Women’s Protection Units (YPJ)

The Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) have become world-famous as the world’s first women’s army. But who are the YPJ and why were they founded and what is their purpose beyond eliminating Jihadist terrorists?

High-level YPJ officers in a GCC-purchased troop carrier as manufactured in the United States and delivered to feminist Rojava (DFNS) by the US military. (Image by Kurdishstruggle on Flickr)

The Women’s Protection Units (YPJ, Kurdish abbreviation for Yekîneyên Parastina Jin‎) was first set up by Israel’s second hereditary head of state (codenamed YPJ1 within the FLM) as a military force specialized in armed liberation of prostitutes. The term prostitute refers to relative degrees of involuntary sex work although in most cases is it sexually enslaved persons who are liberated.

YPJ-liberated prostitutes are subsequently rehabilitated by means of feminist military training in the Women’s Protection Units, the world’s first feminist army in the world’s first feminist state, the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) as usually known as simply Rojava, meaning “West” as referring to West Kurdistan although the vast majority of the human population of DFNS is not Kurdish as the Euphrates has become the southern border of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.

The YPJ conducts rescue operations worldwide in liberating prostitutes in every country from the clutches of evil patriarchy. The YPJ even rescues prostitutes in North Korea in daring commando operations. No country is off-limits for the elite commando units of the Women’s Protection Units.

The vast majority although far from all YPJ fighters are liberated prostitutes who were rescued by the YPJ from Syria and from all parts of Kurdistan and this accounts for the rapid growth of the YPJ which is far larger than in most estimates.

Rescued prostitutes from all other countries are rehabilitated in closed military zones in remote areas of the United States where they receive YPJ military training as a highly effective form of rehabilitation. After rehabilitation is completed are they returned mostly to their original countries where they form elite semi-covert feminist commando units.

Feminist military forces have proven far more effective than traditional masculinist military forces as founded on structural derogation of the domain of the feminine and so have feminist military units become highly valued in militaries of most countries.

The Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) form an important part of the Feminist Liberation Movement (FLM) whose original name was the Kurdistan’s Workers’ Party (PKK) but is now the world’s largest feminist movement with a state of its own in West Kurdistan, North Syria and parts of Iraqi Kurdistan and maintains close ties with national militaries in most countries as more and more military officers worldwide are given training in feminist battle doctrine.

While the YPJ is outwardly the women’s corps of the male YPG (People’s Protection Units), the army of Syrian Kurdistan is the YPJ actually the Syrian branch of worldwide FLM intelligence, the global military intelligence agency of the FLM and the DFNS. Feminist military units of FLM military intelligence worldwide are fully patriotic and loyal to their own countries yet are also fully devoted to the global feminist social revolution. FLM military units are highly valued for counter-terrorist operations in countries worldwide and as rescued former prostitutes have they typically few compunctions about eliminating male evildoers.

The Catholic church is traditionally the guardian angel of former prostitutes as Catholic nunneries worldwide devote themselves to the literally most sacred cause of rehabilitating of former prostitutes. Former prostitutes are typically quickly drawn again into prostitution and drug abuse unless provided with qualified rehabilitation. Catholic nunneries could however not spatially receive the vast numbers of prostitutes as liberated by YPJ elite commando units in countries around the world and so was large-scale feminist military training set up in closed military zones in remote areas of the United States of America; the beacon of freedom and the greatest hope of the world’s oppressed. America of course is not a perfect country either and so YPJ commando units rescue prostitutes in all 50 states and in all US dependencies, including in Puerto Rico as well as in the District of Columbia.

Rescued prostitutes come from very different conditions as spanning from chattel slaves to so called “luxury” prostitution, meaning more expensive decoration. YPJ elite commando units raid brothels worldwide as even in central Pyongyang. YPJ intelligence operatives rescue prostitutes from the streets and perform advanced detective work so as to map and rescue prostitutes everywhere.

The most difficult category to rescue are intelligence prostitutes due to them usually living seemingly ordinary lives in ordinary homes. Although most ordinary prostitutes are females is intelligence prostitution a more complex issue to tackle as virtually all intelligence operatives of all genders in the patriarchal intelligence are in fact prostitutes as most operative elements of covert missions involve sex for the purpose of operational recruitment, honey traps, infiltration by seduction etc. The practice of neurological enslavement makes it extremely difficult to rescue intelligence prostitutes and so are these operations performed by global FLM intelligence rather than by the YPJ. FLM deploys extremely advanced and still highly classified operational methods for liberating intelligence prostitutes and do in the process liquidate the thoroughly criminal patriarchal intelligence world as now virtually synonymous with organized crime.

FLM intelligence as Kurdistani Intelligence was founded by the TEVEL, originally a Hebrew acronym as referring to the Political Action and Liaison Department of the now unofficially dissolved Mossad. TEVEL is now an international intelligence organization for pro-democratic intelligence agencies in democracies and non-democracies alike and FLM intelligence (including its YPJ branch) is one of many member intelligence agencies of the highly integrated TEVEL international intelligence organization.

YPJ specifically and FLM military forces generally are devoted to global feminist social revolution and has as FLM military forces indeed literally become indispensable for counter-terrorism operations worldwide. FLM military forces are highly respected in militaries around the world for their high ethical standards, exceptional bravery and utter devotion to the elimination of the mostly male evildoers. FLM military forces everywhere operate under the cover of military censorship and it is certainly fair to describe the global FLM military intelligence agency as the global YPJ from which it was indeed founded.

The YPJ specifically and FLM military forces worldwide are committed to the elimination of ethnocracy, patriarchy and generally structural oppression whether economic, social or statist. FLM military forces (including the YPJ) are in fact the armed feminist social revolution worldwide.

A new country is slated to be set up in sparsely populated Hejaz at the Red Sea in northwest Saudi Arabia where global FLM military forces are planned to settle once the planned peaceful feminist social revolution has been successfully concluded worldwide.

The new country will be a haven for rescued prostitutes and the spearhead of the building of feminist civilization. The new country will have no cis-men residents and so the new country will provide perfect conditions for feminist ethico-aesthetic social innovation in devising new ethico-functional social models for the entire human world.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.