Trajectory of Pseudo-CDF

The tragic historical record of the Inquisition is one which has distinctly contributed to the tainted historical reputation of the Catholic Church but as Vatican archives have remained tightly controlled and for the most part closed to scholars and the public alike is what is currently publicly known only the tip of an iceberg.


Church history is one of perpetual warfare between the two camps of so called “Judaizers” and “Anti-Judaizers” but who were they and who are they today? The diverse cultural origins of the Roman Catholic Church is reflective of the diverse origins of Christianity itself and that opens the question as to what Christianity itself really is?

The existence of what is known as so called “satanism” is well established and well documented yet has peculiarly almost eluded the attention of the scholarly community of academia.

What is known as the ‘New Testament’ is simply a collection of texts which with impressive realism and careful attention to details documents life in the Roman Province of Judea.

There is however nothing “new” about the almost entirely non-Hellenist teachings of the New Testament which were and remain core teachings of Judaism as even taught by any pulpit rabbi of any contemporary denomination of Rabbinic Judaism. This obviously opens the question as to the nature of the difference between Judaism and Christianity.

Christianity was founded in Jerusalem by duplet brothers Joshua and Jeshua, the names are spelled identically in Greek. Neither Jeshua nor Joshua claimed to be “god” and the brothers were particular socially active rabbis of Pharisaical Judaism, the predecessor of Rabbinic Judaism. The famous social activism of the brothers is reflective of the essentially socially rebellious nature of Rabbinic Judaism.

Rabbi Joshua was stoned to death by a Hellenist crowd after having been having sentenced to capital punishment by a Roman occupation kangaroo court due to his socially rebellious activities and overt Judean patriotism. The stoning is documented in the Babylonian Talmud and the murder by government understandably caused his surviving brother profound grief. It was common for duplets and homozygotic twins generally to not publicly be open about themselves but rather share lives under the same identity. Joshua and Jeshua lived with the same identity and took turns about being outside of the home in what is now the city of Nazareth in Israel.

The Roman murder of one of the rabbis of the small religious community in Jerusalem caused the community immense grief and the surviving Rabbi Jeshua continued to be visible in public eye despite the distinctly unjust public execution of Rabbi Joshua.

The persona of Paul of Tarsus, as practicing what is today known as so called “satanism” did however became the founder of Pseudo-Pharisaism in falsely and somewhat incredulously claiming that the socially involved community of rabbi Joshua and rabbi Jeshua in Jerusalem somehow constituted “a new religion” as opposed to simply being one of many local communities within Pharisaical Judaism. Pseudo-Pharisaism rapidly spread among Jewish communities in Aegean world due to the well-documented travels of paul of Tarsus. Communities of Pseudo-Phariseanism as other forms of so called “satanism” worldwide practice ritual sexual abuse and sometimes ritual murder. What is known as the Eucharist was originally a form of communal ritual murder and subsequent ritual cannibalistic meal as performed once a year and hence the still existing symbolic cannibalism the Eucharist church ceremony.

Greek Christianity however had two faces, both the outward community of pious Hellenistic Jews and the inner community of so called “satanists” as promulgating hypocritical doctrines of pious lies to the outer community. A struggle between Jews and ex-Jewish “satanists” ensued within the community which was almost entirely composed of born Jews during the first century of Christianity. This struggle became a permanent fixture throughout Christianity with Judaizers as secretly practicing Crypto-Judaism and Pseudo-Phariseans as secretly practicing what is now known as “satanism”.

Roman religion was characterized by secretive religious societies. Most of those secretive societies practiced Roman Median Judaism as earlier spread there by the Median Maggid (“Magi”) kohanim as travelling worldwide in trade and engaging in cultural syncretism with pre-existing traditional communities of virtue worldwide. Some did instead practice what is known as “satanism” in nocturnal gatherings and were prominently involved in running the scourge of sexual slavery in enslaving vast numbers of prostitutes under Roman law which permitted slavery, including enslavement in prostitution.

Roman Catholicism is essentially Pseudo-Pharisaism as superficially imposed upon Median Judaism. Judaizers within the church hierarchy continue to secretly practice Median Judaism in covert ceremonies while the opposite camp Anti-Judaist camps continue to practice Pseudo-Pharisaism in covert nocturnal ceremonies as involving “satanist” animal sacrifice, ritual sexual abuse and occasionally ritual murder of human beings. Becoming part of the Catholic hierarchy requires initiation into Roman Median Judaism and careful vetting is performed by means of inquisitional methods as prior to initiation. At the higher levels of the Catholic hierarchy does no one believe in Christianity and this has always been so as institutionalized hypocrisy operates as a systemic cover for the permanent internal struggle for two thousand years between Judaizers and Anti-Judaizers within the Catholic hierarchy itself.

The Vatican intelligence community by far predates the formal founding of the Inquisition in 1542 and which now is known as the CDF, the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. The purpose of Vatican intelligence has always been to fight Pseudo-Pharisaic “satanism” within the church and beyond. The problem is however that Pseudo-Pharisaism itself became influential within the the Vatican intelligence community and today are there two CDF, the proper CDF as operating as part of the TEVEL international organization of intelligence cooperation and the parallel competing pseudo-Pharisaical pseudo-CDF.

Nearly all trained priests in the Catholic Church are trained intelligence operatives with the majority being pedophiles and the minority being homosexuals. It is important to emphasize that TEVEL intelligence operatives have universal diplomatic immunity and that chastity is required during most intelligence operations except operations for romantic purposes as well exceptional circumstances involving threats to life, liberty and integrity such as threat of death, torture, capture etc. TEVEL intelligence operatives (including CDF intelligence operatives) are also obliged to be strictly and scrupulously law-abiding with strict ethical guidelines for how, when and with whom perform sexual intercourse.

The Catholic Church thus operates as a vast global intelligence apparatus with Judaizers and “satanists” as pitted in permanent intelligence warfare against each other. While universal protective recruitment of ordained priests only commenced in 1964 is the internal struggle between Judaizers and anti-Judaizers older than the church itself as having originated in the dual origin of Christianity in Pharisaical Judaism and Pseudo-Pharisaism.

The Catholic Church historically established different procedures for preventing “satanists” from infiltrating the Church hierarchy. These mechanisms are operated by the Vatican intelligence community and the problem is that these very mechanisms suffered partial takeover by Pseudo-CDF. Such procedures prominently include inquisitional interrogation, including inquisitional interrogation during the doctoral ceremony of submitting a doctoral thesis for an intended PhD. Inquisitional interrogation is also e.g. performed as prior to prior advancement in the Catholic hierarchy.

Psychiatry was established as a pseudo-scientific form of what is known in most cultures as so called “exorcism” with the purpose of devising a more scientific facade for the struggle against pseudo-CDF. The purpose was dual in both executing “satanists” and providing medical care to victims of theirs. The problem however is that psychiatry worldwide increasingly became taken over by Frankist intelligence sects as seeking to protect themselves from becoming targeted by legitimate inquisitional activities.

In particular did the Frankist Gestapo pioneer using psychiatry as a tool to persecute their opponents. This was increasingly adopted by the KGB in 1945 and by Western intelligence agencies in the 1980s. Psychiatry is thus still controlled by secret military/para-military courts of competing intelligence agencies which struggle for control over psychiatry. Kangaroo courts of Frankist intelligence agencies routinely order psychiatric abuse and against anyone whomsoever whom they wish to victimize for any reason and this is routine even inside liberal democracies.

It needs be emphasized that the struggle within the Vatican hierarchy has always been most intensive in that many Roman Catholic popes have been executed after having found to be practicing satanists. This includes pope pius XII who was executed by operative 001, the founder of both the Mossad and modern Israel and who became a CDF child intelligence operative after he was hidden and rehabilitated by the CDF in different monasteries in different European countries after seven months of “satanist” child prostitution in Austro-Hungaria at the hands of the Frankist criminal network known as the “Jewish Ukrainian mafia”.

It must be strongly underscored that Pseudo-CDF needs become fully eliminated worldwide under military law and its victims fully rehabilitated indeed with complete restoration of their honor and dignity of personhood.

The Intelligence Entrapment Methods documentation project.