Zoology of Cognition

Virtually all informed scientists are absolutely convinced that there are vast amounts of life forms beyond Planet Earth. This is predicated on the correct conclusion that it would be mathematically highly improbable in the very extreme if Planet Earth were to be the single location of life forms.

Esinophilic  esophagitis (Image by Nephron on Wikicommons)

The intelligence world is involved in advanced research in anything deemed strategically, tactically, technologically or politically relevant and will typically intervene by means of “protective recruitment” so as to halt academic encroachment into fields of knowledge as already developed by the intelligence world as the power and influence of the patriarchal intelligence world is predicated on withholding information.

Research into life forms beyond Planet Earth is one of those fields and the then Argentina-based Gestapo engaged in global disinformation campaigns in deliberately spreading fraudulent conspiracy theories so as to intentionally discredit any academic or even private research into this field.

Aside from the Gestapo did American intelligence and Soviet intelligence in both having been being heavily penetrated by the Argentina-based Gestapo also carry out extensive research into the astronomy of life. Israel is however now the undisputed world leader in the astronomy of life and has not only mapped spatial Existence with its many temporal dimensions but also mapped vast amounts of life forms wherein. The size of universe is so small that it could be described as a mere atom within Existence. Beyond Existence is literally nothing which is something that is still not really understood in terms of physics.

DNA is the most common form of genetics throughout Existence although there are innumerable other forms of genetics with distinctive origins. In science fiction literature are non-Earthling high intelligence life forms typically peculiarly conceived of as resembling white men. Although there are many life forms that do in fact somehow resemble humans is that statistically speaking a minute fraction of all highly intelligent life forms in Existence.

Nearly all non-terrestrial life forms are not even visible to the human eye for various reasons such being transparent (e.g. jelly-like), being microscopic, on a nano-level or being too large to be observed such as life forms that are larger than “our own” small universe.

Most life forms throughout Existence are not sentient agents of cognition although a small proportion are, including those that are far more intelligent than the human animals themselves. Most life forms do not even resemble what humans would think of as life, meaning that those “do not look like life” and are in most cases only possible to document by special high tech cameras and special high tech video recorders. Human limited vision is thus the main reason why space “looks empty” to humans. What is known as black is in fact a vast diversity of colors although human vision perceives this as ostensibly one single color.

Cognition is remarkably similar among sentient agents of cognition and not only among Earthling sentient agents of cognition but also among sentient agents of cognition generally in Existence. Although there is obviously tremendous psychometric variation is the core experience of being a sentient agent of cognition remarkably similar and indeed irrespectively so of taxa and that is the core experience of idiosyncratic personhood.

Viruses are of non-Earthling origin and viruses are widespread in most parts of Existence and also infiltrates non-DNA life forms. This is one important reason why it is in most cases preferable to not physically interact with non-Earthling life forms but rather do so indirectly by means of communication from a distance due to the severe threat of contagion by viruses that could unintentionally lead to mutual destruction of life on entire planets.

By means of techniques of animal communication as universally deployed in the intelligence world is it in fact not especially difficult to communicate with highly intelligent life forms as these are often able to intuitively understand human languages without any prior knowledge.

What discourses of traditional religion traditionally referred to as so called “evil” is actually the biological phenomenon of parasitism as humans since inventing tool-based hunting/warfare have themselves increasingly socially developed into parasites, both between themselves and towards other Earthling Animals although not genetically so, except among persons with antisocial personality disorders.

The Dinosaurs once dominated Planet Earth and some Dinosaurs evolutionarily survived in the form of what are now known as Birds. The Tyrannosaurids were a powerful series of zoological taxa as dominating Planet Earth in having developed extremely high intelligence about ten times that of humans. In having zoologically developed advanced ability for relocation were they able to leave Planet Earth prior to the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event 66 million years ago and in the subsequent 66 million years parasitically indirectly colonize most parts of Existence.

66 million years of evolution is of course a considerable time span and so the Tyrannosaurids developed into rather different life forms. The Tyrannosaurids as they evolved remained recognizably animal and earthling although they as is common among life forms developed capacity for changing form and shape, an ability which in fact is present to varying degrees among many current Earthling Animal species as well.

Human religions all describe varyingly advanced, conscious forms of subconscious communication, often varyingly anthropologically referred to as religious experience, religious ecstasy, demon-possession and the like. The ancestors of humans did prior to evolutionarily developing the anatomical ability for spoken communication engage in typical animal communication, remnants of which are now known as subconscious communication, i.e. projection/introjection.

Religious experiential phenomena therefore are often simply subconscious communication made conscious. Subconscious communication is common between Earthling taxa whether animal or not as even plants perform this among themselves as well as with Animals despite plants not being sentient agents of cognition. A human person who feels relieved and relaxed after walking in a forest does so after having experienced the pleasure of sexual contact of subconscious communication with plants such as tree.

All humans perform subconscious communication (as do all animals) to varying degrees of awareness. When the barrier increasingly breaks down between the conscious and the subconscious is this in Western culture often interpreted as what is known and socially constructed as psychosis, yet some neuro-psychiatric minorities have atypical relationships between the conscious and subconscious, something which is quite distinctive from what in Western discourse is known as psychosis.

Projection/introjection is how subconscious communication was described by psychoanalysis and defense mechanisms do not only prevent undue introjection but also serve as gatekeepers between the conscious and the subconscious.

Subconscious communication (i.e. neurological contact) may take place across literally unlimited distances and thus is it possible for two persons in different parts of the world to fall in love with each other without even ever having met each other IRL.

Psychosis is thus a spontaneous relative breakdown of the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious. Human persons whose subconscious communication has become partly conscious may thus experience involuntary introjection and that may become quite intrusive and painful indeed for the patient. Such subconscious communication may take place with humans, with members of other Animal taxa, with Earthlings that are not sentient agents of cognition such as plants (subconscious communication with plants is usually of a sexual nature) or even with non-Earthling agents of sentient cognition. Religious experiences across the anthropological spectrum often involves perceived communication with “spirits”, “demons”, “devils” and the like and these forms of communication were when actually taking place frequently with members of parasitical taxa as evolved from relocated Tyrannosaurids.

However, since neurological communication is possible to perform across unlimited distance is it also possible to perform mass extermination of entire taxa throughout Existence and that advanced technology as developed by the world-leading Israeli Space Command (ISC) ensured the successful, complete extermination of the literally astronomical number of parasitical species in Existence as evolved from ex-earthling Tyrannosaurids.

By highly ethically studying experiences of cognition in species throughout Existence can we also learn more about the meaning of Personhood itself which is essential to re-understanding the politics of the dignity of persons as precisely foundational to open society and liberal democracy indeed.

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