Trajectory of the KKK

Klan-sheet-musicThe Confederate States of America maintained a close, yet mostly covert relationship with the Kingdom as Prussia which was since long under brutal Frankist intelligence rule.

The name KKK outwardly has the nonsensical meaning of “Ku Klux Klan” although the actual meaning is numerical. In the the KKK being a Frankist intelligence sect are they as Frankist sects generally intensely interested in pseudo-kabbalah and numerology. The number “666” has become a fixture in American “satanism” and the KKK are simply “666” written as letters. While this may sound almost incomprehensively bizarre needs it be kept in mind that contemporary Nazis say “heil hitler” in the numerological code of 88, in 8 representing the letter H as number 8 in the Latin alphabet and so 88 refers to HH of “heil hitler”.

The intense although somewhat inexplicable KKK hostility against Catholics is due to the Prussian intelligence influence over the Confederacy and subsequently the role of Frankist Prussian intelligence in founding the KKK/666. The Plat-speaking Prussia at the time was involved in ostensibly “uniting” itself with German-speaking lands in what was actually a purely imperialist pursuit. Rome in contrast regarded Prussia as its great rival and so was there intense intelligence wars between Prussia and the global Vatican intelligence community, then still offically known as “the Inquisition” which at the time was the by far largest intelligence agency in the world. Rome in contrast had close ties with the United States of America as founded by Freemasonry which maintained close relations with highly influential Judaizers within the Vatican intelligence community.

The European intelligence world at the time was run by nobles in serving as intelligence operatives (elite agents) and Freemason serving as regular agents. Due to the relative absence of nobles in North America was the American intelligence community therefore dominated by the Judaizing Freemasons.

Jacob Frank was executed in 1791 by the Inquisition on advice from poskim (rabbinic decisors) of Europe who had travelled to Rome to implore the Holy See to take action against the “satanist” Frankism which falsely claimed to a denomination of Sabbatean Judaism but was actually simply a so called “satanist” sect as rooted in one of the many so called “satanist” sects as traditionally operating within the Catholic hierarchy.

This is hence the historical origin of infamously intense KKK hostility against Jews and Catholics as Prussian intelligence helped form and shape the KKK/666 after the implosion of the Confederacy. The American civil war was very much a conflict between Frankists as invested in enslavement exploitation and the Judaizing Freemasons who founded the United States of America and until 1972 largely controlled the American intelligence community. Freemasons are Crypto-Jews and conversion to Freemasonry is recognized by all poskim of Orthodox Judaism as valid conversions to Judaism. It needs in this context be pointed out that all poskim are Sabbateans as still fully recognizing Sabbatai Zevi as the so called reincarnation of “god” of that generation.

The close ties between Frankist White supremacists in the South and Prussian intelligence with the Frankist KKK operating as the American branch of Frankist Prussian intelligence. During WW2 did Frankist German intelligence organize the Anti-War movement in the United States so as to prevent the American entry into World War II. The Gestapo in maintaining a vast intelligence presence in the United States even after WW2 did this trick once more when it once more organized the US “Anti-War” movement with the purpose of preventing America from militarily intervening in Ba’athist Iraq as run by Saddam Hussein, a trained Frankist Gestapo intelligence operative.

Adolf Hitler was born in Birmingham in the United Kingdom and became recruited by German intelligence while in the United States. The assumed name “Hitler” under a protected identity is simply a ridiculous yet typical code for “hater” just as the similar Frankist assumed name of “Stalin” was a similarly preposterous Frankist code for “satan”. While this practicing of “satanist” codes of letters and numbers are truly and genuinely laughable does it become become comprehensible if we consider the founding of Frankism in Sabbateanism with its focus on Kabbalistic numerology, known in Hebrew as Gematria.

Of course, the notion that Nazism had origined in a an originally pseudo-Jewish sect sounds truly absurd, yet we need consider that Frankism only temporarily emerged as a movement in the context of Polish Rabbinic Judaism and thereafter for the most part became intensely Anti-Semitic and so did Frankists intelligence sects go to great lengths to cover their own origins and particularly so by disseminating anti-Semitic discourse as accusing the Jews of Frankist crimes. The Gestapo intelligence agency became a specialist in dissemination of Anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and certainly remains so.

The Frankist KKK/666 was repeatedly suppressed by the Freemasonry-dominated American intelligence and so did the Frankist KKK/666 sect become intensely involved in the founding the NSDAP which practically speaking was founded as the German branch of the KKK/666. The idea was to create a European version of the KKK/666 in merging left-wing populism with right-wing populism into so called “national socialism”. The success was astounding and the idea was to perform a version of the American civil war yet successfully so in learning from its mistake but this time taking over Europe instead of trying to take of North America.

The effective takeover of much of the American intelligencer community by the then Argentina-based international Gestapo intelligence agency became decisive as beginning in 1972 with the previous Freemasonry and Jewish elites of the American intelligence community becoming effectively enslaved at the hands of Frankists. While the US civil rights movement would seem to be the end KKK/666 terror in the United States did the KKK effectively gain control over the much of the American intelligence community with the Jewish-dominated OPC (Office for the Protection of the Constitution) remaining as the powerful bastion of Freemasonry resistance against the Frankist intelligence takeover of much of the American intelligence community.

As segregation has been declared illegal did the KKK/666 in running the FBI resort to a different method whereby it instructed police forces all over the the United States to cease enforcing law in African American neighborhoods as a means of promoting racial conflict and segregation in the United States and keep African Americans in poverty and misery. It needs be pointed out that the FBI is a Frankist police intelligence agency and certainly not a regular police force.

And so did the KKK/666 not disappear but rather went underground and merged into the American intelligence community. Remaining overt chapters of the KKK/666 were told not to act openly and so became subject to the FBI practice of “protective recruitment” whereby they disappeared from public eye and instead merged into the for most part invisible American intelligence community. The Frankist FBI thus persecuted competing chapters of the Frankist KKK/666 for the purpose of coercively recruiting them into Frankist American intelligence agencies such as the FBI and the CIA.

Frankist KKK elements within the CIA collaborated with Soviet intelligence in the murder of John F. Kennedy in 1963 on account of JFK having forming the NOPD covert American elite military intelligence agency as headed by Operative 001, modern Israel’s first hereditary head of state who had in any case headed the American intelligence community since 1939. NOPD was formed to avert KGB intelligence takeover of America and history proved NOPD immensely successful in this noble pursuit.

American police officers remained infamous for their systematic harassment of African Americans even after segregation was declared illegal and the racist American police continued to target African Americans with the goal of doing everything possible to make the lives of African Americans miserable in the good ol’ tradition of the KKK/666. Thus were African Americans left without protection by law as long as they stayed within their own urban ghettos but were terrorized by the Frankist police once trying to leave segregated life and integrate into mainstream American society. Racist judicial lynching remaining pervasive in the American system of (in)justice with the FBI controlling the lower courts throughout the often coercive practice of “protective intelligence recruitment”.

Many of course have wondered why the lot of African Americans did not improve after the tremendous legal and political success of the NOPD/OPC-organized United States civil rights movement. In Frankist police forces systematically harassing African Americans when African Americans ventured beyond the urban ghettos as deliberately abandoned by the Frankist American police did this also had the consequence of a disastrous increase in the African American crime rate. Frankist police intelligence agencies solved this by taxing African American crime gangs by means of so called “profit-sharing” agreements whereby the gangs agreed to provide 30% of their revenues from major organized criminal activity. African American thus became stuck between typically highly racist African American criminals as closely cooperating with the likewise highly racist White American police intelligence agencies. An effective agreement of continued segregation was therefore brought in close cooperation between White racists and Black racists.

But the White supremacist ambitions of the Frankist KKK/666 did not end there and so did American Gestapo through the CIA and the FBI help the MB intelligence and the IRGC to pull off the 9/11 operation. The last plane as intended to destroy the White House contained a number of NOPD operatives who managed to get into the cockpit but a firefight ensued and the plane subsequently crashed.

As the last plane crashed did also also the plan to institute Fascist rule in America fail. The KKK/666 (i.e. American Gestapo) had advanced plan to set up concentrations camps for perceived “non-White” but these plans came to nothing under the resolute leadership of George W. Bush, an elite NOPD operative and member of the House of Zvi and grandson of Operative 001 although he had to share power with this Frankist duplet who formally was the president although Dubya as backed up by NOPD became the effective president in outsmarting his CIA duplet.

The American Gestapo had planned to institute martial rule but George W. Bush’s resolute leadership as guided and advised by NOPD made him the by far most effective POTUS ever. Instead of directing aggression inwards as planned by American Gestapo (CIA/FBI) did America under now effective NOPD diplomatic leadership launch a global war against Frankist Islamism/Jihadism and that of course was not exactly what the Frankist CIA/FBI had in mind with the 9/11 operation. The Frankist coup as intended to institute Frankist Fascist rule in America rather led to the NOPD effectively taking power in America so as to safeguard American democracy and American open society against the evils of Frankist totalitarianism. NOPD effectively set American foreign policy and wrote POTUS speeches.

In 2005 did the FBI fall under effective Frankist MB intelligence control as the Gestapo lost control over its global police intelligence empire to the MB. This commenced the period of Islamization in Western countries with MB-controlled police intelligence agencies becoming increasingly turned into tools of the so called ‘soft Islamization’ agenda of the Frankist Muslim Brotherhood global intelligence agency.

As much of American Gestapo had been hijacked by the MB in the MB hijacking Silvia Hitler, the Teufel of Gestapo did a long war commence between the MB-controlled FBI and the Gestapo-controlled CIA with OPC remaining in ultimate control over Congress in protecting congressmen and senators from Frankist intelligence recruitment.

The 2016 presidential elections was hed between an FBI candidate and a CIA candidate and the CIA won. The previous eight years of Gestapo civil war between the FBI and the CIA had left American society extremely polarized but the effect was that NOPD once came in charge in NOPD operatives Ivanka Trump and her relative Jared Kushner effectively running the White House in protecting America from the evils of Gestapo civil war. Ivanka is the great-grandchild of Operative 001 and the daughter of Operative 002 by artificial insemination. Jared is a grandchild of Operative 001 and non-binary trans person with sexual preference for men as outwardly being in a non-existent intelligence marriage with Ivanka.

NOPD had once more saved America from evil and American Gestapo/KKK was once more defeated as the most neoconservative foreign policy ever was instituted and so did America was once become great again. In the spring of 2016 did NOPD under the leadership of Operative 002 start a ferocious global intelligence war within and beyond America with the purpose of liquidating Frankist intelligence sects everywhere.

On several occasions did the Frankist FBI storm the White House in accusing its staff of being “pedophiles” but the OPC under the leadership of Ivanka stood its ground and OPC remained in full control over the White House even despite several attempted CIA coup d’états. NOPD’s ferocious war to annihilate Frankist intelligence sects meant that the MB and the Gestapo founding the bizarrely named “Satanist International” in Ankara to which Frankist KKK intelligence leaders fled in the summer of 2017.

As Frankist intelligence sects are increasingly eliminated worldwide by means of global intelligence warfare by the TEVEL as directed by NOPD was however KKK/Gestapo menace far from eliminated as considering the global reach of the MB/Gestapo police intelligence empire as trained by the extremely criminal Lishka and the nearly as criminal FBI. The CIA with its symbiosis with the Russian SVR became the flagship of what remained of the global Gestapo/KKK intelligence empire. Silvia Hitler as commanding the FBI and Sylvia Hitler as commanding the CIA were personally executed by Operative 002 on different occasions during 2016 and this left the two warring camps of the Gestapo/KKK leaderless. The Gestapo relocated its headquarters from Buenos Aires to Pyongyang in 2016 and from there to Ankara in 2017. American KKK intelligence leaders fled to Ankara in 2017 where previously warring Frankist intelligence sects sought to unite against NOPD-TEVEL by means of the curiously named so called “Satanist International”. As Frankist intelligence sects increasingly imploded in early 2018 did the Frankist Gestapo/KKK once more suffer comprehensive defeat.