.

The MB is a Saudi Wahhabi intelligence agency and uses normal intelligence methods for recruiting agents, including prominently sexual extortion as enabled by the use of seduction agents. The MB works by ensnaring citizens active in civil society and then turn them into collaborating enslaved political agents. The general public in open societies needs to be alerted to the dangers in these regards and those ensnared into becoming political agents of the MB (i.e. most of those who directly politically collaborate with the MB soft Islamization agenda) need to be liberated from bondage by the national police in liberal democracies. All organizations representing political totalitarianism whether Ba’athists, Communists, Islamists, Fascists, Kahanists, Nazis or otherwise need to become automatically illegal by law and open society needs to treat advocates of totalitarianism precisely as the existential enemies of society which they indeed are.

Elected politicians of liberal democracies need to understand that those problems will not go away by blaming problems of Islamization on right-wing critics of Islamization. Rather, if mainstream media does not cover those increasingly severe domestic issues partly or entirely resulting from social processes of Islamization, so will new conservative media. If the system of justice and mainstream politicians do not take serious and concerted action on social issues associated with processes of Islamization – then will voters out of effective desperation increasingly vote for rightwing conservative candidates and political parties.

The increasing electoral rise of rightwing conservatism in liberal democracies with significant ongoing immigration from heavily Islamized countries is precisely an electoral reaction to social processes of Islamization. If mainstream media, mainstream political parties and the system of justice including importantly the police evade their intrinsic responsibilities and engage in racial discrimination out of structural fear of Muslims, then others will take journalistic and political action in their stead. Mainstream media and mainstream politicians therefore only have themselves to blame for becoming increasingly outcompeted by others who indeed take those responsibilities seriously. Indeed, as seen in the 2016 US presidential election will the voting public increasingly elect rightwing conservative alternatives unless existing politicians do not stop collaborating with and legitimizing Islamism and social processes of Islamization as directly or indirectly stemming from organized Islamism. If mainstream politicians will not fight Islamism and Islamization, then will rightwing conservatives increasingly take power through the ballot box.

If the police do not perform their jobs in policing predominantly Muslim neighborhoods of Europe, then will Islamist vigilantes take over that very exercise of authority. If police, journalists and politicians will not exercise the authority and assume the responsibilities which they have been entrusted then so will others. Blaming immigrants, Muslims generally, rightwing conservatives, xenophobes, racists or even Muslim extremists (i.e. Islamists) for the police, media and elected political class not doing their job will precisely not solve anything but will rather exacerbate the underlying problems of police, journalists and elected politicians selectively and discriminatorily so evading their responsibilities of defending open society against its enemies.