Trajectory of the Information Bureau

It is no secret that Israel has for over half a century been a major participant in Western intelligence sharing. As the Jewish people emerged from the ashes into proudly empowered victims did young Israel’s relationship with Western European countries grow increasingly warm, close and intimate indeed. This also meant that Israel assumed a role of mass trainer of intelligence operatives from other intelligence agencies in their own respective countries as paid for by those other countries.

The Information Bureau (IB) was founded in 1962 to defend open society and liberal democracy against totalitarian enemies of liberal democratic open society but ended up as a vehicle of totalitarianism against open society and liberal democracy.

By 1962 had the relationship grown so close that a federation of Western intelligence agencies under the leadership of the Mossad was founded. On the Mossad’s initiative the same year was a parallel international intelligence organization known as the Information Bureau (IB) set up with branches in the various allied liberal democracies in Western Europe and Israel. Since organized Communism was not illegal in liberal democracies did this mean significant opportunities for Soviet intelligence to infiltrate and subvert open societies in order to politically subjugate liberal democracies. The simple name IB/BI was indeed chosen so that it would sound similar in different European languages.

Soviet intelligence infiltration at the time posed a particularly severe strategic threat to the free world and due to the increasingly existential nature of that threat to open society and liberal democracy was it believed that extraordinary, even extrajudicial action was needed and even required so as to ward off this very severe threat indeed. Methods included infiltrating organizations directly working on behalf of totalitarianism whether Communism or Nazism, variously harassing active sympathizers of those organizations as well of luring them into to becoming agents of the IB. Soviet intelligence also operated various activist groups some of which were socialist while others were not, this included the European “peace movement” which opposed US nuclear weapons in Europe.

The Information Bureaus also infiltrated activist groups since these were in practice often fronts for the KGB as intended to destabilize the free world. Members of activist groups were typically brutally and intrusively harassed by the police on the behalf of the respective national Information Bureau and coercively recruited by the IB through sexual entrapment and subsequent sexual extortion. The Soviet threat at the time was so severe that coercive recruitment was deemed necessary, including so at to protect citizens from becoming recruited by the KGB. The IB also turned into a major gateway for recruitment of combatants (intelligence operatives) in the West’s permanent intelligence war against the Soviet Union and that remained the case even after the dissolution of that polity as the courage of activists in the eyes of the Western intelligence community made them ideal potential recruits as future intelligence operatives, a view indeed obvously also shared by the KGB.

It is clear that the threat of Soviet infiltration at the time was very real and especially so within the democratic left. The IBs were thus set up as intelligence agencies of the social democratic parties and labor movements in Western Europe and Israel alike so as to prevent the democratic left from becoming hijacked by the KGB. The Israeli IB as operating as part of Israel’s at the time still politically dominant labor movement assumed the natural leadership role in the international coordinating mechanism of the various national information bureaus as meant to share information between them about Soviet Soviet intelligence infiltration operations. The Swedish IB was publicly exposed in 1973, yet the Swedish IB and the other IBs did nevertheless continue with their clearly criminal activities.

It is also clear in retrospect that all organizations forming part of totalitarian ideologies should simply have been outlawed by legislative default yet this was deemed undemocratic at the time and so it was believed that considerable extrajudicial action was needed so as to defend freedom in that worldwide intelligence war knowns as the Cold War. Despite the fact that extrajudicial action involving committing crimes against citizens was distinctly the wrong approach is there no question that the IB played a major role in warding off Soviet infiltration from Western Europe.

Although Israeli intelligence was the major player in both the Federation and in the international IB was it however not known to Israel’s allies that Israeli intelligence was never operated under the control of Israel’s elected government. This made the Mossad an easy target for Nazi intelligence which had survived in Argentina to which Nazi German political and intelligence leaders relocated in 1945. By the early 1970s had the Gestapo managed to wrest considerable influence for itself within the Israeli intelligence community and thus indirectly over Western intelligence agencies generally whose relationship with the Mossad effectively had become those of subsidiaries. The Gestapo too played a considerable role in the Cold War as many third world dictatorships as allied with the US during the Cold War were in fact regimes at least in part controlled by the Argentina-based Gestapo international intelligence agency.

Intelligence war is literally borderless and takes place within intelligence agencies as much as between them, as much as within nations as between nations and being an agent of intelligence agencies of multiple countries is simply nothing out of the ordinary at all in the intelligence world. The end of the Cold War meant that the Mossad emerged victorious worldwide although the subsequent democratization in many countries around the world was systematically sabotaged by the Gestapo. Organized Satanist worship had always been prominent within both the Gestapo and the leadership of the NSDAP and the Gestapo’s infiltration of the Western intelligence community meant that those practices spread there as well and so did the Israeli IB come under the control of practicing Satanists, many of whom were Nazi infiltrators from Argentina posing as European Jews.

Islamism as funded and organized by Saudi and Iranian Islamist intelligence services emerged as the third major totalitarian threat and the close relationship between the international IB and Turkish intelligence enabled newly formed intelligence agencies of the AKP Muslim Brotherhood ruling party in Turkey to systematically infiltrate and take over not only the international IB but also its various national affiliates across Western Europe.

The various national affiliates of the IB thus increasingly turned into a tool for persecuting active opponents of the AKP and the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe whether those were Kurds or affiliated with rightwing populism as increasingly transformed into mainstream neoconservatism. Activists continued to be persecuted (including especially through the police) as brave activists continued to be seen as perfect future intelligence operatives. While the Mossad continued to be under significant influence of the Gestapo did Turkish intelligence under increasing control of AKP Muslim Brotherhood intelligence increasingly gain influence over the IB in Europe. Anyone seen as a threat to the Muslim Brotherhood’s political agenda of ‘soft Islamization’ thus risked becoming targeted by the IB including through social media smear campaigns and being named and shamed as racist, Islamophobe etc.

The IB was founded as a tool to fight totalitarianism but ended up increasingly controlled by totalitarianism, both through the partly Gestapo-controlled Mossad and though Turkish Muslim Brotherhood intelligence. As intelligence agencies of different countries typically have symbiotic and parasitic relationships with each other are they particularly vulnerable to hostile intelligence infiltration indeed.

A fundamental problem with the IB was that it was founded as an essentially criminal organization and so this moral slippery slope meant that one thing led to another and so the IB ended up as a tool for persecuting anyone seen as a strategic threat to the Crypto-Wahhabi Muslim Brotherhood’s ultra-patriarchal social agenda of ‘soft Islamization’ as intended to gradually Wahhabize societies around the world whether already Muslim or not and persecution against activist movements whether directly by IB or through the police continued unabated despite the demise of the Soviet Union

The essential lesson that we need to learn from this is that intelligence archives need as much as possible be opened to scholars and the general public alike, most of the overgrown intelligence world needs simply become dismantled, abolished and become supplanted by lean, smart, creative and highly specialized intelligence agencies as focused on very specific particular tasks with optimal public scrutiny and stringent limits on power as with the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, the BfV) in Germany. Transparency and public scrutiny are the best tools in fighting totalitarianism and legislation is therefore truly needed that will provide the necessary ethico-legal tools in outlawing all organizations consciously acting on behalf of totalitarian ideologies. Intelligence agencies must operate strictly under law whether domestic law at home and in friendly countries or under the laws of war elsewhere and the pernicious culture of lawlessness and sexual exploitation in the intelligence world must become fully dismantled indeed.

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