Trajectory of Psychiatric Intelligence

anti-fascist-2541058_1280Modern psychiatry was founded by what is now known as the CDF (Vatican intelligence) as a more “modern” version of inquisition and exorcism in order to as to protect the public from so called “satanists”. The CDF at the time was then still known as the “Inquisition”.

In 1933 after the Nazi rise to power was a new intelligence agency formed with the purpose of wresting control of psychiatry from the CDF. The NSDAP was founded as a Frankist (so called “satanist”) sect as committed to the establishment of sectarian rule with German nationalism as its fig leaf.

Nazi Germany had megalomaniacal ambitions for world rule, something which ultimately caused the downfall of Nazi Germany. Gestapo Psychiatric Intelligence was formed as one of many covert German intelligence agencies as subservient to the Gestapo. Psychiatric Intelligence as other internationally focused Nazi German intelligence agencies as acting under the umbrella of the Gestapo was very ambitious in functioning as tool for the delusional vision of Nazi world rule.

It was early after Nazi takeover of power in Germany understood in the leadership of the NSDAP that psychiatry could become a particularly effective tool of repression in the sense that not only were political opponents imprisoned for life but their very agency of dissent was discredited indeed. Once a dissident is discredited as ostensibly but not actually “insane” does any serious disagreement or serious complaint on her part become construed as further evidence of “insanity”. Since psychiatry was a pseudo-scientific practice to begin with is psychiatry not open to reason or argument since the person has been already been discredited as ostensibly, yet not actually cognitively incapable.

How is this possible? In order to understand this need we also understand the modern history of the development of physionomism in Europe. Before women were granted full citizenship including the right to vote in many countries in the early 1920s was it common to dismiss women generally as “cognitively incapable”. Persons below the age of maturity are still treated this way as are many seniors and that is also how police intelligence treats LGBTQI persons who endeavor to live fully openly and visibly so.

The science of physiognomy first emerged in Mediterranean Antiquity and became popular in the 19th century as a justification for structurally anti-body structural oppression in society. Psychiatry was however founded as a field of the Vatican intelligence science of physiognomy. In the age of reason was a more respectable face needed for medieval-sounding exorcism/inquisition and the scientific field of intelligence physiognomy became its foundation.

The purpose of both inquisition and exorcism was always to protect the public from so called “satanists”. The CDF itself was however always torn between “satanist” pseudo-religious societies (Anti-Judaizers) and crypto-Jewish religious societies as practicing Roman Median Judaism. While outwardly professing to believe in what is known as ‘Christianity’ (actually form of Hellenistic Judaism) did the Catholic hierarchy never believe in Christianity and so did the civil war between Anti-Judaizers and Judaizers continue for two millennia.

Physiognomy did not merely seek to interpret the exterior from the interior (meaning performing objectification of persons) but did furthermore endeavor to stigmatize fellow persons on the basis of their appearance so as to justify and reinforce pervasive structural oppression in society. Of course humans in being animals draw conclusions from their sensory impressions their fellow animals. The question is only whether and to what degree those interpretations are valid and relevant.

The intelligence science of physiognomy did in academia survive as gender biological determinism, racial biological determinism, sexual biological determinism and disability biological determinism. Psychiatry, racial biology, sexology and academic antifeminism were how physiognomy survived in ordinary academia. The socially highly reactionary CDF through its academic agents actively promoted biological determinism in academia so to as prevent academic attention at the less than “biological” activities of the CDF itself.

Frankism emerged as a movement within Sabbatean Judaism in Poland and although originally a movement of ethnically Ashkenazi Jews did it have its roots within occultist, so called “satanist” pseudo-religious societies within the CDF in Poland.

Frankist intelligence sects thus emerged from the Vatican intelligence community in operating by CDF standards of pervasive hypocrisy with an outward “pious ideology”. The NSDAP which evolved into the Gestapo emerged as a Frankist intelligence sect as founded by German military intelligence. The NSDAP specifically and Frankism generally derived its pseudo-religious political imperialism from the religious imperialism of the Catholic church whereby faith of others became tools of power and domination.

While on the surface it may seem absurd that Germany which was a wealthy, prosperous, populous and large country would want to dominate other countries was this the era of European imperialism where the vice of imperialism was deemed a virtue of “civilization”, namely ethnocratic structural oppression.

Nazism was basically a development of the CDF intelligence ideology of biological determinism, political hypocrisy and pursuit of covert intelligence control of as many countries as possible. The Gestapo thus took over entire countries by means of covert intelligence warfare as prior to the Wehrmacht invading them.

Psychiatric Intelligence therefore became one of many tools in the German imperialist intelligence toolbox. By infiltrating CDF controlled psychiatry in target countries could the Gestapo effectively eliminate any personal obstacles to taking over foreign countries. Psychiatric became a particularly effective tool in ensuring the Gestapo takeover of e.g. Latin American countries as ruled by exclusively light-skinned elites. Psychiatric intelligence also became pivotal in the Gestapo intelligence takeover of Central European countries.

The Wehrmacht suffered defeat in 1945 and it was generally assumed that the Gestapo was thus finished and defeated. However, global Gestapo intelligence networks continued to operate from Buenos Aires, Argentina to which the Gestapo evacuated in 1945.

This also meant that Psychiatric Intelligence remained in place in countries around the world and the Gestapo continued to use Psychiatric Intelligence for the purposes of neutralizing perceived obstacles to their own intelligence warfare.

After having relocated to Argentina in 1945 did the Gestapo make sure to not attract attention to itself but preferred to integrate its operatives and agents worldwide into national intelligence agencies for the purpose of taking over those intelligence agencies.

From 1972 did the Gestapo manage to largely hijack the Israeli intelligence empire. The Lishkat HaModi’in (Lishka, the Israeli IB, the Information Bureau) and therefore also the Interpol and its member police intelligence agencies came under full Gestapo control. The Gestapo managed to impose partial control over other Israeli intelligence agencies, including the Mossad. This led to decades of global intelligence warfare between Gestapo-controlled police intelligence agencies and Israeli-allied military intelligence agencies in more and more countries around the world.

In 1991 with fall of the Soviet Union had the former Soviet empire fallen under the control of the Mossad-Gestapo intelligence symbiosis under rival control of the NOPD (the covert Israeli royal court which became an American intelligence in 1962) and the CIA (i.e. American Gestapo). The Gestapo considered the Israeli royal court as “Aryans” due to the predominantly Kurdish Barzani lineage of the semi-covert Jewish royal family which branched off into the Israeli royal family.

This partial detente ended in 2005 when NOPD through a covert operation helped the MB to wrest control over Interpol from the Gestapo. This was necessitated due to Gestapo plans at the time to organize a second Holocaust with covert intelligence deportations of Jews in countries around the world. These plans were however scuttled as the Gestapo lost control over the Interpol and its member police intelligence agencies to then Riyadh-based MB intelligence.

The Gestapo and the Mossad did however continue to exercise significant influence over police intelligence agencies and most military intelligence agencies worldwide remained under competing Gestapo and NOPD intelligence control in the Mossad itself being a subsidiary to the NOPD.

Psychiatry as an essential part of the Gestapo intelligence toolbox after the partial downfall of the global Gestapo intelligence empire in 2005 did however remain under significant Gestapo control through its subsidiary Psychiatric Intelligence as well through the SVR and the CIA.

In 1962 did the Mossad alliance empire (the “Federation”) decide to give police intelligence agencies responsibility for protective recruitment of psychiatry so as to protect otherwise largely CDF-controlled psychiatry from falling into the hands of the KGB which pursued mass intelligence warfare with the purpose of taking over countries around the world on the proven model of the Gestapo.

It is essential to understand that psychiatry has been used as a tool of repression (and especially so against ostensibly/actually disobedient operatives) by patriarchal intelligence agencies generally, many of which like the CIA were Gestapo intelligence outfits such as the SVR (Russian Gestapo) as symbiotic with the CIA (American Gestapo).

It needs be understood that not only is psychiatry a pseudoscience in being a mere field of the intelligence science of physiognomy but psychiatry operates as a tool of repression for various thoroughly criminal intelligence agencies as routinely deployed as a matter of standard procedure. The totalitarian physionomistic ideology of the pseudoscience of psychiatry where essentially any perceived “social deviance” can be cause for oppression and persecution is essentially a surviving remnant of Nazism as in turn formed by superstitious CDF intellligence ideology and the perceived need to shield the public from ostensibly “supernatural” phenomena. There is of course nothing supernatural since that is mere superstition of Para-Christian apophatic epistemology.

Not only is there need for feminist physiognomy as humans generally need be trained in appropriately reading their fellow persons in thus avoiding structural prejudice of every kind but the remnants of physionomistic physiogonomy need become thoroughly discredited by means of feminist biology and feminist psychology steering a very different course in discrediting every form of unfounded determinism whether biological determinism, social determinism or otherwise.

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