Tikkun Olam

changeWelcome to social innovation that provides innovative solutions for the future. Critical theory is about understanding what’s wrong and social innovation is about finding creative, ethical solutions that deliver and really work!

Tikkun means “fixing” in Judaism and the concept of Tikkun Olam (“repairing the world” in Hebrew) has become particularly prominent in contemporary Jewish life in the United States with its large and very politically active Jewish community. It could be argued however that this Jewish concept has been secularized much as Zionism has secularized Judaism.

innovationThe focus in Rabbinic Judaism regarding the future was historically in the Diaspora on awaiting the mashiach (messiah) through prayer, religious studies, good deeds and ritual religious observance. With the rise of democratic Zionism and even more so in the decades after the Holocaust comes the idea in the American Jewish community that Jews should seek to remake the world into a better place through political action of helping others helping themselves, particularly within and from liberal democracies such as Israel and the United States of America. Major American Jewish organizations came to increasingly focus on advocating for structurally oppressed groups in the United States and throughout the world and so has the organized American Jewish community become active and respected participants in the political life of the United States of America. change aheadJews becoming agents of both Jewish redemption and world redemption through Jewish political leadership is thus one of the tremendous changes brought by Zionism.

Inventing effective, ethical solutions to intractable global problems by deconstructing those very problems is thus an important part of the political task of the WPJO. Fixing the world one problem at a time therefore requires inventing quality solutions to quantitative global problems.

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