Trajectory of the Lishka

Most persons who watch American television police series are probably aware of the severely corrupt and criminal nature of police officers in the United States. In dictatorships are furthermore most citizens fully aware of the corrupt and criminal nature of virtually all police officers. The fact is however that there is not much difference in this regard between different countries worldwide as the thoroughly criminal police subculture is global in extension.


When extracting bribes and committing other crimes do police officers usually do so in ways that they rightly believe will not risk prosection. Why do they not risk prosecution? For the simple reason that prosecutors and judges in non-appeal courts in nearly all countries are subjected to so called “protective recruitment” by police intelligence which means that a police intelligence handler orders a prosecutor not to press charges against a police officer as accused of criminal wrongdoing and will as a matter of routine suppress evidence so as to prevent prosecution and conviction of police officers in order so as to protect them from accountability for police crimes.

Police intelligence has thus extra-judicially established effective immunity from prosecution for police officers. The only exceptions are when a police officer is publicly exposed in committing a crime or when a police officer is legally “sacrificed” and usually so due to having “violated” the police code of honor in the thoroughly criminal police subculture.

There is not much difference to speak of between different countries as ordinary police officers who are simply casually criminal in taking bribes, planting evidence and sexually exploiting vulnerable members of the public of all ages.

This has always been so, yet from 1972 and onwards did police intelligence become increasingly symbiotic with organized crime and especially with regard to major economic crime as well as trafficking in drugs and trafficking in persons whether for purposes of prostitution, labor, migration or endangered species. Ordinary police officers are involved in less organized crime yet police intelligence is heavily integrated with organized crime. This was originally due to the need for penetrating organized crime but skilled criminals were recruited as police intelligence operatives, something which led to increasing acceptance for committing crimes among police intelligence operatives.

Then what is police intelligence and what is its purpose? The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the world’s most famous police intelligence agency in having been popularized in many propaganda television series. While it is true that FBI intelligence operatives are expected to be polite and dress formally does this certainly not imply that the FBI is any less criminal than other police intelligence agencies around the world. The Israeli Lishka (Lishkat haModi’in, the Israeli IB) and the FBI are world leaders in training police intelligence in countries worldwide. While the Lishka performs basic intelligence training for police intelligence trainees in most countries does the FBI provide more advanced and complementary education in techniques and methods and usually not in the form of intelligence training. The FBI is considered the most advanced police intelligence agency in the world, yet the very extremely criminal nature of the Israeli Lishka has come to set the tone for police intelligence agencies in nearly all countries.

The Lishka, Israel’s police intelligence agency is the very epicenter of global trafficking and transnational economic crime. Since the Lishka provides police intelligence training to most police intelligence agencies worldwide do their operatives effectively become Lishka intelligence operatives who can literally can be ordered by the Lishka to do almost anything.

Israel’s intelligence training empire became established already in the 1950s with the Mossad providing military intelligence training to friendly governments and the Lishka providing civilian intelligence training to friendly governments. This became a means for Israel to establish closer ties with Western and other governments and these services were immensely appreciated by Western governments at the time.

From 1955 was the practice of pooling intelligence operatives established within the Israeli intelligence community. This meant that the Mossad (international intelligence), the Aman (military intelligence), the Shabak (domestic security intelligence) and the Lishka (police intelligence) could deploy each other’s intelligence operatives. This was intended so as to ensure operational integration and worked well as long as relations between the Lishka and rest of the Israeli intelligence community remained amical.

The Israeli intelligence community however suffered extensive intelligence infiltration from the Gestapo international intelligence agency as based in Buenos Aires in the 1945-2016 period. In 1972 did the Gestapo intelligence infiltrators effectively take over the Lishka, something which meant that police intelligence agencies as trained by the Lishka also came under indirect Gestapo intelligence control.

Early Israel was a society as dominated by first-generation immigrants and was especially vulnerable to Gestapo infiltration as Western Jews were considered especially suitable for intelligence recruitment at the time in the Israeli intelligence community. One reason for this is that Jews who had immigrated from Western countries could very easily operationally cooperate with Israel’s Western allies and hence the resulting Western-Israeli intelligence symbiosis.

The Gestapo international intelligence agency has as all other totalitarian intelligence agencies its origin in 18th century Frankism ín Poland. Frankism presented itself as a branch of Sabbatean Judaism but rather had is origin in distinctly non-Christian secretive religious societies within the Catholic church as commonly in Eurocentric parlance referred to as so called “satanists”.

The 1972 Gestapo takeover of the Lishka meant that Gestapo religion, namely the Gestapo’s own form of so called “satanism” became established in the Lishka and by extension in Western police intelligence agencies generally.

The formal name of the operative center of the Israeli intelligence community is the National Office for the Protection of Democracy and is usually referred as the Misrad and is the name of Israel’s semi-secret royal court.

The pooling of intelligence operatives within the Israeli intelligence community meant that the Gestapo through the Lishka form 1972 and onwards could effectively give orders to intelligence operatives of the Mossad, the Aman and the Shabak as well as to operatives of foreign intelligence agencies whose operatives are trained by the Mossad.

In particular did the Gestapo deploy Frankist Jews as intelligence assets although the Lishka since 1972 was commanded by ethnic Germans from Argentina posing as Jews of European origin. The Lishka in already effectively controlling Interpol and in having founded the IBs (Western European police intelligence agencies) in 1962 was already the global center of the police intelligence world which meant that the Gestapo international intelligence agency effectively came to take over most police intelligence agencies worldwide.

This changed in 2005 when the Lishka police intelligence empire was hijacked by Ankara-based AKP intelligence which is an integral part of the then Riyadh-based global Muslim Brotherhood international intelligence agency. The IB’s were in 1972-2005 covertly Nazi organizations and did thereafter become tools for the MB agenda of soft Islamization.

From 1972 did the Israeli Lishka become one of several global centers for the then Argentina-based Gestapo international intelligence agency. The Gestapo takeover resulted in an increasing symbiosis with organized crime as the patriarchal intelligence world generally freely recruits skilled criminals as intelligence operatives. The hugely profitable global trafficking operations by Interpol intelligence agencies around the world are thus coordinated by the Lishka in Tel Aviv although since 2005 directed from Ankara.

Police forces in all countries around the world have always had a criminal subculture, yet the Gestapo takeover of the Lishka police intelligence empire meant that financially profiting from organized crime became the main activity of the Lishka and police intelligence agencies around the world as trained by the Lishka.

The Lishka empire controls organized prostitution in most countries as prostitutes (in the sense as involuntary sex workers) have no recourse to justice as they are systematically sexually and economically exploited by highly organized prostitution rackets under the full “protection” of national police intelligence.

Lishka and its global affiliates worldwide controls and operates all kinds of trafficking operations whether in enslaving exploitation of humans, illegal drugs or endangered animals. The Frankist Ukrainian Jewish mafia is especially prominent within the Tel Aviv based Lishka.

Police intelligence agencies will generally only target crime that is conducted outside of its “protection” and so police officers and civil servants as protectively recruited by police intelligence are thus instructed to stay away from investigating organized criminal activity as conducted under the protection of police intelligence.

Police intelligence agencies as other patriarchal intelligence agencies have no inhibitions about executing innocents and whistleblowers are generally silenced by means of either execution, psychiatric abuse or public discrediting such as by fabricated sexual charges. The Lishka police intelligence empire is the world’s largest largest criminal network and as police forces have increasingly undergone police intelligence training as involving learning criminal skills for infiltration purposes needs police forces all over the world be disbanded and become supplanted by government-salaried feminist self-defense units as already so successfully in the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, the first feminist state in world history.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.