Applied Deconstruction

Deconstruction is an exact science of liminal thinking in strongly being opposed to the utter nonsense of carno-phallogocentrism which sadly pervades academia and modernity generally.


Deconstruction is usually conceived of as episteme but what if we were to also conceive of Deconstruction as techne? Jacques Derrida founded the science of Deconstruction in the 20th century although it needs be pointed out that the intellectual history of Deconstruction is most ancient indeed as e.g. pervading the two Talmuds.

What if however we were to take this a step further by advancing Deconstruction from an applied science of epistemology to an applied science of conceptual, social and technological innovation indeed?

What then does Applied Deconstruction mean, what will it mean and importantly what should it mean? First does this mean ethico-aesthetico-politically endeavoring adventures of discourse which may not even not seeming possible at all. The economy of the possible is certainly highly mediated by various historical, social and discursive factors that are subject to incremental change.

This means that that we will no longer limit ourselves to the horizon of the contemporary as for example regards paradigm, genre, narrative etc. Furthermore does this mean that we shall leave unhelpful trajectories of action that hold us captive to the past.

Throughout the system of education are we indoctrinated to think in terms of carno-phallogocentrism despite this being utterly ab silly and ridiculous indeed and so we need encourage ethico-aesthetico-political innovation that breaks established pattern of thought and action.

The structurally abusive system of miseducation thus needs become transformed into a new environment of accelerators where the purpose of education is to early produce highly specialized innovators, highly specialized entrepreneurs, highly specialized consultants and highly specialized leaders. The current system of psychologica abuse seeks to reproduce the current class of employees which is bound to increasingly disappear and indeed increasingly rapidly so. Rather than as of now producing mental slaves needs the new accelerator environment produce brave and fearless intellectual leaders in pursuit of love of virtue in seeking to increasingly maximize the economy of excellence.

Applied Deconstruction needs therefore become an applied economic science but far more than that in incorporating essential insights from all other scientific fields of academia and intelligence science alike.

Applied Deconstruction needs become the very science of the accelerator economy of Talentism. It is surely about time that economic science incorporates insights from other sciences rather than as of now relying on superstitious numerology. Applied Deconstruction will thus not merely be an economic science but a general science as opposed to merely an interdisciplinary study.