Trajectory of the Gestapo

Pope Pius XII was an intelligence operative of Nazi German intelligence and a member of an influential unofficial, distinctly non-Christian religous community within the Vatican.

The Nazi movement in Germany was founded by non-Prussian members of remnants of a former Prussian military intelligence agency which sought to re-establish German imperialism after the German defeat in WW1.

The Nazi movement was deliberately founded as an intentionally appealing political synthesis of socialist populism and extreme racial nationalism and hence the name “National Socialism” or Nazism for short. The purpose was to come power by gaining electoral support from both the economic left and the social right. The rapid ascendancy of the NSDAP was however very much the result of most of its culturally Catholic top leadership having undergone intelligence training in German military intelligence where networks of remnants of Prussian intelligence remained highly influential in seeking the reinstatement of vehemently Ant-Jewish Emperior Wilhem II in restoring the German Empire. Despite Wilhelm having being promised reinstatement in himself covertly giving his blessing for the NSDAP to his loyal Prussian intelligence networks did the imperial restoration not materialize under Nazi rule as once in power did Hitler simply ignore Wilhelm in blaming him for the German defeat in WW1.

It is in fact historically common in the intelligence world that influential remnants of a former ideological regime remain even subsequent to official ideological regime change and so did the imperial loyalists in the German intelligence community as working closely with the CDF (Vatican intelligence) endeavor to save Germany during the 1940’s by unseating the Hitler regime. Alas, all those efforts failed, some of which are historically documented and even well-known to the reading general public indeed.

The princely, royal and imperial courts of Europe were for the most part anything but religiously Christian although there were certainly always individuals there who were and so Christianity was usually sparsely and irregularly practiced in this highly secularized subcultural social environment that were the princely, royal and imperial European courts. Occultism, including what is now popularly known as “satanism” was however quite prevalent at the courts of Prussia and Russia. This was also the case in Prussian military intelligence and so did the NSDAP sought to establish covert sectarian rule.

The most common form of “satanism” at the courts of Prussia and Russia specifically emerged in the “satanist” Frankist sect. Although originating among Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews as led by “satanist” sect leader Jacob Frank who eventually converted to Catholicism did most of its remaining members ultimately find themselves outside of the Jewish people and so Frankism as an underground “satanist” sect after a few generations came to predominantly exist in ethnic groups outside of the Jewish people.

Since Nazism and Stalinism had common origins as “satanist” sects in Frankist “satanism” did the Gestapo and later the KGB specialize in the dissemination of Anti-Jewish conspiracy theories and in part so as in order to disguise their own Frankist origins in terms of their very own history or religion. The Gestapo as headquartered in Berlin in 1933-1945, in Buenos Aires in 1945-2016, in Pyongyang in 2016-2017 and from 2017 in Ankara has always deployed Frankist Jews for their own purposes and particularly for infiltratring Haganah intelligence and after the founding of Israel for comprehensively infiltrating the Israeli intelligence community itself. Official KGB and NSDAP hostility against the Talmud and the rabbis in fact originated in the Frankist “satanist” sect. Totalitarian ideologies merely served as fig leafs for promoting agendas of “satanist” neo-imperialist sectarian rule.

Once in power sought the NSDAP to eliminate all potential competing intellectual elites, including especially German Jews by means of politically hypocritical references to euthanasia/eugenics although murderous Nazi Germany never practiced euthanasia and its repressive negative eugenics programs although larger in scope were not fundamentally different from other Western countries such as Sweden or the United States and as founded primarily on forcible sterilizations, something which continued in Sweden and Norway until the 1970s. Nazi Germany never had a breeding program although they had a nursing and adoption program (the Lebensborn program) for taking care of mothers and their “Aryan” children as born out of wedlock and particularly so with fathers who were members of the Nazi hierarchy.

Post-WW2 West Germany suppressed the religious historical origins of the Nazi movement so as to avoid further embarrassment to the disgraced people of Germany. However, by suppressing the religious origins and covert sectarian nature of Nazism did its crimes become incomprehensible to successive post-war generations in Germany. Even Holocaust survivors found it difficult to understand why these vast crimes were committed with such immense effort and organized gargantuan investment, although largely funded with stolen Jewish property.

In the occult (a.k.a. “satanist”) Weltanshauung of the NSDAP were the Jews as “the people of god” considered a threat to the vision of their establishment of sectarian rule. The Jews were thus regarded as a purported competing agenda for sectarian rule and this was nothing new since religious occultism/satanism has a very long pedigree in Europe and Jews were often throughout the centuries seen in a negative light in being perceived as an eschatological threat indeed.

In terms of history of religion did the forerunner to the Gestapo religious sect operate within the CDF intelligence community in Europe as these types of religious societies have always been prevalent within the Vatican. The Prussian military intelligence agency in which the Gestapo sect emerged was as it happens heavily infiltrated by CDF intelligence as part of the 19th century geopolitical struggle between Protestants and Catholics during the Prussian-led so called “unification” of what eventually became Imperial Germany.

The Prussian-led Protestant North spoke the Plat language (usually misnamed as so called “Low German”) which is actually part of the same language as Dutch and Afrikaans and is certainly not “a German dialect” and so the propaganda of the “unification” of the predominantly Catholic German-speaking South and the predominantly Protestant Plat-speaking North was engineered by Prussian intelligence with the purpose of Prussia dominating the German-speaking South.

Ever since Protestant religious leader Martin Luther translated the Christian bible into German did German increasingly become established as the main literary language outside of the French-speaking Prussian royal court as well as the still Latin-language universities and that contributed significantly to the imperialist propaganda mythology of Plat-speakers and German-speakers somehow mystically constituting “the same nation”.

The understandably concerned CDF intelligence community regarded this as a strategic threat to the predominantly Catholic Austro-Hungaria and thus focused on heavily infiltrating Prussian intelligence agencies with the purpose of halting the so called “unification”.

The NSDAP was conceptually devised by the so called “satanist” faction within the CDF intelligence community as an intended CDF takeover of the Weimar republic although this in fact never materialized. The culturally but not religiously Catholic NSDAP takeover of Germany instead inverted the relationship in the CDF becoming increasingly subservient to the powerful Gestapo regime in Germany and especially so after Anschluss in 1938 when the Gestapo gained full access to at the time extremely advanced modes of animal communication as developed in Austro-Hungarian intelligence research laboratories during WW1.

The anti-“satanist” faction within the CDF intelligence community did however use its vast intelligence penetration of German military intelligence so as to continually feed the military opponents of Nazi Germany with quantitatively huge amounts of mostly tactical military intelligence data from German military intelligence in thus serving a critical and indeed most heroic role in militarily defeating Nazi Germany on all fronts.

Religious beliefs were thus as so many times before in the long history of organized anti-Jewish persecution a very important consideration and motivation indeed for Anti-Jewish persecution and ultimately for the execution of the Holocaust itself. Nazi leaders were however open to deportation of European Jews to the British Mandate of the land of Israel (the Jabotinsky Evacuation Plan) but this never materialized due to British, Arabist, Palestinian and socialist Zionist opposition. The 1933 Ha’Avarah Agreement meant that German Jews who emigrated to the land of Israel could bring with them financial resources by means of German exports to the British Mandate.

The implementation of the Holocaust as ultimately involving the killing of six million Jews was rationalized by Nazi leaders with the danger of communist ethnic Jews being Soviet agents who could thus sabotage German war efforts behind German lines. Nazi leaders were long open to other options for resolving what they described as “the Jewish question” (der Judenfrage) including deportation to Madagascar but ultimately believed themselves to lack other options for removing Jewish minorities from European societies.

The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact “between the two great socialist nations” meant that Berlin and Moscow divided eastern Europe between themselves. Since totalitarian movements generally were organized by similar, yet competing secretive religious societies with similar sectarian agendas were the respective forms of governance in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union respectively not substantially different from each other as both were based on secretive religious sectarian rule where extreme cruelty in governance was regarded as virtue in statecraft. Religious delusions generally goes a long a way to explain the irrational behaviors of these and other totalitarian regimes as generally founded, organized and controlled by such secretive religious societies. The Soviet Ministry of Foreign Affairs was long dominated by ethnic Jews and firing them was part of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. European Christian culture was generally structurally Judeocentric and European underground occultist/satanist religious societies were no exception.

Nazi Germany made the severe strategic error of invading the Soviet Union in 1941, something which sealed the fate of the Nazi German regime and led to subsequent Soviet occupation of much of Europe for half a century. Both regimes were however based on sectarian rule and the Soviet Union became officially Anti-Semitic after WW2 as captured Nazi German propagandists were given new jobs in the Soviet propaganda apparatus.

Gestapo, meaning Nazi intelligence was the continuation of heavily CDF-infiltrated Prussian military intelligence (CDF being Vatican Intelligence). The Gestapo was specialized in capturing entire countries by means of intelligence warfare and so was it not difficult for Nazi Germany to conquer European countries as these were in many cases already under the rule of citizens who had been voluntarily or coercively recruited as intelligence agents by Nazi German intelligence. This importantly explains why there was little to no military resistance to Nazi German invasion in many European countries and it also goes a long way towards explaining the subsequent widespread collaboration with the Nazi German occupation.

The Gestapo also captured non-European countries by means of intelligence warfare, e.g. Iraq and Argentina; the latter was referred to within the Gestapo as “the Aryan paradise in South America”. Some Nazi leaders were abandoned to remain in liberated Germany as a front for most other top Nazi leaders, including most of the Gestapo leadership who were evacuated to Argentina in 1945 in collaboration with like-minded officials in the CDF (Vatican Intelligence). This included Pope Pius XII whose distinctly non-Christian religious beliefs as a member of and intelligence operative of the Gestapo religious sect have remained classified by the Vatican for fear of discrediting the Catholic Church around the world. All documentation in Vatican archives from 1939 and onwards are strictly limited in terms of scholarly access so that only documents that the scholar already knows exists can be requested for view.

As German nationalism and pretensions of eugenics/euthanasia were merely fronts for implementing sectarian rule did the Gestapo reconstitute itself in Gestapo-controlled Argentina and continued throughout the Cold War and afterwards to capture entire countries by means of mass intelligence warfare in hijacking the respective domestic intelligence communities of those countries.

Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and Hafez Assad of Syria were all trained intelligence operatives of the Gestapo intelligence religious sect in leading intensely Anti-Jewish and brutally Nazi-style totalitarian regimes as obsessed with destroying the Jewish state and the Jewish people. Many third world allies of the United States during the Cold War were Gestapo proxy regimes and hence their apparent fascist-like political mentality/conduct. This effective alliance with American intelligence during the Cold War era meant that the Gestapo had plenty of opportunities to infiltrate the unsuspecting American intelligence community and especially so the Central Intelligence Agency. The Gestapo remained very active in the Arabophonie and as once the British did the Gestapo continue to exploit Arabist nationalism for the their own imperialist purposes, including in this case for inciting widespread anti-Jewish animus by means of Anti-Zionist propaganda.

The Gestapo’s highly professionally executed relocation to Gestapo-controlled Argentina in 1945 was surely one the most successful intelligence operations in intelligence history due to the fact that it remained successfully undetected for many decades on. As the victors of WW2 all mistakenly presumed that the Gestapo was finished did they not mind employing highly qualified Gestapo specialists and highly skilled Gestapo intelligence operatives alike, something which meant that the Argentina-based Gestapo without effort much effort succeeded in what effectively become Gestapo top infiltration of Soviet intelligence, British intelligence and American intelligence alike. Although the United States and the Soviet Union were turned into intelligence superpowers thanks to their extensive use of Gestapo specialists and Gestapo intelligence operatives did this have a severe pricetag due to the ensuing, for long growing intelligence influence and growing indirect Gestapo intelligence control over the respective intelligence communities of Moscow and Washington. Nazi war criminals who were thus recruited by the military victors of WW2 importantly also effectively gained immunity from prosecution for committed crimes of genocide.

The Argentina-based Gestapo played all sides during the Cold War. As Gestapo specialists and Gestapo intelligence operatives had been admitted into the elites of Soviet, British and American intelligence did Gestapo intelligence infiltration not only accelerate but the Gestapo was able to use foreign intelligence agencies as devices in deploying those intelligence agencies to infiltrate each other in them simply not suspecting that they were actually reciprocally infiltrated by proxy by the surviving and thriving Gestapo in Argentina. As the Argentina-based Gestapo continued to assert indirect intelligence control over more and more countries by means of mass intelligence warfare were authoritarian fascist-style regimes under indirect Gestapo intelligence control in most cases allied with the United States during the Cold War era while the openly genocidally Anti-Jewish, Nazi-style totalitarian Gestapo regimes of Iraq, Libya and  Syria were allied with the Soviet Union during the same period.

From the Gestapo’s perspective did the Nazi German military strategic defeat in WW2 actually turn into a successful stategic continental redeployment of headquarters to “the Aryan paradise of South America”. As the US intelligence community was fully unaware that they were allied with many Gestapo proxy regimes around the world were the Americans highly useful indeed for the Argentina-based Gestapo in the Gestapo hiijacking Soviet intelligence to the point that the Soviet intelligence community was effectively under indirect Gestapo control at the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Argentina-based Gestapo thus rightly saw itself as the real victor of the Cold War.

One of the greatest Cold War achievements of the Argentina-based Gestapo was its successful infiltration and near hijacking of the equally unsuspecting Israeli intelligence community which throughout the Cold War led the Western intelligence warfare against the Soviet Union. This included gaining significant influence over the Mossad as well as over the Lishka, the Israeli Information Bureau (IB, Hebrew Lishkat ha’Modi’in) which led the international IB in as all the other Information Bureaus illegally, yet “discreetly” so persecuting real or perceived domestic extremists by means of domestic intelligence warfare as well as engaging in domestic coercive “protective intelligence recruitment”. The Lishka thus came under control of mostly ethnically German Gestapo intelligence operatives from Argentina who pretended to be European Jews.

The various national Information Bureaus cooperated closely with Kemalist Turkish intelligence and after the AKP as part of the then Riyadh-based Crypto-Wahhabi Islamist Muslim Brotherhood international intelligence agency (MB) managed to wrest significant control over Turkey in temporarily defeating the Dönmeh-led Derin Devlet military intelligence agency did the MB as one of the best intelligence agencies in the world manage to effectively capture the international IB network of intelligence agencies in Israel and Western Europe as fully integrated with national police forces. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) performs all the illegal tasks as carried out by the various national Information Bureaus whose initials were indeed inspired by those of the FBI and the FBI in cooperating closely with the international IB suffered similar extensive MB infiltration as the Information Bureaus.

Liberal-democratic open society has thus since the introduction of universal adult human suffrage been under threat from aggressive intelligence infiltration from totalitarian intelligence agencies with obscure religious agendas but generally increasingly focused on hating Jews.

The Gestapo relocated in 2016 from Argentina to North Korea whose Juche official ideology is an amalgam of Nazism and Communism and moved on to MB-ruled Turkey in 2017 where both MB intelligence and SI (Salafi Intelligence) including al Qaida had became headquartered the same year in fleeing Israeli-led international intelligence warfare in Riyadh.

Israel-led global intelligence warfare caused increasingly heavy casualties to totalitarian intelligence agencies as the Western intelligence community was already under what amounted to effective totalitarian occupation with Western intelligence operatives typically living in intense fear of both the Gestapo and the MB. The protective recruitment of elites in liberal democratic open societies did however not protect them from becoming terrorized by tyrannical intelligence handlers as answering to totalitarian intelligence agencies exercising significant influence over domestic intelligence agencies of liberal democracies.

As the Gestapo leadership fled from Argentina to North Korea in 2016 and then to Turkey 2017 did its international influence rapidly diminish and so did the Gestapo intelligence empire increasingly began to crumble and its global influence wane. The essential lesson of this near complete disaster is that the proper response to the extreme secrecy of totalitarian intelligence agencies is not extreme secrecy in response but rather public exposure which as during the Cold War indeed much more effectively prevents totalitarian intelligence agencies from operating in liberal-democratic open societies.

The Gestapo initially funded its extensive global operations by means of parasitizing on the Argentinian economy and later similarly on the Israeli economy, something which significantly impeded economic growth in both countries. The Gestapo thus destroyed the once flourishing Argentinian economy by for many decades stealing a significant part of its annual tax revenues and the Israeli economy was treated similarly with a large proportion of Israeli tax revenues being secretly budgeted for the Gestapo-influenced Israeli intelligence sector. The Gestapo through the Israeli IB even engineered a form of Jewish totalitarianism, Kahanism as an intelligence extension of the Gestapo religious sect.

Adolf Hitler as the political and religious leader of the Gestapo intelligence religious sect carried the formal title of “Devil” (German Teufel) until his death in Argentina in 1962. Adolf Hitler had multiple secret spouses and although he ritually murdered most of his children did two genetically identical daughters (Silvia Hitler and Sylvia Hitler) as born out of wedlock survive; one of whom (Silvia Hitler) succeeded her father as the religious and political leader of the Gestapo intelligence sect. Adolf Hitler was raped and sexually strangled to death by his no less “satanist” daughter Silvia Hitler who had already practically speaking taken over the Gestapo religious sect without her father’s consent even as prior to her strangling him to death.

Both Silvia Hitler and Sylvia Hitler were subjected to ritual satanist torture as part of Gestapo religious ceremonies while growing up and they were also trained in Buenos Aires Gestapo brothels already as pre-pubescent girls in order so as to become skilled seduction agents of the Gestapo. Adolf Hitler constantly raped them from an early age, yet became infatuated with these two daughters of his due to their extreme and exceptional beauty and that is why they eluded the fate of satanist ritual murder which his other children suffered.

Silvia Hitler’s mother was from a Bnei Anusim (Marrano) Crypto-Jewish family and was as an undercover CDF (Vatican Intelligence) marriage agent as successfully tasked with seducing, marrying and subsequently spying on Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. The fully Crypto-Jewish ancestry of Silvia Hitler’s mother was long kept secret until Silvia Hitler was “discovered” by the Mossad in 1963 in Argentina as part of a Gestapo false flag operation.

The biological father as it happened was Jewish too and indeed a leading member of what later became Israel’s secretive first family. He seduced and impregnated Adolf Hitler’s wife while on a what became a botched mission by Swedish military intelligence to assassinate Adolf Hitler which led to his own deportation to Auschwitz from which he was only liberated in 1945. Adolf Hitler discovered the two naked in bed and as the Jewish ancestry was apparent on account of circumcision was he deported to Auschwitz and thus eluded the fate of becoming personally executed on the spot by Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler designated his daughter Silvia Hitler as his successor without of course being aware of her actual Jewish ancestry. In 1963 was Silvia Hitler dispatched by the Gestapo to infiltrate the Mossad and she was welcomed in the land of Jewish refugees as a Jewish purported “escapee” from Argentinean Nazis. In having been personally trained by Adolf Hitler from an early age were her advanced intelligence skills very much appreciated in the Israeli intelligence community which she came to effectively head from 1972 and onwards until her execution in 2016. She personally although not actually formally so led the Gestapo-controlled Israeli Information Bureau (Hebrew Lishkat ha’Modi’in) and thus the Western European Information Bureaus as well in being effective satellites to the Israeli Lishka.

As an extremely talented and highly intelligent as well as supremely beautiful elite special seduction agent and a genius in intelligence affairs was Silvia Hitler widely recognized as the most skilled and advanced intelligence operative of her time and that is why she was personally promoted to such high position in the patriarchal and thoroughly sexist Mossad by Israel’s secretive head of state (her biological paternal grandfather) whom she successfully seduced in permanently becoming his favorite consort.

Silvia Hitler intentionally and deliberately caused immense tragedy and suffering throughout the global intelligence world (including but not limited to the Israeli intelligence community and many allied intelligence agencies worldwide) as she enjoyed causing others extreme suffering in her being an accomplished specialist in torture as indeed having bee personally trained by her father in these as in so many other advanced skills. Silvia Hitler was a violent sadist, a rare female pedophile, an exploitative femme fatale and as Adolf Hitler a most cruel criminal psychopath indeed.

Silvia Hitler personally founded and became the Teufel of the “satanist” sect within the extremist wing of radical feminism; an ostensibly feminist “satanist” sect as committed to ritual sacrifice of infant boys, including cutting off their sexual organs as prior to cutting their throats. Silvia Hitler and her identical sister Sylvia Hitler were intentionally and deliberately raised, educated and trained by Adolf Hitler personally with the purpose of them becoming as evil as conceivably possible. He ritually murdered his other children on account of him not considering them “sufficiently evil”. The sexually brutal manner in which Silvia Hitler raped and sexually strangled Adolf Hitler to death became profoundly admired within the Gestapo intelligence sect leadership as a clear sign of the tremendous success of the way her father had raised, educated and trained her and hence that she in their eyes had become a worthy successor of her famous father.

Silva Hitler reached a leading position at the secret, shadowy court of Israel’s first family in tragically being tasked with extensive responsibilities for the young children of Israel’s first family whom she after the death of modern Israel’s first hereditary head of state came to coercively prostitute from birth and not only as enslaved seduction agents but also in hers and her sister’s co-owned owned luxury commercial prostitution entities worldwide as well as extensively for commercial online pornography under hers and her sister’s private ownership, including extensively for online child pornography.

Silvia Hitler remained the head of the court until a few months before being executed in 2016 and that point was there no resemblance of any kind to a court as she had essentially transformed the court into an intelligence commercial prostitution racket although members of Israel’s first family were still used for purposes of diplomatic sex as pionereed by modern Israel’s first hereditary head of state.

However, Silvia Hitler ritually murdered all her own children already as infants and this was as is the custom in Frankism followed by a cannibalistic ceremonial meal in sharing in the eating of the grilled meat of a ritually sacrificed human infant, something which is considered a delicacy in the elites of the Gestapo and similar Frankist satanist secretive religious societies.

Even modern Israel’s second hereditary head of state as born by Sylvia Hitler was prostituted as a toddler and was subjected to satanist ritual torture but later managed to avoid prostitution altogether by means of successfully eluding all attempts at intelligence recruitment as Israel’s second hereditary head of state was designated as head of the Israeli intelligence community from birth in the written and signed last will of Israel’s founder which tragically also designated Silvia Hitler as caretaker. Israel’s second head of state was rescued by the CDF (Vatican intelligence) as a toddler and adopted by non-satanist relatives as a toddler after Sylvia Hitler and Silvia Hitler attempted to ritually murder modern Israel’s second, then toddler hereditary head of state. Israel’s second hereditary head of state personally and fully and completely legally so executed Sylvia Hitler and subsequently Silvia Hitler as well during the course of 2016.

While it may seem somewhat incompatible that the then Argentina-based Gestapo religious intelligence sect came to be headed by a person of genealogically speaking entirely Jewish ancestry, were Adolf Hitler himself completely unaware of this ancestry of hers as he would clearly have executed both sister had he known about it. The fact that the Argentina-based Gestapo came to be led by an illegitimate Jewish-descended daughter of Hitler came to be regarded as “evil” and therefore somewhat laudable in the multinational occultist/satanist milieu of the then Argentina-based international Gestapo intelligence agency. Silvia Hitler carried the title “Devil” as the religious leader of the Gestapo sect from the death of Adolf Hitler in 1962 until her execution in 2016 although the political leadership  was shared with other leading members of the patriarchal Gestapo secret religious society due to her being woman.

Ba’athist Iraq under the leadership of Saddam Hussein planned to exterminate Iraqi Kurds, something which prompted US military intervention to liberate Iraq. Saddam Hussein in being a trained elite Gestapo intelligence operative was an important Gestapo intelligence asset at the time. The Gestapo in running the US “peace movement” mobilized its political assets in the United States so as to prevent the US military liberation of Iraq. The Gestapo did succeed in splitting US public opinion and also succeded in creating a severe rift within the NATO alliance. The Gestapo furthermore mobilized its intelligence assets in the US military so as to sabotage the war effort and was very much successful in this respect as well. The Gestapo did however not succeed in preventing the humanitarian war and so the liberation of Iraq successfully ended Saddam Hussein’s plans for genocide against the Kurdish people.

While on a covert Mossad mission to infiltrate the Muslim Brotherhood international intelligence leadership in Riyadh in 2005 did Silvia Hitler become coercively recruited by MB intelligence, something which a decade later in 2005 contributed to the MB takeover of many Gestapo intelligence outfits worldwide, including the FBI and the closely associated Information Bureaus (IBs) in Western Europe and Israel as well as many Gestapo intelligence outfits in Latin America and elsewhere. The Gestapo was thus split in two parts with Sylvia Hitler becoming Teufel of the parts of the worldwide Gestapo which had thus not fallen under MB control.

In 2005 had the Gestapo thanks to its intelligence control over police intelligence agencies worldwide, including the Interpol planned to complete the extermination of the Jewish people by means of a second Holocaust. Israel’s second hereditary head of state as the head of the Mossad sent Silvia Hitler to Riyadh on a Mossad intelligence mission and lured MB intelligence in Riyadh to set up an intelligence trap for Silvia Hitler in her thus becoming coercively recruited by MB intelligence. This meant that police intelligence agencies around the world including the IBs and the Interpol fell under MB intelligence control, something which for the time put a stop to Gestapo plans for a Second Holocaust and instead brought worldwide intelligence warfare between MB intelligence and Gestapo intelligence in the Gestapo globally being split in two rival parts with the parts not having fell under MB control becoming led by Sylvia Hitler.

In 2014 did the Gestapo through its intelligence assets within the militaries of Israel and the United States and Israel succeed in preventing timely military humanitarian intervention prior to the commencement of genocide against the Yezidis of Sinjar (Shingal) in Iraqi Kurdistan despite executive orders to the United States Armed Forces and the Israel Defence Forces. After the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (OPC) on orders from the NOPD US military intelligence agency liberated the Pentagon from Gestapo traitors who had taken control in a military coup there did US military intervention terminate the already commenced genocide although pervasive sex crimes against captive Yezidis as enslaved by DAESH tragically continued.

Silvia Hitler and Sylvia Hitler were personally executed by Israel’s second hereditary head of state in 2016 in full compliance with all requirements of military law. The executions took place the same year but were otherwise not simultaneous or coordinated. The Riyadh operation was intended to end advanced Gestapo genocidal plans against the Jewish people and succesfully attained its goals as required by the military necessity of the binding international legal obligation to prevent genocide.

The extensive cooperation between MB-captured Gestapo intelligence outfits whose respective leaderships remained practicing Gestapo satanists helped facilitate the reconciliation and subsequent alignment of the Gestapo and the MB in 2017 despite the respective leaderships belonging to different and until then competing satanist totalitarian denominations.

This also helped precipitate the formation of a global satanist international in the same year as including 1) political satanist sects as exoterically advocating various brands of totalitarian ideologies, 2) satanist sects covertly embedded within organized religion such as within the Vatican, 3) overt political/religious/armed satanist cults and particularly so in Africa, 4) major satanist leadership networks including prominenly such networks of corporate leaders as well as 5) satanist networks of major organized crime such as the Italian mafias and the Latin American drug cartels as already long since closely aligned with the Jihadist Hezbollah branch of the Iranian IRGC international terrorist organization.

The Israeli execution of first Sylvia Hitler and subsequently also Silvia Hitler in 2016 contributed to the Gestapo escaping from Argentina to North Korea in the same year and later to Turkey in 2017. Silvia Hitler and her sister Sylvia Hitler who generally served as her sister’s doppelganger in typically sharing the same operational tasks, together became the major factor in the introduction of satanist religious practices in much of the Western intelligence community, including infant ritual sacrifice which as it happens was openly practiced in the ancient world. Silvia Hitler and Sylvia Hitler were born as septuplets and the five other genetically identical sisters were rescued behind Nazi lines as toddlers in 1944 by Israel’s later first hereditary head of state and raised in Israel where they still live.

Gestapo became known for disseminating conspiracy theories as already through the NSDAP and they did so precisely so as to deflect attention from its own covert global agenda and this continued after the Gestapo escape from Germany to Argentina in 1945. After the Internet became utilized for popular mass usage did the Gestapo conspiracy theory propaganda machine increasingly branch into a growing number of online denominations of fervent and unquestioning believers in conspiracy theories as systematically disseminated by the Gestapo for disinformation purposes as well as for facilitating intelligence recruitment.

The mass online dissemination of  conspiracy theories online is thus a reliable footprint of Gestapo disinformation activity. The Gestapo in then controlling both the FBI and the CIA helped facilitate the joint MB/IRGC operation to target central strategic facilities  in the United States with hjacked civilian airliners on September 11, 2001; yet failed in the most central part of the mission, namely the planned destruction of the White House in Washington DC. The subsequent dissemination of conspiracy theories by the Gestapo, including as usual blaming Jews and Israel was deployed as a matter of operational routine so as to cover the tracks.

The IBs were effectively hijacked by the MB although amicable cooperation ensued considering the shared convictions of totalitarian religious sects. The era of the Internet however meant that the Gestapo project of conquering liberal democratic open societies by means of hijacking Western intelligence began to crumble as new forms of communication were enabled on a vast and uncontrollable scale and so the previous monopoly of major commercial media and state-owned broadcasting was increasingly challenged by new online media, including importantly social media. The new electronic communications thus spelled the beginning of the end for the sectarian imperialist totalitarian project of not only the Gestapo sect but also comparable imperialist totalitarian projects of other totalitarian denominations indeed as the Internet quite effectively digitizes and thus globalizes open society and civil society around the world.

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